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How to host a Boosting/Gaming lobby

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How to host a boosting/gaming lobby

1. Post a banner in the shoutbox Use this for a banner if are not certified

[inv] Your GT here[/inv]

make sure you say what you are doing after the banner.

if you are certified you can look in the BBCODE's for what one you want.

Located here: 262xp1c.jpg

Make sure you only post a banner once your original banner is out of the SB.

Usually takes 3-4mins

2. People will sent you a msg so you invite them, once they get into the lobby find them on the site by searching there name.

2qmn711.jpg it's on the left side of the shoutbox.

Once you find them go to find my content on their profile it's on the left side of their profile.

Then go to their application it will be under members application or gaming application.

If they don't have one then get them to post one.

Boosting application: Please login or register to see this link.

Gaming application: Please login or register to see this link.

You must have an application!

3. Go over the main rules before you start the lobby:


- Where your BHL Clan tags at all times

- Only kill your partner

- You must have a tactical insertion on and preferably hardline

- If you must leave the lobby please inform the lobby leader so he has time to get a replacement

- Try to keep the lobby fun but don't mess around e.g. Throwing stuns/grenades at other boosting groups.


- Where your BHL clan tags at all times

- Make sure everyone plays as a team and that they callout

- No trash talking and respect everyone

- Remeber you are representing BHL

4. (boosting)

Once all of that is done and you have a full lobby you invite eveyone into a party (maximum of 8 people). Once done that you have 4 people top team so the other 4 back out of the lobby and wait for an invite. If you want to lock a lobby for Hardcore Headquarters or whatever then read this: Please login or register to see this link.

if you have 12 people and are boosting in Hardcore Headquarters then you spilt the lobby into a bottom and top team. You then have the bottom team of 6 go into a party and one member of the top team goes into the party to send out a invite when the top team get's into an empty game. Once everyone is in the lobby you invite your partner into a private chat and pick somewhere to boost.


You only need 6 people for a gaming lobby. All you need to do is go over the rules then search for a certain game mode.

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