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**Post your set ups!**

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Nice thumbup.jpg

Wow that's old. I can't believe I used to play xbox on the tiny screen. Somewhere else in this topic I have a more recent picture.

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My New setup.


-56" HDTV

-5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound

-8" 100 Watt Subwoofer

-Turtle Beach x31

-Turtle Beach Px3


-2 Controllers

The bigger the better, I always say.

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Got my set-up done finally exactly as it should be.

42" Panasonic 1080p

Xbox One w/ Kinect

Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB

2 giant speakers with subs

3 smaller overhead speakers for a "wall of sound"

Yamaha Stereo Amplifier/Mixer

Comcast Cable Box

P.O.S. Ikea Chair

Various Air Force objects from my Dad's days in the AF. (AFA Football helmet was his X-MAS present last year)

Router is 2 floors away-->TPLink Wireless Extender

Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop (CNet reviewed it as a 2.5 stars when it released in 2007[new computer will be obtained in the next 3 months])




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Hey everyone,


I thought it would be a cool idea to just start a topic where everyone could post their little hang out/gaming stations. For example, I took a couple pictures of gaming station to show to you all.


First picture: My nice blue and black striped Throne v2 Secret Lab gaming chair.


Second picture: My second picture is of my nice cozy little gaming laptop I use to access BHL along with my xbox 360 controller adapter and my Blue Yeti Black Version microphone. 


Third picture: Lastly, I have my xbox one, Kinect bar, the converter I use so my xbox can work (Singapore problems) along with my gaming keyboard which is very nice and my xbox one controller/microphone. Alongside my controller is my gaming mouse from Razer (best gaming company ever). Above my keyboard I have my gaming headset which is surround sound and noise canceling which is extremely nice when I'm gaming. Lastly, the most important item, my monitor. I use this baby not only for my xbox one but also my pc for dual monitor gaming which is always very nice.


That's all for me guys, I would love to see everyone else's gaming setups!




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