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I logged in the other day to see if i could fine anyone to play fortnite with. I have just started playing it about a week now been stuck on pubg for months lol. But i noticed there was nothing in the forums about these games unless am looking in the wrong place. 


There are there 45 million players on fortnite and pubg not fair behind and it being cross platformed on fortnite and pubg probably will be at some point. I would of thought BHL would of tried to take advantage of this and bring in more new members. That should be staff members number one priority with that many players playing these now huge games it shouldn't be to hard to jump into squad games and try get them to sign up. 


There are so many players probably in the same boat as me. want to find new players to game with

so they probably do what i do and search the web or even search for a discord group. Maybe MT could add something so when players search on google it will bring up BHL Fortnite/Pubg best place to fine new people to game with 


Its not going be easy i hear oh i wish BHL was like it was back in the day an am one of them guys so we need everyone searching if we want that to happen  

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