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WWII, my thoughts 💭

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So I’ve finally downloaded the game onto my Xbox One. Aside from being a pain downloading a huge patch with only mobile hotspot, the game didn’t fully disappoint me.




I finished the campaign within two days of playing off and on. I selected for a hard difficult to challenge myself but not the ruin the experience. In all honesty, veteran would be easy enough and provide an easy amount of challenge that would be welcomed. In the past Call of Duty titles, I feel that veteran was tough and made me want to throw my console outside into the pool. However, this time was different. I wish the campaign was harder than what it was, because to me it didn’t be provide a challenge like I’d hoped. 


Aside from the difficulty seeming easy, the length of the campaign was short to me. Being that I finished it in two days in total of about 8 hours, that was short and a little letdown. Again, the other Call of Duty titles seemed to have a lengthy campaign, mich like Battlefield. 


However, the campaign had an excellent story and I felt that I was in the World War II setting. I had a good kick because being that I learned more military information, I could spot the little things like the metal meals they would get. The graphics in the game was done really really well. At time it felt as if they filmed the game in live action, even though it was animation. 


My my score for campaign: 8/10

could be longer and more difficult.




I have only played a few matches on my mobile hotspot, so until I play for a few days on real internet, I will leave this section blank. 


NAZI Zombies:


i have ave only played a few rounds, until I play more I cannot give a proper review. I will update this as well.


NOTE: Writing this on mobile, expect a shortened version than I had wanted and possible grammar and spelling errors. 

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