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Alternative to Google Chrome?

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Hey guys, 


With the increase in demand for privacy and security I have been trying out this awesome free browser known as Opera. This browser is built on the engine that makes up Google Chrome but has a completely different interface which provides a whole new level of interactivity and control for the user. 


What makes this browser so good is that it has a built in VPN which means you can access any website that might be blocked in your country without having to add extensions or download third party software. Especially useful for people in the UK since the government is cracking down on streaming and torrent websites, you can access every website with this browser. 


Another feature is the built in ad-blocker, just like the ad-blocker for chrome but built into the browser instead of having it as an extension. 


It also has screenshot capabilities on its sidebar, you simply click a button and you can control what you screenshot which can be useful for a lot of things, especially if you are into graphics design or are regularly taking images from the web. 


Let me know what you think of this browser! I have been using it for about a week and wont be going back to chrome ever again!


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