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Best gun in the game?

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If your lucky enough to have pre-ordered the game and gotten a prestige unlock token then I highly suggest you unlock the Rifle known as 'BAR'! If you didn't get a token then just wait it out and unlock this weapon at level 50.


This gun boasts very little recoil at medium and long range and if burst fired you can snipe enemies from any position on the map. The iron sights are clean and easy to use, you will be able to see any enemy with these iron sights.


The weapon starts of with an ammo clip that only holds 20 ammo, slightly on the low side for a rifle but it makes up for it in damage and punch. I suggest you level up the weapon and unlock extended mags which will extend the clip to 30 rounds. 


Below is a configuration I use for the weapon, I melt through enemies with this setup and come out constantly on top of the leader board, I have also prestiged the weapon twice and am on my way to getting those 100 headshots for the gold camo!  




Division: Infantry - Because this is the main division for rifles, once you get it max level you will gain the ability to have a rifle bayonet, additional primary attachment, extra magazines and move significantly faster while aiming down sights which is extremely useful


Basic Training: Primed - Because this ribbon allows you to have an additional primary attachment, bringing your total to 4, and you flinch less when shot


Primary: BAR

Attachments: Reflex Sight, Rapid Fire, Extended Mag, Grip


Secondary: Pick whatever you want

Lethal: Pick whatever you want



Below are some clips I got while using this weapon in-game. As you can see it just melts through anyone with ease! 


Please login or register to see this link.


If you have any thoughts on this weapon then let me know in the comments! Or if you have a weapon you use that you think is better. 






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Best for me is playing Hardcore TDM. 100xp per kill and streaks are incredibly easy to gain. Best playing with some sort of squad for spawn trapping. 


Use Mountain class as you will be invisible from Radars (once level two proficiency) and also use Lookout as Basic Training as it shows names of enemies from further away.


Best gun in the game, in my opinion, is the Type 100 with Grip and Rapid Fire. Good damage, range, and accuracy.  The Bar is also very good but has a poor drop off rate on bullets from a distance.



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The Bar is by far my favorite gun.


I just run it with Grip, steady aim and extended mags and use Hustler for faster reload.


Hows everyone finding the game. Have to admit I haven't enjoyed a call of duty game this much since Blops 1.  Hit first prestige with a little over14 hours played. 


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