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Feedback on Destiny 2 Beta

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As we all seen Destiny 2 Beta was just out recently and am curious to see what everyone's feedback is about the game thus far. I know with being a Beta, a lot of things may change and there are bugs etc to be fixed.  Did you like the game? Was it better than the first destiny? Let everyone know what you think about it. As for myself, I have yet to play the beta and would want to buy the game if its worth the time. What is your opinion on Destiny 2! 5 Stars? Let us know....




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I do enjoy the game so far, its pretty good. As PYLE mentioned to me as we were playing, it seems like the Super Takes a bit longer to get as well as the Super does no last as long. Some new things into the game have stroke an interest for me to actually catch on and learn in this game.

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