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2 New Moderators

On behalf of Management Team & Admin


Please congratulate the following members on their promotion to the Moderator Team!!


Since joining BHL back in May 2015, iBUGATTii has been a mainstay within the Community. Caring deeply about the site continuing to move forward and reaching Benefactor level with his donations, iBUGATTii is a perfect candidate to join the Moderator Team . His drive, determination and enthusiasm will be a great asset and we are all looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table.


MemphisR joined BHL in November 2015 and although being a Ninja on the forums he is extremely popular in BHL's official Clash Royale clan. Earning is way to elder and now Co-Leader. He his very down to earth and easy going and very knowledgable in the Mobile gaming genre where we feel he will be extremely helpful to BHL and helping that side of our community grow. 


Both of these members have shown loyalty and dedication to the site even when times are at their hardest. 


Once again please help us congratulate these 2 members on their new role.




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