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Skyrim Vendor Trick

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Skyrim: Special Edition is FINALLY out and that means there are new players and maybe some old players who don't know or simply forgot this incredibly helpful trick.


As you will notice, the vendors have a limited gold supply, meaning you can't always sell your wooden bowls and paper rolls to the same vendor. This is incredibly frustrating, especially if you're going for the 100,000 gold achievement.


However, with this method you can refresh the vendor's supply of gold:


1. Find the vendor. I would suggest Tonilia in the Thieves Guild as she has more coin than general store vendors, not to mention you can sell stolen goods to her. (Other fences are also good for this)

2. Sell your valuables (be wary of the vendor's gold balance as you could end up selling for a significantly less amount if the vendor doesn't have enough gold)

3. Save. I would recommend the quicksave feature, but it doesn't matter as long as you save.

4. Kill the vendor. Please note that for some vendors (much like Tonilia) you cannot 'kill' them, rather they will be in a 'downed' state - This still works.

5. Load the save you just made

6. Repeat until your valuables have been sold


*You will need to save after each selling phase*




You can also do the same thing if you are looking to buy:


When one is building their house, they will need plenty of Iron Ingots and Corundum Ingots (sigh).

Unfortunately you have to buy Corundum Ingots from Blacksmiths and they aren't guaranteed to be in their inventories.


Thankfully that's where this trick comes in:


1. Find a blacksmith. I suggest the Companion's Blacksmith, but the Blacksmith at the Whiterun gate is fine.

2. Check what they have for sale

3. Buy all you need

4. Save

5. Kill the vendor

6. Load

7. Repeat until you have all the Corundum Ingots you need


*I would suggest getting the 100,000 gold achievement before you build the house*


Happy Shouting People.



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