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Desimis Blade

Rise of Iron - Curious Transceiver Codes

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Alright so after finishing the story of Rise of Iron I noticed I had an item called "Curious Transceiver"


Messing around with the item I found I could enter a top or bottom icon in a set order as a kind of code. Once I selected the correct icons I was given a new one to lock in the code. Doing this gave me a new transceiver with a different amount of icons to use for the code. So to make it easy on everyone I have all the codes, still not sure what it is for but after you enter these you get a "Curious Transceiver (Broadcasting)."


(1 will represent top icon and 2 will represent bottom icon)


Code 1 : 121122212

Code 2 : 12112211

Code 3 : 1222122211

Code 4 : 12121211


Then you should get this:




(This will update once I know what it is for)

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