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To All Staff,


I hope I used the correct contact method regarding this concern. If not, I have left a message regarding this using the Contact Us feature if anyone hasn't already noticed. Sorry for the bother though, but it seems I have run into a bug/error code (see attached image), while trying to view the 2nd page on my profile awards tab (doesn't matter whether this is on mobile or not). So far I have tried 3 different browsers with no luck both on mobile and PC.  Any help on this is appreciated and thanks for your time in advance. If it helps, here is further information.
Equipment Used: iPhone 6 Plus and HP Pavilion 13 x360
OS: iOS, Windows 10
iOS Build: Latest
Windows Build: Latest
Browsers Used: Firefox, Edge (Microsoft Edge), Safari, Chrome (Google Chrome)
Browser Builds: Latest
iOS Browser App Builds: Latest
BHL Warrior

BHL Gaming Site Error Code Support Proof View 1.PNG

BHL Gaming Site Error Code Support Proof View 2.PNG

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