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[August 13] Olympic Quiz!

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On Behalf of the Moderator Team, we would like you all to take part in BHL's Olympic Quiz contest!


The Quiz will run from Saturday 13th to Monday 15th 10pm GMT/5PM EST


All answers can be found on Google. Take a good look around, some are a lot harder than others. The quiz will consist of 15 questions.


Please PM all the questions along with the answers to a member of the Moderator Team


This Weeks Theme: Olympics 


The Quiz


1. When was the first 'Modern' Olympic Games? 


2. Which 5 countries have the most all time medals from the Olympics


3. How many discontinued sports have been removed from the Olympic games? 


4. How many sports will be added to the 2020 games in Tokyo? 


5. Who is in charge of the worldwide modern Olympics? 


6. Why are there 5 coloured rings on the Olympic flag?


7. Who are the top 5 all time individual summer Olympic medal winners?


8. How long was this years Olympic torch relay and when did it start?


9. What did athletes in ancient times, wear at the Olympics?


10. If Michael Phelps was a country, where would he be ranked in the world?


11. What colour did the Olympic Diving pool change to at RIO 2016?


12. How many gold medals have been won so far, in RIO 2016? (as of 13/08/2016)


13. How many Olympics has Sir Bradley Wiggins been in?


14. At the 1928 Olympics, who and why slowed down during a rowing race?


15. which animal was used in the 1900 Olympics and what event was it used in?



Code of Conduct

Keep all your answers to yourself. By telling people you may spoil your chances of winning

Dont say answers or hint answers on the Shoutbox

We will only accept your answers once. Any other submissions will be dismissed


Don't forget you can earn these awards:

    Participant - KBGIEKP.png - Participate in an Olympic Event


Represent! - MW5Cn93.png - Participate in 5 Olympic Events


I Came to Partay! - 172-AwardImgMaster-1374592002.jpg - Participate in 10 Summer Events


Gold Medalist - lN4utiK.png- Receive a Gold Medal


Medalist - MksWPNd.png - Receive a medal


Bringin' The Heat - 171-AwardImgMaster-1374591973.png - Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a Summer Event


Incoming Knighthood - h0dUsPJ.png - Receive more than 1 gold medal.


Any Queries or questions then please feel free to contact the Moderator Team

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