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One week ago I made a post revealing the categories for the FUTTIES, a Fifa parody of the Grammy award ceremony.


Now is the fateful time when the winners are revealed:



As you can see, the cards look incredible, purely based on design.

It seems EA have decided to take their highest rated non-TOTS cards and increase the rating by two or more in some cases.


Not many unexpected results here; Calhanoglu was a deserving winner, although Hernanes would have been better; Mandzukic won in what was possibly the worst category - thankfully, I purchased a Mandzukic for 26k, now he will be worth double. 


These cards will be in packs for a week, of course, the nominee cards will be automatically upgraded.


This is not all, though:


EA have announced a special tournament to run alongside the FUTTIES:



You have 10 Attempts:


First Win = Konoplyanka; for being the Most Traded item in FUT

Second Win = Aubameyang (That Card Though); for scoring the Most Goals in FUT

Third Win = Reus; for winning the FIFA 17 Cover Vote


All of the above will be untradeable rewards. 

The tournament will run for a week also.


Finally EA seem to be providing us with what we want: great tournaments with even better rewards.


Alas, that is essentially all there is for Fifa 16, as eyes will slowly start to look towards Fifa 17.

We will still be getting the Team of the Week every week (yay), but until the major leagues start again in a couple of weeks, there's not much to be excited about.


Have fun playing the tournament,

Have a Nice Day!



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