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Infinite Warfare On Track for 3rd Most Disliked YouTube Video EVER!

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Call of Duty fans nothing if not passionate, and they’re determined to make Infinite Warfare’s debut trailer break all the wrong records.

The reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has not been well received by series fans since its release over a week ago.

The trailer was in sort of a internet competition with Battlefield 1’s first trailer, and it’s so far lost in every category. Earlier this week, Infinite Warfare’s trailer achieved the status of becoming the most disliked trailer in YouTube history.

Looking at the YouTube’s most disliked videos playlist, you can see it rose up even more, and it’s clear the trailer is getting closer and closer to being in the top three most disliked videos ever.

You can watch this trailer (and listen to the abominable David Bowie cover) one more time below:




Call of Duty players left and right have been voicing their disinterest in the game’s futuristic setting. Even though the trailer included a teaser for the often-requested Modern Warfare remaster, Activision’s decision to only bundle it with the Legacy Edition frustrated many.


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