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Battlefield Developers Mock Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer

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Some of the workers over at DICE, creator of the Battlefield Franchise decided to take to Twitter to let the world know what they thought of the new Infinite Warfare Trailer and they did it with style!










Clearly not everyone was impressed with the Infinite Warfare Trailer that was released earlier this week.


DICE Video and Media Editor Roland Smedberg expressed his thoughts on the Trailer via Twitter, referring to it as "quaint".


This week started with a bang which led many first-person shooter fans excited about upcoming releases. Towards the end of the week we should have a stream revealing the new Battlefield game which will compete along side Call of Duty for those top spots towards the end of the year


The competition between Call of Duty and Battlefield clearly still remains and it will be exciting to see what Battlefield has to offer this year. Voice your opinions below on whether or not you agree with these tweets or think the new Call of Duty will be the best yet!


Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer:




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