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Saturday Night Showdown: Rambo

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**Classes will be made in advance by EMT**


Class Setup:


Primary Weapon - 48 Dredge

Attachments - Quick Draw, Fast Mags

Secondary Weapon - RK5

Attachments - None

Lethal - Semtex

Equipment - Concussion

Perk 1 - Sixth Sense

Perk 2 - Fast Hands

Perk 3 - Blast Suppressor

Game Setup:

download (1).jpg
Game Mode - FFA

Map - Stronghold

Time - 20 Minutes

Score Limit - 50

Radar - On

Scorestreaks - On


**Here are the rules you MUST follow:**




The first Xbox1-addon.png event will start at 5PM EST/10PM GMT/2PM PST.

On Saturday the 7th of May.


Please Look For 1448347990.gif In the Shoutbox

*Special Thanks to the GFX Team*

Code of conduct:

Rules set by EMT MUST be followed
Clan Tags to be worn at all times
No arguing in game.
No Trash Talking other players
No Swearing
If EMT ask you to back out then please comply
Any trash talking etc in game, you'll receive ONE warning. If you are unresponsive you will be asked to leave and possibly be banned from future events.

Any Queries or questions then please feel free to contact the Please login or register to see this link.

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