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Signature of the Week #253: The Four Elements

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Basic Rules:

Contest will run from Monday 2nd May  until Sunday 8th May


All entries must be submitted by 10pm GMT/5pm EST on Friday 6th May


Please PM all submissions to any other member of Please login or register to see this link. , To keep the contestants anonymous. (So there is no favoritism on voting. Votes are more based on the Art)


One submission ONLY per entrant. Your first submission will be the one judged, any successive submissions will be disregarded as spam. You are NOT permitted to change the image submitted. That would count as a second submission. Also please provide some proof that you made the image (Some before and after screenshots).

The image size can be No larger than 500x250.


This Weeks theme will be: The Four Elements




(No inappropriate Images please remember we are a 13+ site)

**It can be anything to do with The Four Elements but it must be a signature**


**We would like to see all entries have 'BHL' added to it. It can be a skull, logo or text anything as long as its something to do with BHL**


Also, Here is the BHL Skull Logo:







Your image here...


1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Signatures will be given out to the corresponding winners - Signatures are courtesy of EMT


Dont forget you can earn these awards!


With Paint As My weapon - 1454155081.jpg - Win a Signature of the Week Competition

Paint of Mass Destruction - 61-AwardsImgMaster.jpg - Win 5 Signature of the Week Competitions

SOTW Participant - 378-AwardImgMaster-1451827910.jpg- Participate in 15 SOTW Competitions

Just use this post as your proof.


Your winning signature will also be entered into the Signature of the Month contest where you have a chance to win this award

Superior Artist - 219-AwardImgMaster-1391181395.png - Win a Signature of the Month Competition





If your image is larger than 500 pixels wide, or 250 pixels high it will not be entered.

Your entry can be smaller than the template, just not larger.

Bottom line: If the image properties shows boundary sizes larger than 500x250, it is not acceptable material, and will be disqualified.


Once disqualified you will not be permitted to enter another submission. As said prior, the first submission is FINAL. Make sure to check your dimensions and any other material before submitting the post with your signature.


You may change your signature ONCE if needed, once you have entered. Please PM any member of EMT if you wish to do this explaining why.


Also, using another signature, editing it, and submitting it as your own is plagiarism, and will be disqualified. If caught ripping someone elses work - You will be banned from all future Signature Contests.


Any Queries or questions then please feel free to contact the Please login or register to see this link.

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