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BHL Quiz #102: Dark Souls

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On Behalf of the Event Management Team, we would like you all to take part in BHL's 102nd Quiz contest.

The Quiz will run from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th 10pm GMT/5PM EST


All answers can be found on Google. Take a good look around, some are a lot harder than others. The quiz will consist of 10 questions. Every member that sends a PM of the CORRECT answers to Please login or register to see this link. will win Leaderboard Points, a Signature and an Award (when requested).


The Quiz is now multiple choice, with options from A to D.

You may only give ONE answer to each question.

You may give the corresponding letter as the answer to a question in your PM.


This Weeks Theme: Dark Souls


The Quiz


1. Peter Serafinowicz is the voice actor for Mild-Mannered Pate in Dark Souls II. Which Sith Lord is Peter the voice actor for?

A: Darth Vader

B: Darth Maul

C: Chancellor Palpatine/The Emperor/The Emperor of the Sith

D: Count Dooku


2. When was Dark Souls released in Japan?

A: October 3rd 2011

B: September 28th 2011

C: September 22nd 2011

D: September 17th 2011


3. Where is Dark Souls III set?

A: Kingdom of Aksum

B: Kingdom of Nri

C: Kingdom of Whydah

D: Kingdom of Lothric


4. What Genre is Dark Souls? 

A:  Action Roleplay

B: Sports

C: Strategy

D: Action Adventure


5. What Placing Did Dark Souls take on GamesRadar's "The 100 best games ever"(2015)

A: First

B: Second

C: Third

D: Fourth


6. What was the worldwide release date for Dark Souls III?

A: April 10th 2016

B: April 11th 2016

C: April 12th 2016

D: April 13th 2016


7. What was the Japanese release date for Dark Souls III?

A: March 23rd 2016

B:  March 24th 2016

C: March 25th 2016

D: None of the Above


8. In Dark Souls, what ring breaks if you ever remove it?

A: Ring of Favor and Protection

B: Havel's Ring

C: Old Witch's Ring

D: Tiny Being's Ring


9. What PlayStation 3 exclusive is Dark Souls the spiritual successor to?

A: Little Big Planet

B: Demon's Souls

C: Killzone

D: Heavy Rain


10. Who developed Dark Souls?


B: Ubisoft

C: Konami

D: FromSoftware


Please PM all submissions to Please login or register to see this link.


Earn Leaderboard Points:

BHL Quiz

15 Points to the Winners

(5 points for every entry)


Code of Conduct

Keep all your answers to yourself. By telling people you may spoil your chances of winning

Dont say answers or hint answers on the Shoutbox

We will only accept your answers once. Any other submissions will be dismissed


Remember, you have the chance to win these awards:

Quiz Participator - 1452289113.jpg - Participate in 10 Quizzes

Trivia Fanatic - 1452289091.png- Win a BHL Quiz

Mass Quiz Winner - 1452289131.jpg - Win 5 Quizzes

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