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Could Crackdown 3 Support 99 Players On Xbox Live?

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The upcoming Xbox exclusive Crackdown 3 might do more than the trailers and advertisements have let on. Previously the game has been teased as having one of the most impressive examples of online carnage by claiming that it will have an entirely destructible city. This feature is something that is supposedly powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers.
Perhaps there is more going on than previously anticipated, as this screenshot from the store page shows:

Now I’m not one to speculate, but if this is accurate, then Crackdown 3’s multiplayer is going to be insane. Keep in mind that this may change or simply be a placeholder, but hopefully that isn’t the case.
Because who wouldn’t want to see a city being systematically, violently dismantled by almost 100 people at once. Hopefully Reagent Games doesn’t break Xbox Live with this game.
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