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Fallout 4: 20-30 minute demo to be shown behind closed doors at E3 2015 – rumor

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Fallout 4 gameplay will be shown to the press by Bethesda at E3 next month behind closed doors, according to a report.

The report comes from German site PC Games, which states Bethesda will skip a public announcement at the event, opting instead to show a 20-30 minute demo to invited press outlets.

The site was told the information from anonymous sources, but it makes perfect sense, honestly whether true or not is yet to be determined. If the game is indeed to be shown in some capacity at the show, its doubtful Bethesda wont show at least a trailer on the show floor. Its E3 after all, and the company is hosting a public event which fans can attend for a reason.

E3 2015 takes place at the LA Convention Center June 16-18 and Bethesdas first-ever showcase at the event will take place the Sunday before E3 on June 14. Fans will be able to attend, and more information on how to register will be announced at a future date.

Fallout 4 was confirmed to be coming at some point in the future as far back as 2008, and back in 2012 the games setting was rumored to be Boston. More rumors of a Boston setting came to light the following year via a purported casting call sheet.

E3 2013 rumors stated the game was shown behind closed doors to press at the event, but reports on the matter proved to be false.

Hopefully, soon, all the pining will be brought to an end with an announcement, which will also deter hoaxers from creating fake countdown sites and trademarks.

Thanks, AGB.

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