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Evil Controller Event: Black Ops 2: Two Is Better Than One: Finals!

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On behalf of the Events Management Team we would like to say thanks to everyone that participated in today's event.

But the event isn't over yet! The finale will take place tomorrow, July 13th !

Congratulations to all of those who will be playing in the Final Round!

The Final will be played on Sunday July 13th 5pm eastern / 10pm gmt / 2pm pst / 7am AU

(If postponed the Final will take place next Sunday at 5pm eastern / 10pm gmt / 2pm pst / 7am AU)

The Finalists:

FeintGFX - FeintGFX

BHL Twist - BHL Twist

AnTic Fever - AnTic Fever

Jmt79 - Jmt79

CraneStyleNJ - CraneStyleNJ

CLAUStrophoby - CLAUStrophoby

On behalf of the event management team, I'd once again like to thank you for your attendance at this event!

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