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Found 75 results

  1. This could be a sign of how soon we can grab our hands on this newest console! Microsoft's Xbox One has been a known quantity for a while now, first surfacing in leaks as a rumored update to the Xbox One before Microsoft confirmed its existence at E3 last year. Since then we've received a steady drip of info, from a breakdown of its technical specifications at Digital Foundry to the final price and name at E3 this year. What we don't know, however, is when we're actually going to be able to buy the thing. Per a Microsoft store email and a suggestion by Phil Spencer, that info is likely to come our way tomorrow at the company's Gamescom press conference at 9 PM local time in Germany. A tweet from the Verge's Tom Warren also suggests that pre-orders might be going live around the same time. I'll be curious to see what else the company brings to the press conference. Gamescom doesn't usually see the same caliber of big reveals or teases as E3, but it is the largest gaming conference in the world, and Microsoft's last chance to get up on stage and sell this new console before beginning the final push towards launch. The company recently announced a delay for Crackdown 3, which had been serving as something like the marquee launch title. Without it, 2017 marks a serious dry spell for Microsoft exclusives, though Forza Motorsport 7 will still be coming our way as a kind of tech showcase, something the series also managed quite well for the Xbox One launch. A recent leak also suggests that we'll be getting a special, day one, "Project Scorpio" edition, a reference to the long-standing code name by which the console was known until the reveal of the Xbox One X name at E3. The Project Scorpio edition appears to come with some special text on the controller, as well as a sort of a woven texture on the box itself. None of this, however, answers much about the snack food tie-ins, however, but just you wait. According to a leak from MSPoweruser, we're getting some especially hideous looking green Doritos, as the corn chip brand continues attempting to associate itself with as many video game properties as physically possible. And that's where we're at ahead of the press conference. Microsoft's new console is a strange mix of the expected and the ambitious: it's the most powerful console currently available, and a beast of a machine from all early reports. However, it's positioned squarely as a premium expansion of the Xbox One line, which will limit what developers are capable of doing with all that fancy technology. Tune in tomorrow for more. Source: Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2017/08/19/pre-orders-more-info-on-microsofts-xbox-one-x-coming-tomorrow/#75dca0f2b494
  2. Feedback on Destiny 2 Beta

    As we all seen Destiny 2 Beta was just out recently and am curious to see what everyone's feedback is about the game thus far. I know with being a Beta, a lot of things may change and there are bugs etc to be fixed. Did you like the game? Was it better than the first destiny? Let everyone know what you think about it. As for myself, I have yet to play the beta and would want to buy the game if its worth the time. What is your opinion on Destiny 2! 5 Stars? Let us know....
  3. Microsoft is no stranger to backwards compatibility. Windows owes much of its excess baggage to that. Recently, however, that trait become an asset when the Xbox One gained compatibility for Xbox 360 games. Even Sony, much to its embarrassment, was impressed and couldn’t follow suit. It seems that we might see a repeat of that, though for reasons still hard to fathom. Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s promised “monster” of a next gen console, might actually use an emulator to support Xbox One games, something implied from a job posting sighted online. Of course, the job posting doesn’t exactly say so, and could even be interpreted in different ways. But here’s the full text, discovered by leaker h0x0d, just for the record: There could be other reasons why backward compatibility using an emulator would be needed, but the most immediate is one of a significant difference in computing architectures. The Xbox 360 ran on custom PowerPC processors while the Xbox One used a more common x86 architecture. That definitely required an emulator in order to run PowerPC programs on an x86 processor. There might be something similar afoot, though, at the moment, there are few candidates for another, high-performance architecture fit for a gaming console. Except, perhaps, for ARM chips from NVIDIA. That said, the emulation might be driven by software differences only, too. There will be definitely differences between the Xbox One’s APIs and the Scorpio’s APIs, even though, in theory, they would both be running “Windows 10”. A software compatibility layer would allow games written for the Xbox One to “scale up” to the Scorpio console, or, if needed, for Scorpio games to scale down to the older console. Needless to say, the mystery has just made the still informally named Project Scorpio console more interesting from a computing perspective. Source: http://www.slashgear.com/microsoft-project-scorpio-might-need-an-xbox-one-emulator-24453071/
  4. Overwatch has a little problem with heavy-handed aim-assist. Overwatch players have successfully demonstrated the existence of an aim-assist bug, vindicating themselves from the old “it’s a poor workman who blames the tools” business you so often hear in this situation. Gathering together GIFs and videos on the Overwatch Reddit and forums, players were able to show how Overwatch’s aim-assist has problems with verticality. Blizzard responded promising to take a look, and Overwatch lead designer Tim Ford showed up not long after to comment on the matter. “Thank you all for gathering data on this issue. We’ve identified the defect and a fix will be available with the next console patch,” he said. Good news for Overwatch players on PS4 and Xbox One using controllers. Now, what are we going to do about the whole Xim situation…? Source: https://www.vg247.com/2016/08/24/overwatch-players-proved-the-aim-assist-is-broken-and-now-blizzard-is-fixing-it/
  5. Battlefield 1 is getting a season pass for multiplayer content. EA has yet to officially announce a Premium service for Battlefield 1, but a page for one has popped up on Origin seemingly ahead of schedule. Called the Premium Pass, this season pass is priced $50/£40/€50 and includes access to four expansion packs. The two-weeks early access to said expansions returns, and the first one is called They Shall Not Pass, due in March, 2017. The page description reveals a couple of more details about the type of content Battlefield 1 will be getting post launch. Armies will seemingly be part of every expansion, with They Shall Not Pass including access to the French army. The Russian Army will be introduced in another expansion. New Operations, game modes, and Elite Classes are promised. The page also confirms that new weapons and vehicles will be added with each add-on. Premium includes 16 new maps in total – four in each add-on, 20 new weapons, and 14 unique dog tags. Battlepacks, too, will return, and Premium gets you 14 of them over the course of the season. Battlepacks are said to contain weapon skins, but no word if other unlocks will be included. The first Premium Battlepack will be delivered in November. Battlefield 1 is out October 21 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Source: https://www.vg247.com/2016/08/24/battlefield-1-premium-pass-includes-four-expansions-new-armies/
  6. One of the world's most popular video games, "Minecraft," is also one of the world's largest video games. Each "Minecraft" world that the game generates is 60 million one-meter blocks by 6o million one-meter blocks, to say nothing of the blocks going up and down on the z-axis. "Minecraft" is big enough that it enables players to build gigantic creations, like this AT-AT. Put more simply: If you were to walk straight and keep walking from the moment you started a new "Minecraft" world, it'd take several days — in real time — to reach the edge of the world. If that sounds huge, that's because it IS huge. But a new game is way, way bigger: "No Man's Sky." See that planet? You can go literally anywhere on it! And that's because "No Man's Sky," a PlayStation 4 and PC title, is a space exploration game that contains its own universe. And that universe is full of planets, the vast majority of which are full of alien life. How many planets? So, so many: 18 quintillion is the number thrown around by the game's creators at Hello Games. If you're anything like me, you've never seen a number in the quintillions before. A quintillion is a number followed by eighteen zeroes. There are this many planets in "No Man's Sky": 18,000,000,000,000,000,000. Right. This is the "map" in "No Man's Sky." It's literally a star chart, and you can go to any of these star systems (all of which have planets). And each of those planets, on average, is the size of Jupiter — the actual planet Jupiter. So if you take the surface area of Jupiter and multiple it by 18 quintillion you get... a number that's ridiculously high, to the point that it's meaningless to express with words. It is a number that's literally beyond human comprehension (kinda like 18 quintillion!). That you can hop in your spaceship and jet from planet to planet is an incredible achievement for a game so large. Incredibly, "No Man's Sky" was built by a team of just 15 game developers working out of Guildford, England. This, of course, begs the question, "How in the world did a small team of game developers create the biggest game ever made?" The simple answer is "algorithms," which of course explains very little. "No Man's Sky," like "Minecraft," is a "procedurally-generated" game. In so many words, that means that — inste ad of hand-crafting each planet, which would be literally impossible — the team created a handful of base elements (animals, plants, etc.) that algorithms can divide into quintillions of derivations. This can produce some... strange results. Like this (super creepy) guy: And this... thing: But it also produced the world's largest game, and for that we're infinitely thankful. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a few quintillion planets to explore. Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/no-mans-sky-is-even-bigger-than-minecraft-2016-8
  7. More has been confirmed about Fallout 4: Nuka World, which is still to receive an official release date from Bethesda. Nuka World is set for launch in August on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, although the latest game update that adds support for it, Fallout 4 1.7, has yet to be launched for consoles. According to new reports, Fallout 4 Nuka World will clock in at around 3.6GB on Steam, which would mean it is a bigger expansion that Far Harbor. The new DLC will cost £19.99 GBP when launched and is based in an Amusement Park taken over and run by Raiders. Nuka World will boast several new zones, including Wild West, Safari Zone, Kiddie Kingdom and the Galactic Zone. But there will also be other places added to the Pip-Boy Map, including Synth Head, The Hub, The bottling Plant, Monorail, Raider Settlement and Vassal Settlement. One new feature that will be coming to the game will be the ability to use Raider Gangs to take over settlements, it is currently unclear how this will work and how in-depth this new mechanic will prove. Having confirmed that Fallout 4 PS4 mods support is still under evaluation at Bethesda earlier this week, the studio have supplied a little more information on what kind of release we can expect. Bethesda’s Pete Hines has been keeping fans informed, recently revealing that he is unable to speed up the process, adding: “There is not a thing I can do to make PS4 mods happen faster.” Hines has made it clear that the most recent messages regarding the evaluation process don’t mean there are still major hurdles to cross to take the new PS4 mods support live. "I didn't say there were any problems," he tweeted. "Just that the process is still under review." Fans have been waiting to find out more on when the new modding action would arrive on the PlayStation 4 console - Xbox One fans have been enjoying player-created content for a long stint. "We’re working w/ Sony on Fallout 4 Mod support for PS4," an official Fallout 4 message on Twitter reads. Source: http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/700016/Fallout-4-Nuka-World-PS4-mods-Xbox-One-DLC-Bethesda-Pete-Hines
  8. Nuked out

    Anyone want to try and boost for the nuked out challenge. Gt is ST3FAN
  9. Today during an earnings call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot shared some new details on the upcoming Watch Dogs sequel. First, the executive teased that Watch Dogs 2 will have a "new tone," though he didn't expand on that point. On the subject of sales, Guillemot did not offer any specific unit projections, though he said the game has the potential to be one of Ubisoft's best-selling games of all time. He also referenced the game as being its best-selling title of fiscal year 2017, which would put it ahead of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, For Honor, and an unannounced AAA new IP. In addition, Guillemot said Watch Dogs 2 will have "innovative" gameplay, but again, he did not share any further specifics on this front. The first Watch Dogs sold more than 9 million copies into retail, and its creative director has been vocal about what he would like to do with the franchise next. Earlier this month, an image appeared of what could be Watch Dogs 2's main character. Although Ubisoft has confirmed Watch Dogs 2 is in development, it has not released any further details about the title. The game will launch before the end of Ubsoft's current financial year, which runs through the end of March 2017. Also during the earnings call today, Ubisoft said it will announce "lots of dates" for its upcoming games at E3 2016. Here is exactly when Ubisoft's briefing is scheduled to take place. Source
  10. A lot of the hype and excitement around the upcoming Battlefield 1 seems to be rooted in the fact that after a few years of misguided attempts at being Call of Duty, the series seems to be, at last,returning to its roots, with a historically authentic setting, and an emphasis on emergent gameplay and dynamic destruction. And for the first time ever, it sounds like console players will get to join in on the fun of true Battlefield as well. One of the hallmarks of that ‘true’ Battlefield gameplay is 64 player multiplayer- and DICE today confirmed that Battlefield 1 will indeed have 64 player multiplayer, allowing for the kind of massive, teamwork based, objective oriented multiplayer gameplay that made the series such a hit to begin with. Even more excitingly, at least for PC players, is the fact that a server browser has been confirmed for online multiplayer- no more of the lag and latency, or the host advantage, that comes with peer to peer multiplayer gameplay. Battlefield 1 will launch this October on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Source
  11. Call of Duty fans nothing if not passionate, and they’re determined to make Infinite Warfare’s debut trailer break all the wrong records. The reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has not been well received by series fans since its release over a week ago. The trailer was in sort of a internet competition with Battlefield 1’s first trailer, and it’s so far lost in every category. Earlier this week, Infinite Warfare’s trailer achieved the status of becoming the most disliked trailer in YouTube history. Looking at the YouTube’s most disliked videos playlist, you can see it rose up even more, and it’s clear the trailer is getting closer and closer to being in the top three most disliked videos ever. You can watch this trailer (and listen to the abominable David Bowie cover) one more time below: Call of Duty players left and right have been voicing their disinterest in the game’s futuristic setting. Even though the trailer included a teaser for the often-requested Modern Warfare remaster, Activision’s decision to only bundle it with the Legacy Edition frustrated many. Source
  12. During Ubisoft’s financial conference call related to the fiscal year ended on March 31st, 2016, CFO Alain Martinez mentioned a couple of interesting data points on Tom Clancy’s The Division. First of all, he mentioned that the game saw 91% of returning players during the past four weeks. Secondly, we also hear that it had 20% season pass attach rate, meaning that two in every ten gamers that purchased the game, also got its season pass. With more expansions coming, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of tail The Division will have, especially considering its 9.5 million registered users announced earlier today. Source
  13. From trench spade to Lewis gun, here’s every weapon, gadget and explosive confirmed for Battlefield 1 so far. Now the dust has settled on DICE’s big Battlefield reveal, it’s time we took stock of all the hardware you’ll be playing with in the new shooter. There may be some concerns that the World War One setting of Battlefield 1 might restrict the amount of weapons and gear available to players, or that it could be a step back from the devastating weaponry we’ve grown used to in previous games. But what this early 20th Century setting brings is a blend of early mass-produced firepower alongside the previous century’s more primitive weapons. That’s why the figure on the key art for Battlefield 1 stands with a semi-automatic pistol and a mace. It’s that contrast that should hopefully provide plenty of tactical opportunities. Source
  14. Battlefield 1 is going back to World War I, but that doesn’t mean there’ll be a downturn in variety of weapon, vehicle and gameplay. “There’s this common misconception that WWI was just muskets or something,” lead designer Danny Berlin told Gamespot. “But it wasn’t. It was a time of new weapons–bolt-action rifles, automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles. The freedom we have is massive.” “This was the first time ever that people saw light tanks, heavy tanks, armored trucks,” DICE design director Lars Gustavsson added. “If you pop your head up from a trench and see a tank about to roll over you, you should get out of there. In the air, we have bombers to clear the way for your troops. If you’re in a bomber, you might want to have a buddy scouting for you on the ground. Dogfights with multiple people in planes, someone in the rear seat shooting at the person behind you. And of course battleships can demolish entire shorelines.” Gustavsson said that DICE’s research made the team aware that World War I was the “dawn of all-out war”, with loads of different fronts to explore. “This was a worldwide conflict. It stretched from China to Europe and all over the globe. Trench Warfare was just a small part of it. The fights in the deserts, the fights up in the mountains of Italy – there were so many things that I, at least, hadn’t heard about,” he said. “I always thought the battle for oil started later, in the Second World War, but it started within this era. So we went from the picture you’re painting, but realized that there’s so much more to World War One than trench warfare. There was the invention of new technology, the need for new weapons, the creation of light machine guns. “The world changed during WW1. There were four great empires that ceased to exist just because of it. Lots of great inventions came about during it, even things you don’t think about like trench coats and zippers and teabags.” Source
  15. Battlefield 1 looks like a glorious return to form for a franchise that had definitely lost its way a fair bit in recent years. The game, which returns to DICE’s strength of open world, emergent shooter arenas, and authentically recreated historical settings, looks like it will be the best Battlefield game in a very long time- at least since 2010’s Battlefield Bad Company 2. If you have been curious for some more details on the game that DICE simply won’t talk much about, then you are in luck- YouTube user Jackfrags attended a presentation in London, where he got to learn more about the title, and he released a new video which summarizes a lot of what he knows about the game. A lot of the information sounds exciting. For instance, Battlefield 1 will have persistent squads- you’ll always be in a squad of five. This goes hand in hand with the game’s new, highly differentiated classes. Most exciting, though, is how the weapons come into play- for instance, bombers can be used to drop ordinances on the battlefield, while tanks are massive weapons of destruction. Each tanks feels and controls differently from the other, and some of them can carry an entire squad at a time. Armored cars are also in the game, as are naval boats, and other vehicles, such as trains on the map. What should be most exciting to players is that dynamic destruction is back, with DICE moving away from scripted Levolution- as a matter of fact, it sounds like Battlefield 1 will have the most destruction on the map than any previous game in the series. Battlefield 1 is due out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in October. Source
  16. Are you excited for Fallout 4‘s official mod support for Xbox One? Developer Bethesda is looking for beta testers to try out the new features. If you are interested, check the link in the Tweet below. Mod support for Fallout 4 is already available on PC versions of the game — console players will get the feature in May (on Xbox One) and June (on PlayStation 4). https://bethesda.net/#en/dashboard Source
  17. Battlefield 1 was announced last week with a trailer, and if you're wondering if people like it or not, then we've got an answer for you: it's eclipsed one million likes on YouTube, which makes it the most liked trailer of all time. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was announced a week prior, and... well, it's not quite as popular. The futuristic shooter has surpassed one million dislikes, making it the most disliked trailer of all time (via Forbes). Battlefield 1, at the time of publishing, has just over 1,107,000 likes, slotting it just behind Beyonce's Drunk in Love music video. Its also got a positive like:dislike ratio with just over 20,000 negative votes. It's worth noting that Battlefield 1 has not been added to the linked YouTube playlist, so this information may not be completely accurate. On the other end of the spectrum in more than just name, Infinite Warfare sits at nearly 1,400,000 dislikes. Not only does this make it the most disliked trailer of all time, it makes it the fifth most disliked video in YouTube history. It's ahead of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" and closing in on "Gangnam Style" by Psy. Again, it's worth noting these numbers may not be 100% accurate. For comparison, the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just over 660,000 likes, while its teaser brought in over 144,000. YouTube users aren't the only ones who 'like' the trailer. Infinite Warfare developer Infinity Ward posted to its Facebook page, saying "It's a great reveal trailer. Kudos to the DICE team." Additionally, Infinity Ward's director of communications, Eric Monacelli, tweeted congratulations to DICE and said, "Great song choice, looks superb with interesting mechanics teased." GameSpot attended a Battlefield 1 reveal event last week, where we learned about the game's multiplayer, which reemphasizes its land-air-and-sea gameplay with swords, biplanes, and battleships. Lead designer Danny Berlin also discussed the single-player, which he says"will more accurately reflect Battlefield's open sandboxes" and offer "much more choice and variety than [it's] done before." Talking to GamesBeat, he revealed that the story will follow multiple characters including the Bedouin woman warrior from the trailer. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, on the other hand, may be set in the future, but its developer says that the story's inspiration comes from war, not science fiction. However, Infinity Ward says the space setting allows for some unique features like "crazy environments," zero-gravity combat, and spaceship dogfights. In addition to the futuristic warfare, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will beremastered and released with premium editions of the game that range in price from $80-$120. This will be the only way to get the remastered Modern Warfare, as it won't be sold on its own. Battlefield 1 releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21. You can get three-day early access through EA and Origin Access on Xbox One and PC or by purchasing a deluxe edition of the game. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 4. The PS4 will have timed-exclusivity on the game's DLC because of a deal that started with last year's Black Ops III. Source
  18. Battlefield 1 senior producer Aleksander Grøndal answered a series of questions about the World War 1 game today as part of a Twitter Q&A. Among other things, he confirmed that the shooter will have a server browser (though he didn't say if this was PC-only or offered on consoles, too) and that settings include the Italian Alps and Arabian deserts, just to name two. Scroll down to see more from today's Q&A. Battlefield 1 Twitter Q&A Details: Via: DualShockers Vehicles are "unique," and the gameplay reflects that. The campaign will feel "much more like Battlefield." Multiple people can fly in the same plane. There will be classic modes and new ones. There will be a server browser, but not clear yet if it's on all platforms. Naval vessels are also included, though no word yet on what they are. Settings: Italian Alps and Arabian deserts, just to name two. All weapon attachments will be "era authentic." There are single- and multi-person tanks. Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, though people with an EA/Origin Access membership or those who pick up the deluxe edition can get in on October 18. Additionally, a beta will be held sometime before launch. In other news, Battlefield 1's announcement trailer is the most-liked trailer on YouTube, while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's is the most disliked. Source
  19. [UPDATE] Major Nelson also announced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is now available on Xbox One in the backwards compatibility catalog. The original story is below. The lineup of Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One by way of backwards compatibility continues to grow. Microsoft today released four new games into the catalog. As announced by Microsoft's Major Nelson, the four new games are Final Fight: Double Impact, Faery: Legends of Avalon, Frogger 2, and Puzzlegeddon. If you already own (or decide to buy) these games, they'll show up in the Ready to Download area of the My Games and Apps section on your Xbox One. You can download and play them like any other game. There are now more than 170 games in the Xbox One's backwards compatibility library. You can see all of the Xbox 360 games you can currently play on an Xbox One here. New games are added to the mix whenever they are ready, not on a set schedule. There are five games confirmed to be coming to the program but not delivered yet. These are Call of Duty: Black Ops, BioShock, BioShock 2,BioShock Infinite, and Skate 3. People also really want The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption to join the program. On the Xbox Feedback site, these games have more than 150,000 and 140,000 votes, respectively. Source
  20. Electronic Arts today reported earnings for its fiscal fourth quarter ended March 31--and results were strong. The company posted a profit for the quarter and full year, while Star Wars Battlefront was a particularly bright spot, shipping 14 million copies, up from the 13 million figure announced in January. In other news about Battlefront, EA said more than 15 percent of the game's players were "new to the EA ecosystem," though we don't know how this compares to other EA games. EA pays Disney a licensing fee for Battlefront and all of its other Star Wars games, so the margin profile on these is likely not as good as fully owned franchises like Mass Effect or Battlefield. Still, 14 million copies shipped is a big number; in fact, it is even above EA's own projections for the game. Looking ahead, EA has suggested that multiple Battlefront sequels may be on the way. "FY16 was a phenomenal year for Electronic Arts as we connected hundreds of millions of players to great new games, and helped them connect with each other through rich and dynamic live services," EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in a statement. “The year ahead is packed with excitement. Fans are thrilled with the intense action and epic scale of Battlefield 1, our EA Sports titles will take major leaps in innovation, and we'll bring new experiences from our most popular brands to more players on more devices." Here are some other standout game-related details from EA's earnings briefing: EA claims it was the number one publisher for PS4 and Xbox One game in the west, according to "available sources" and internal estimates. EA says it was the number one most-downloaded mobile game publisher for all of calendar year 2015, citing data from App Annie More than 54 million people played EA Sports games on console during the fiscal year, up 65 percent compared to the year prior. As for Battlefield, the franchise--across all released--saw 9.4 million unique players in the fiscal fourth quarter. The Sims 4 player base "grew by nearly two-thirds throughout the fiscal year," though no specific numbers were divulged .Additionally, The Sims FreePlay for mobile hit 200 million installs. Madden NFL Mobile monthly active players rose 30 percent in the fiscal fourth quarter. Source
  21. Rockstar shared a few details about what we could expect to see coming to GTA Online this year, saying they are bringing “massive, feature-rich” updates. An upcoming update will follow up on the Executives and Other Criminals update by adding a lot to the game. Things coming include contraband trafficking, new properties, new stunt-ready vehicles and gear, Adversary Modes, and more. Take a look at the details below taken from the News Wire post by RockstarGames. Take a look at some of the new teaser screenshots below: Source
  22. Bethesda has confirmed that mods will be coming soon to Fallout 4 after the release of the upcoming expansion, Far Harbor. However, Bethesda has not announced any specific dates yet on when they will be arriving. The Far Harbor expansion is due out on May 19th, so we should be seeing them shortly after that is released. Xbox One will be getting the mods first through a closed beta. Source
  23. Halo‘s popular Infection mode is headed to Halo 5: Guardians later this month. The classic, originally fan-made mode pits humans and zombies against one another. The humans fight to survive while the zombies aim to infect and bring all humans over to their team. 343 are going above and beyond the call of duty with Halo 5‘s Infection mode, with three modified pre-existing maps, aesthetic changes, and lots of customization options. Below is a video of community coordinator John Junyszek and multiplayer engineer Geoff Landskov talking about how Halo 5‘s Infection mode will differ from past iterations along with some gameplay and some screenshots from the mode. Infection mode will be releasing alongside the Halo 5: Guardians free Memories of Reach update pack later this month. Source
  24. Mojang's hit sandbox game Minecraft made its Xbox debut on Xbox 360 four years ago today. To celebrate the milestone, Microsoft and Mojang have announced they are giving away DLC to everyone who owns Minecraft on Xbox 360 and Xbox One but only for a limited time. The 4th Birthday Skin Pack, which features new mob-themed t-shirts for Alex and Steve, will be free for one week only, now through May 16. Additionally, if you only recently picked up Minecraft, you may be happy to learn that Birthday Skin Packs 1, 2, and 3 are also free. You can queue up your downloads through the links below. Xbox One: 1st Birthday Skin Pack 2nd Birthday Skin Pack 3rd Birthday Skin Pack 4th Birthday Skin Pack Xbox 360: 1st Birthday Skin Pack 2nd Birthday Skin Pack 3rd Birthday Skin Pack 4th Birthday Skin Pack Minecraft was released for Xbox One in September 2014. In other news about Minecraft, a Super Mario Bros. Mash-Up Pack is coming to the Wii U version on May 17. Source
  25. An image of a download card for a new Forza 6 expansion reveals that a NASCAR expansion is on the way. The above image popped up on reddit. It’s a download card for a Forza Motorsport 6 NASCAR expansion. The DLC will be priced at £15.99 and the picture of the back of the card has even more details on the content. If you squint very hard, you’ll see that the expansion includes a NASCAR World Tour Career mode, 24 new cars, new multiplayer events, “new display elements for improved drafting and car spotting,” and the new Homestead-Miami destination. Microsoft haven’t confirmed if the card is genuine, but we’ll keep you posted. Source