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Found 11 results

  1. Round two of the Titanfall 2 technical test kicks off later today, and it’s bringing a few changes. The second part of the Titanfall 2 technical test starts today at 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm BST/ 6pm CEST, and developer Respawn has outlined the additions made based on fan feedback. Following yesterday’s big blog post about fan concerns and what will won’t be changed in the final game, the developer has today released a small patch to the technical test client. The time to kill has been increased, by reducing the rate at which players got Amped Weapons, and adding a damage falloff at extreme distances for Charge Rifles. Cloaked players will now be slightly more visible, to make it a bit harder to sneak up on enemies and finish them quickly. More per-weapon balance changes will be made, but we’ll be seeing the result of that in the final game. The patch also adds a new map Forwardbase Kodai and ups the level cap. The ‘Invite Friends’ is still broken, as a fix couldn’t make it out in time for the patch’s release. See the rest of the changes below: Mobility Increased max wall-running speed. Increased base wall-running speed and air speed. Increased acceleration while jumping off walls. Titans dashes recharge 2 seconds faster. Titan timer Pilots now earn a small amount of Titan meter every 5 seconds. (This value may be undertuned until we can take a pass at how much meter you earn from objectives.) Bounty Hunt Score Limit lowered to 5000 from 6000 to increase the amount of games won by score instead of time. Banking phases now last 45 seconds instead of a minute. Technical Fixed some issues with the outer deadzone on PlayStation controllers. Finally, a special callsign will be given to anyone who participates in the Amped Happy Hour this Saturday, which essentially means you need to play between 9-10am PT/ 6-7pm CEST on Saturday, or 4-5pm PT/ 1-2am CEST (Sunday). Source: https://www.vg247.com/2016/08/26/all-the-big-changes-coming-to-titanfall-2-today-with-the-start-of-the-second-beta/
  2. Titanfall 2 Open Beta Test Respawn Entertainment, Godfathers of the FPS genre, That brought you Award Winning Titles like COD4, Medal of Honor Allied Assault Will be launching its ALL-new Titanfall 2 Open Beta Technical Test this upcoming weekend! This is Set as a Prequel to its Award Winning predecessor Titanfall! Aug 19-21 , 2016 Download for Free on your Xbox One or PS4 via respective marketplace! Aug 26-28 , 2018 Feel free to send me a Message to form a group and take down some pilots over the next two weekends! GT: SE White Wolf #Titanfallstillboosted #BHLGaming
  3. Titanfall 2 goes multiformat, Call of Duty goes on holiday and VR goes into the bin. What’s going to happen to games in 2015? Now that the dandruff has settled on the shoulders of 2014, we can start making wild predictions about next year. It’s pretty obvious we’re going to see the usual suspects announced and rumoured for 2015 – The Last Guardian at E3, a Gears of War reboot for Xbox One, Assassin’s Creed Rogue for new-gen consoles – but away from those, what could really kick video games up the jacksie in 2015? Call of Duty takes a year off It’s been a better year for Call of Duty than you’d realise. Sledgehammer’s take on the series produced a bombastic and contemporary single-player game, and despite sticking to a well-worn formula it was enough to banish the stain of Ghosts. But it’s the multiplayer of Advanced Warfare that’s been brave enough to shake up the system, adding double-jumps and better loadout customisation to really cater to the core crowd. Despite the invigoration from Sledgehammer and support from Activision, the series is still suffering from franchise fatigue with lower sales and a general lack of interest in a year where every shooter has been under Destiny’s shadow. Call of Duty needs a rest year. It would be a big move from Activision, but its success with Destiny and Hearthstone this year have proven it can make money from other big games outside of its usual pillars. Instead of a full-price release Activision could continue to back Sledgehammer with a collection of DLC later in the year, building on all the good work it’s done with Advanced Warfare so far. The last thing Call of Duty needs right now is Ghosts 2 or Black Ops 3 kicking down the door of weary players. Titanfall 2 goes multiformat Titanfall was a big release earlier in 2014, but it was all but drowned out by the hype and sales of Destiny only months later. It’s a great shooter that distinguishes itself with two types of gameplay, it has enough spectacle to draw in a cynical FPS crowd and despite the daunting look of the Titans it’s remarkably accessible. There’s no doubt that Titanfall was a credible hit, then, and there’s surely a sequel in the works. What it needs to do is address its two major issues – the lack of single-player game and its console exclusivity. Although Xbox One sales are picking up, EA backed the wrong horse when it shook hands with MS, leaving a lot of sales of the first Titanfall on the table. If it gets a sequel on PS4 as well as Xbox One (and PC) Titanfall will have a good chance of standing up to its nearest sci-fi shooting rival. Destiny is also a multiplayer experience but its story and co-op missions are on a smaller scale, giving the player a more personal experience in a larger world. There’s more to explore and do in Destiny, whereas Titanfall is much more old-fashioned in it’s approach to maps and combat choices. Titanfall doesn’t need a single-player game in the style of Call of Duty, but it needs co-op, more freedom of choice and wider exploration. The story may have been weak, but Respawn has done a great job of building an interesting world. Now it needs to build a sense of scale and let players loose. Watch Dogs becomes the new Assassin’s Creed It’s inevitable that Watch Dogs will get a sequel – those that think Watch Dogs “failed” because it didn’t live up to some preconceived idea is just nonsense. It may have only been a good game and not great, but that’s because Ubisoft is a company that takes its time to iterate on games yearly. The first Assassin’s Creed game wasn’t that good either. But the second game was brilliant, remains one of the best in the series, and established it as a killer franchise for the publisher. Expect the same to happen with Watch Dogs 2. You’re right to criticise Ubi for releasing a very similar game year-over-year, but it does so in order to refine and rebuild until it gets it right. Xbox One will spoon PS4 The Xbox One has been trailing in the wake of PS4 almost all year, but in November it managed to break Sony’s dominance. Now it’s at a much more realistic price, we should expect sales of both consoles to dance around each other for the rest of 2015. Where Microsoft needs to win more is in the PR and marketing. Sony seems to be revealing more games on a regular basis – something its huge PR event The PlayStation Experience illustrated the other week. Sony is taking these things in its own hands rather than wait for the industry’s usual round of marketing opportunities at E3, Gamescom, TGS, PAX and EGX. Microsoft is catching up with the numbers but it also needs to win hearts and minds. The Wii U continues to drift along its own path You can buy the Wii U for bargain prices now and with some very good games to boot. Next year we may see a new Zelda release and titles like Mario Maker will help it keep afloat. But the third-party support continues to dry up, and the Wii U isn’t spoken about in the same excited tones as the other two big consoles. The Wii U is fine. It’s doing okay. It didn’t die and it’ll stick around for another couple of years, but it hasn’t made a big impact in any wider context of the games business. Publishers were right to be wary of it. It will continue to drift along with guidance from its Nintendo masters, but as much as it’s unique it’s also aloof, not very willing to play the games everyone else is playing, for better and for worse. VR follows Steam Machines into the bin Remember Steam Machines? Some have actually been released with little or no fanfare. It’s probably due to the continued resurgence of home consoles. Valve was too late on that one. I feel the same about VR technology too. Facebook buying Oculus Rift took the wind out of those sails, with VR morphing into a social and entertainment experiment rather than a pure games thing. Other attempts like Samsung’s Gear VR seem like novelty at best. Even Sony’s Project Morpheus is years away, or worse, the new 3DTV. Will PS4 games honestly be improved for the better with VR? I doubt it. VR in games is the new microconsole, the new 3DTV, the new Steam Machine. A good idea that not enough people want and few are willing to invest in. Source: http://www.vg247.com/2014/12/30/titanfall-2-call-of-duty-gap-year-and-other-wild-2015-game-predictions/ Click here to view the article
  4. Titanfall

    So I really want to game a little more on Titanfall for 360 with BHL crew. My question is this: Who on here has Titanfall?Is it possible for us to have enough players that EMTs could use it for events??How could we maybe start off a fun event of it ourselves?If anyone else is interested in making this game a little more used on 360's as I am please PM me and lets see what we can work out. Xbox Gamertag - Desimis Blade
  5. Anyone Have Titanfall for Xbox 360

    got TF for xbox 360? Post your gamertag below if you want to game
  6. List of PC Players Day 1

    Just trying to get a list of people getting titanfall on Day 1. I will be on day 1 after work about 9am EST.
  7. Titanfall Achievement list

    The achievements for Respawn's Titanfall have been revealed and are listed below along with their associated GamerScore and unlock conditions. Look Around 10G - Snap the necks of 10 pilots Build Yourself 15G - Create a custom pilot loadout Customize Your Ride 15G - Create a custom titan loadout Vortex Volley 15G - Catch a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex My Robot Army 20G - Hack 20 spectres using the data knife Best in Class 25G - Finish as the best player on your team once All Charged Up 25G - Kill five enemies with one arc cannon shot Pull! 25G - Kill 10 ejecting pilots Pull Harder! 25G - Kill an ejecting pilot with the plasma railgun All the Cards 25G - Earn 500 burn cards IMC Elite Pilot 25G - Win every Campaign level as an IMC pilot Militia Elite Pilot 25G - Win every Campaign level as a Militia pilot Death from Above 25G - Kill five enemies by dropping a titan on them Halfway There 25G - Reach level 25 Flag Runner 25G - Win 50 Capture the Flag matches I Wore 'Em Down 25G - Win 50 Attrition matches Pilot Hunter 25G - Win 50 Pilot Hunter matches Captured Everything 25G - Win 50 Hardpoint matches I Stand Alone 25G - Win 50 Last Titan Standing matches I've Seen it All 25G - Play every gameplay mode on every map Ride 'em Cowboy 25G - Rodeo-kill a titan Like a Vacation 25G - Complete training I Killed them All 25G - Kill all pilots during the evacuation single handedly Freerunner 25G - Wallrun for five kilometers Superior in Everyway 25G - Kill 1000 AI soldiers Titanfall 25G - Call in your titan 25 times Refuge 50G - Survive an evacuation I Like a Challenge 50G - Complete all challenges for a single weapon IMC Pilot 50G - Complete the IMC campaign Militia Pilot 50G - Complete the Militia campaign My Generation 50G - Become a second generation pilot Maxed Out 50G - Reach level 50 All the Hardware 50G - Unlock everything Frequent Flyer 50G - Play 50 campaign matches Gen 10 0G - Reach the highest pilot generation They all look fairly easy so it should be fun if you are aiming to achieve them all SOURCE : http://www.gameranx.com/updates/id/20546/article/titanfall-s-achievements-revealed/
  8. Xbox One will receive an official price-cut in the UK on February 28, and while stocks last you’ll get Titanfall free of charge. In a press release sent to VG247 today, Harvey Eagle, Marketing Director, Xbox UK said, “At Xbox, we believe there’s never been a better time to join the new console generation. To help our fans do just that, Xbox One will be available at the new UK estimated retail price (ERP) of £399.99 from February 28th. And while supplies last, fans will also get Titanfall – the most anticipated game of the year – included in the box.” The Titanfall bundle comes with a regular Xbox One console, Kinect Sensor, standard Xbox One wireless pad, an Xbox One chat headset, one month of Xbox Live Gold and a download code for Titanfall. You can pre-order the bundle here. What do you make of that deal then? Fancy it? Related BHL Forums: Titanfall | Xbox One Discussion Source: http://www.vg247.com/2014/02/24/xbox-one-official-399-99-console-price-cut-hits-uk-on-february-28/
  9. Titanfall will be made available for pre-load on Xbox One, it has been announced. According to the Xbox Store page for the 15.88GB title, the pre-load option will be made available at some point, it just doesn’t say when. While this means digital owners will be able to start playing at midnight, the only caveat to that is the clock doesn’t start until 12am PST, which is 3am EST. By then, most folks on the east coast will have been able to pick up a physical copy at their local store’s midnight launch – that is, if their local GameStop is hosting one. Here’s the lowdown per Microsoft: “Pre-purchase: You will be charged the full price immediately for this pre-purchase. Xbox One game expected to release on March 11th, 2014. You may download the game from Xbox Live before then, but it will not be playable until after 12:01 AM PST on the release date in your country.” No word just yet on whether the same option will be made available to PC and Xbox 360 users. Titanfall is out on PC and Xbox One March 11. Related BHL Forums: Titanfall Xbox One Discussion Source: http://www.vg247.com/2014/02/21/titanfall-to-be-made-available-for-pre-load-on-xbox-one/ This post has been promoted to an article
  10. For games as big as EA's Titanfall, it's all but inevitable that footage slithers out of an alpha test, and oh how footage has slithered out. This 10-minute or so video is just one of plenty of examples out there, but it neatly showcases the Respawn shooter's mix of on-the-ground warfare and colossally mechanized bloodshed, all in one round from start to finish. If you're unlucky enough to not be meching around in the alpha, the good news is the game proper is less than two months away. To recap, Titanfall drops from the skies and onto retail shelves on March 11 in North America and March 13 in Europe, when you'll be able to embark on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. tf3 by Shyakugaun