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Found 10 results

  1. New SNR EMT!!!

    On the behalf of the SR. EMT Team and the Advisory Team, I would like to congtatulate... On his Promtion to SR. EMT!!! Clinton has has been a very dedicated member of the BHL staff and a great EMT!!! He leads by example and is always willing to go above and beyond what is asked of him!! :clapper:
  2. On behalf of Sr Staff I would like to congratulate, Napea+ Puggle+ BHL WhoDat+ on their promotion to BHL's all new Veteran+ rank! These individuals have worked extremely hard as Captains for the community. With their promotion to the new Veteran rank they will be able to help even more!
  3. On behalf of Sr Event Managers and Sr Staff i would like to congratulate... Gooey Browniez Umi :clapper: They have both been dedicated members of EMT and we feel they are ready to take the next step. Please join us in congratulating these members in there new role.
  4. 2 New Additions to EMT!!

    On behalf of the Sr. EMT and Sr. Staff we would like to congratulate two new additions to the Event Management Team. Both these guys have shown great appreciation for what they have done to the site, and are always looking to do more, so they deserve to get the new responsibilities! Without any further delay.. congratulations to: yesClinton -- Great spirit giving people around him joy, and at the same time getting work done whether it be his duties as a staff member or projects with the GFX Team Jones288 -- Showing excelling performance, and raising the bar for others to follow Congratulations once again. We are proud to have you onto the team, and we believe you will show us your dedication with the new tasks you take on!
  5. New Captains!!

    On behalf of the Advisor Team, we would like to congratulate these members on their promotion to Captain. Shox God A returning staff member always leads by example and will be a great addition to the team ! BHL x Martyn Member Since 01 Dec 2012. Has shown great dedication and commitment to BHL and we know he will do a great job in his new role! RTL Metallica84 Member Since 25 Nov 2009. Always on helping members and gaming/boosting with all. Another great addition to the team! BHL Arcanine Another returning staff member. Had to leave his post for personal reasons but he is back and ready to do work in this role! ALluZzion Umi Sonoda Both guys have done an amazing job as EMT and has earned to have Captain in their secondary ranks. Please join me in welcoming these members into their new position, wish them all the luck and success that we know they will. Keep up the awesome work! WELL DONE!!
  6. On behalf of the Management Team+ and Sr. Event Management Team we would like to Congratulate iRobbooo On his Promotion to the Event Management Team! iRobbooo has shown his dedication by attending many BHL events and from hosting review lobbies as well. We know he will remain dedicated to BHL in his new role! Congratulations and make BHL DAMN PROUD like we know you are capable of !!
  7. Congrats to GB Matrix!

    On behalf of the BHL Management and Advisor Team please join us in congratulating... GB Matrix On his promotion to the rank of Captain He has been noticed by the Advisor Team and many others with his great effort into hosting great lobbies and helping out others around the site. He has been a member of BHL for 3 years and always treats BHL and its members with respect so with captain as his new role we know he will bring good things to the site! BHL DAMN PROUD
  8. On behalf of the Management Team+ and Sr. Event Management Team we would like to Congratulate BHL Kenny On his Promotion to the Event Management Team! BHL Kenny has shown great leadership in his role as a PS3 Captain and will continue to collaborate with BHL's PS3 community in his new role! Congratulations and make BHL DAMN PROUD like we know you are capable of !!
  9. 2 New EMT Members!!

    On behalf of the Sr. Staff and Sr. Event Management Team, we are proud to announce and congratulate both Konjiki Yami & ll AlphaMale ll On their Promotion to the Event Management Team! These two have shown great ambition and dedication to BHL and we know they will do great in their new role. Konjiki Yami has shown his abilities with his work for the BHL News Team and long time dedication to his role as a BHL Captain! ll AlphaMale ll has been a great member of the BHL GFX Team, as well as his contributions to the site as a Captain, and has proven that he can handle the role of EMT! Congratulations to the both of you and make BHL DAMN PROUD like we know you are capable of !!
  10. Please join me in congratulating BHL xPro Scope on his promotion to SR EMT!!BHL xPro Scope works extremely hard for the BHL community day in and day out! He always puts the community first and still finds time to host lobbies for new members! BHL Community is DAMN PROUD!