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Found 18 results

  1. Feedback on Destiny 2 Beta

    As we all seen Destiny 2 Beta was just out recently and am curious to see what everyone's feedback is about the game thus far. I know with being a Beta, a lot of things may change and there are bugs etc to be fixed. Did you like the game? Was it better than the first destiny? Let everyone know what you think about it. As for myself, I have yet to play the beta and would want to buy the game if its worth the time. What is your opinion on Destiny 2! 5 Stars? Let us know....
  2. Destiny Hotfix! - 25/5

    As many of you may be aware, there were many glitches in the Destiny Crucible, mainly the issue of unlimited Heavy Ammo and unlimited Supers. Fortunately not many used the glitch, with threats of bans from Bungie. This also caused Bungie to postpone Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner (Which is now back) However, Bungie have just released a hotfix to patch these glitches, indeed the hotfix: - Fixed a bug where players could get additional Heavy Ammo - Fixed a big where players could get unlimited super abilities The Destiny community welcomes Iron Banner back! 1 Astro
  3. A new leaked poster has revealed the name and key art for Destiny’s next expansion. Destiny’s next expansion titled Rise of Iron – report The name of Destiny‘s upcoming expansion has been revealed in a new leaked poster. A picture of the poster first appeared on Reddit, clearly showing the promo art. The image shows Lord Saladin, the NPC associated with the Iron Banner PvP event in the game, wielding a flaming hammer. He appears to be standing near the wall on Earth, surrounded by wolves. The poster was later confirmed to be authentic by two Kotaku sources “familiar with Bungie.” The site’s report also confirms that Rise of Iron will feature a new raid, as players have come to expect from major Destiny expansions. The new raid is said to be “loosely based” on an earlier, Fallen-themed one, that was initially planned for the House of Wolves DLC in Year 1 before it got scrapped. Bungie and Activision have already confirmed new content for Destiny will drop later this year, as Destiny 2 got moved to a 2017 release. The new expansion will likely release in September, judging by how the studio’s release schedule has been thus far. Source: https://www.vg247.com/2016/05/20/destinys-next-expansion-titled-rise-of-iron-report/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral
  4. Destiny Weekly Update - 15/10/2015

    Its that time of the week again where Bungie deliver their plans for fixes and changes within Destiny. This week, they talk about Shadowshot glitches, Hammer titans, Trials and the HARD RAID! The full post can be found below: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=13762 An Overview: -A fix will be incoming for the Shadowshot glitch, YAY! *HOWEVER, this means that Trials of Osiris will be delayed, possibly another week* -A 'fix' will be incoming to placate those who feel the Sunbreaker is too strong -HARD MODE KING's FALL! Recommended Light 310-330, Gear drop at 320. COMING 23rd October! -Also an improvement to loot drops from Nightfalls etc. Its an exciting time to be a Guardian, boys! Astro
  5. Destiny Weekly Update - 1/10/2015

    Bungie have just published a new weekly update that outlines plans for Iron banner and Trials of Osiris and changes that have been made to both. Full Post: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=13642 Iron banner: Returns October 13th -RECOMMENDED LIGHT 230 -Automatic tempered buff -End of game drops of weapons and armour that will match the inventory of Saladin -Legendary marks to purchase gear from Saladin -Weekly and Daily bounties! Trials of Osiris: Returns October 16th -RECOMMENDED LIGHT 290 -Improved matchmaking to match you with teams with a similar number of wins to you -Trials gear now drops from wins, rather than from Vance -Trials bounties Astro
  6. NEW Exotic engram farming!

    Here is how to farm exotic engrams in Destiny! This farm will allow you to continuously kill an Ultra called Draksis. When Xur comes to the tower he will be selling an item called 3 of coins, which is used to increase your drop rate of Exotic Engrams on your next Ultra kill! Bungie updated the game to have Ultras drop Exotic Engrams! This is going to be awesome. First you will need Xur and Strange Coins. Use these strange coins to buy the item "Three Of Coins" Buy as many of these as you can! Next go to Venus and load up the mission - Scourge of Winter. Get right to the end boss which is Draksis. USE ONE OF YOUR THREE OF COINS NOW Use your primary to kill all the fallen and get Draksis within ONE Rocket Launcher shot to kill him. Aim at the floor killing bothyou AND Draksis. He should hopefully drop an Exotic Engram. Because you died you respawn out side the door to Draksis so repaet the above over and over. Use one of the Three Of Coins before each run! Doing this i used 12 Three of Coins and got about 6 Engrams. Get to it before Bungie patch it!
  7. For those of you out there who have been playing Destiny for some time, you may have been frustrated with the leveling system employed by the game. For those of you not in the know, in order to reach a level beyond 20, Guardians had to collect gear with varying amounts of Light. The higher the Light value on a piece of gear, the higher the level your Guardian would be. This created a twofold effect, one which was good for Destiny, and one which wasn’t so pleasant for the players keeping the game alive. What’s your take on the new leveling system? Are you happy? Planning on hitting the new level cap as soon as The Taken King releases? http://www.twinfinite.net/2015/08/05/destinys-new-level-system-is-a-step-in-the-right-direction/
  8. Destiny is currently down for maintenance, with Bungie deploying update 1.2.0 for changes in the Crucible. With one week left to go before the release of House of Wolves, data-miner megamanexe4 decided to provide one last leak before riding off into the night. According to the man on Reddit, next week’s Nightfall will in fact be from House of Wolves. It will be the Shadow Thief strike which sees players boarding a House of Wolves Ketch in the Ocean of Storms on the Moon where they will battle Taniks. Various perils await on this strike including a Fallen Walker that must be destroyed in close quarters. This will be a level 32 strike and come with modifiers for the Nightfall. These include Lightswitch, Angry, Epic, Arc Burn and Nightfall (which sends you back to orbit if you fail). Take this with a grain of salt of course, though megamanexe4 has been fairly on point with his Nightfall leaks in the past. Destiny’s House of Wolves will be releasing on May 19th for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3. Source: http://gamingbolt.co...strike-revealed Click here to view the article
  9. House of Wolves, Destiny’s second expansion, will not add a raid. House of Wolves hits Destiny on May 19 and we’re pretty hyped about it. Destiny developer Bungie has not yet outlined all the content of House of Wolves, but in a new Bungie.net update, the team confirmed there won’t be a Raid this time. Instead, we’ll get a new kind of endgame activity. “We didn’t make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year,” Bungie said. Bungie did say that House of Wolves adds “a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill” – a battle arena called The Prison of Elders. In the coming weeks, Bungie will explain how gear will be upgraded in the Expansion, as well as the Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders, which are described as “brand new additions to Destiny’s end game activities”. The use of the phrase “battle arena” to describe Prison of Elders (which the observant may remember is mentioned in the Winter’s Run strike) makes me think we’re looking at a horde mode style affair. Here are some images from the post: Source: http://www.vg247.com...ison-of-elders/ Click here to view the article
  10. Explore the remarkable reversal of fortune currently being enjoyed by Bungies gift to a more eloquent PvP user base. No Land Beyond does not suck. NLB_upgrading With a decent shotgun as backup and rocket-launcher heavy in reserve, No Land Beyond truly gives anyone the potential to be a menace in PvP No Land Beyond is an exotic special weapon that decided to be a primary weapon, but is resolutely ignored owing to a poor reputation of legendary proportions. Guardians have been known to vomit in their mouths at the sight of NLB being rewarded at the end of a raid or Nightfall Strike. It is the laughing lock, stock and barrel of the Destiny community. Thousands are being dismantled even as we speak. Just as hard mode for Crotas End put the spotlight on exotic pulse rifle Red Death, the hardcore new PvP mode dubbed Inferno which debuted on March 3 gave this unsightly sniper stick reason to be. One unique stealth-oriented perk combined with the absence of radar blips in Inferno got broader minded Guardians thinking of the possibilities. Videos were made and a new breed of PvP player has been born to challenge those SOBs wielding Thorn, Vex and VG247 favourite Red Death. Unlike Red Death, which enjoyed a favourable rep before its time came to shine, sniper rifle No Land Beyond has never been liked no not at all since being introduced alongside similarly dubious Dragons Breath (rocket launcher) and The 4th Horsemen (shotgun) in The Dark Below DLC. Reddit comments have been classic, and include: Fixed a bug where No Land Beyond did damage. NLB_hidingplace NLB has a frankly ridiculous bolt-action reload that takes an eternity before its upgraded. The thing seems to take an extraordinarily long time to upgrade too, devouring 5,000 Experience bounties that barely tickle progression. The Mulligan perk (chance of returned ammo from a missed shot) is a slap in the face to begin with, because accuracy generally sucks. When you finally unlock The Master perk, increasing damage with every kill, the task of staying alive to achieve more than one clean shot has been beyond the capabilities of most players. The problem is that youre such an easy target. Lately though, youre likely to hear murmurings of how No Land Beyond is a beast in PvP. The reason is because NLB has the additional benefit of not revealing a snipers position from afar, because its lens does not reflect the light. In a game mode without any radar that allows other players to stumble upon your vantage point, the element of surprise is placed back in your hands. Find yourself an advantageous spot on the map (remembering not to poke your arse out) and the kills start coming thunk (reload), krack (reload), thwack (reload). Smile. Get into the rhythm of move and shoot while keeping an eye on your buddies positions relative to yours, and you start to feel like a hunter. With a decent shotgun as backup and rocket-launcher heavy in reserve, No Land Beyond truly gives anyone the potential to be a menace in PvP, and a valuable team player thanks to learning how to read the flow of the game. Though youre not awarded points for assists in Inferno, winning the match is still satisfactory. NLB really does bite into the other teams health bars allowing teammates to finish them off closer to the fray. NLB_DarkBelowMap We cannot pretend that No Land Beyond revolutionised our PvP experience in the same way that Red Death did a short while back. The lack of visibility on the map during Inferno bouts is a bonus, not a gift of invincibility. What we have enjoyed from our early forays into hardcore Destiny PvP with NLB by our side is an enhanced understanding of line-of-sight, more focus on listening out for foes, and trusting our own nerve to place that headshot while the second poison Thorn bullet is landing. If you have The Dark Below DLC No Land Beyond is not at all hard to come by. If youve more than one character on the go, regularly raiding and completing the weekly Nightfall and Heroic Strikes, its likely that youll be scrapping more than youll ever want to keep. Also, Xur has a nasty habit of putting this thing on sale to troll the unenlightened still out there. You can still laugh about how ugly NLB is, and how many youve been given when all you want is Gjallarhorn, Hawkmoon, Suros Regime or whatever exotic you feel that you deserve most. Youll die a lot if youve grown accustomed to spray and play with your favourite auto rifle, but NLB is the ****. Source: http://www.vg247.com...o-grace-an-fps/ Click here to view the article
  11. Everyones favourite vendor in Destiny, Xur, is here once again to surprise, or disappoint you. Like clockwork, Xur: Agent of the Nine is back at The Tower in Destiny. Xur will be happy to take those Strange Coins and Motes of Lights youve been hoarding all week for exchange of Exotic gear and weapons. He also sells Exotic Shards, which are used to upgrade Exotic items. Of course, he also brings with him a few upgraded versions of your Exotic weapons and armour pieces, which you can change into if you dont like the stat rolls on yours, or if you have the old, pre-Dark Below ones. Xur is hanging out by the Crucible war masters, in the Hall of Guardians. You have until 1am PDT on Sunday, January 18 to talk to him. Heres whats on offer for this week: The Glasshouse [Exotic Titan helmet] 13SC Achlyophage Symbiote [Exotic Hunter helmet] 13SC Obsidian Mind [Exotic Warlock helmet] 13SC Ice Breaker [Exotic sniper rifle] 17SC Exotic Shard 7SC As for the upgraded Exotics, see below: ARMOUR Achl Symbiote, Lucky Raspberry, Crest of Alpha Lupi, No Backup Plans, Skull of Dire Ahamkara, Light Beyond Nemesis WEAPONS Bad Juju, The Last Word, Plan C, Pocket Infinity, Thunderlord, Gjallarhorn Source: http://www.vg247.com...-january-16-17/ Click here to view the article
  12. New Destiny 2.2gb Patch and Update!

    Bungie has released a huge 2.44GB update for first-person shooter Destiny that adds a raft of much-requested features. Highlights include the addition of new shaders as well as the ability to preview shaders. Public events will now occur 10-15 per cent more frequently. Bounty slots have increased from five to 10. Update 1.0.3 also adds Team Chat, anti-cheese changes and tweaks to competitive multiplayer maps. The update contains the new Iron Banner mode, but Bungie has yet to say when this will go live. Why is the update so huge? Bungie said it adds "new playable spaces to support The Dark Below", the upcoming expansion. I expect we'll see plenty of videos showing players finding these new areas before they're supposed to. There's no mention of fixes for the game's raid, Vault of Glass, or much-requested changes to some exotic items, including weapons Thorn and Bad Juju. Here are the patch notes, as posted on Bungie.net Voice Added a new social feature that enables users to access a channel for Team ChatMatchmade teammates will now be able to talk to each other in Strikes and team-based Crucible matchesTo learn more about how to toggle between chat channels, click hereClasses Fixed an issue in which two players who performed a melee lunge simultaneously would teleport through each otherFixed an issue in which Blink Strike damage would be caused by colliding with the Blink Strike, rather than melee impactFixed an issue in which Warlock Bonds dismantled into Titan materialsWeapons GeneralReduced camera shake when being hit with explosive roundsPerks:Clown Cartridge: Replaced Clown Cartridge perk with other perks in shotgun upgrade treesHeadseeker: Fixed an issue in which the bonus Precision Damage perk did not always get appliedActivities MissionsBuried City: Fixed an exploit in Mars that would clear all enemies from Clovis BrayStrikesWinter's Run: Fixed an exploit zone in the Aksor boss encounterDifficulty will scale less for 3-player Fireteams, making Strikes less deadly for themHeroicsFixed an issue in which engrams earned during Daily and Weekly Heroic activities were not displayed in the post-game carnage reportEvent: Iron Banner Players must now be level 20 and above to lead an Iron Banner FireteamPlayers below Level 20 can only accompany players above Level 20Lord Saladin now has 5 reputation ranks (increased from 3)New Features Added: Tempered Buff, ReforgingFor more detailed information, click hereCinematics Fixed several issues with the synchronization of cinematic subtitles in various languagesDestinations CombatantsFixed an issue in which Vex Cyclops and Hive Shrieker health bars would not update properlyReduced the number of Stealth Sword Vandals that spawn in the basement of the Terrestrial Complex on lower difficultiesEventsPublic Events will occur 10-15% more frequently in all public spacesVendors Increased the number of Bounty slots in the Inventory from 5 to 10Added shaders to Eva Levante's stock in the TowerShader preview functionality added to vendor and inventory screensEmblems on vendors can now be previewed in the inventory screenMarks and Reputation icons and meters were adjusted to better differentiate the twoFixed an issue in which Strange Coins and Motes of Light would not route to the Postmaster if your inventory was fullFixed an issue in which engrams were not displaying the possible contents in the Cryptarch vendor menuFixed an issue in which players did not receive Bounty or Mission credit when assisting in the killing of a Walker or Vex CyclopsArmor Stat upgrade potentials added to item compare on vendor and inventory screensPVP GeneralEnabled revive scoring for Skirmish and SalvageFixed an exploit with revive scoring when entering a kill volume and having a teammate revive you for easy pointsAdjusted Join in-Progress settings for all playlists to minimize long periods of unbalanced teams due to players quitting out of matchesAdded new functionality to match pre-formed fireteams against each otherThis will slowly roll out to all playlists over time, but will start with the 3v3 playlistsIn 3v3 games, Fireteams of 2 or more players will match together more frequentlyIn 6v6 games, Fireteams of 4 or more players will match together more frequentlyMedals Won't Be Beat now triggers correctly when a team wins a game after coming back from a 500-point losing deficitMark of the Unbroken no longer requires a minimum player countSum of All Tears no longer requires a minimum player countSum of All Tears should now trigger consistentlyMaps First LightImplemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into advantageous positionsBlind WatchAddressed some balancing issues for the Control gametype by moving Zones, modifying routes, and adding cover objectsAdjusted landing and respawn points to accommodate new geometry changesAdded protection to prevent players from getting on top of a pipe high above the intended playable spaceFirebase DelphiAdded protections to prevent players from getting outside the intended playable area between Control Zone A and the crane roomRusted LandsBlocked off the monitors above Control Zone A to prevent players from hiding in themShores of TimeAdded a Vex pillar to prevent players from sniping through the small gap on the ninja platformImplemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into unfairly-advantageous positionsExodus BlueMultiple fixes implemented to stop players from getting into advantageous positions, especially the giant hose reel near Control Zone AFixed an issue with visibility culling behind Control Zone ATwilight GapAdjusted landing points to keep players from fighting too soon in Rumble matchesAdded protections to prevent players from getting into unintended areas, for example, atop the security camera at Control Zone CAdded geometry to fill in small gaps that let players see out of the worldHUD Improved the readability of Grenade and Melee recharge statesImproved the visibility of objectives in the Motion TrackerImproved the visual look of Revive waypoint and Last Man StandingAdded skull modifier descriptions to the Navigation Mode screenFixed an issue in which the names of downed teammates did not always display on-screenOrbit Destiny version number to added to the Character Login screenAdded dialog imagery for various eventsFixed an issue in which new items available from the Special Orders vendor would not show up in the message count in the DirectorFixed an issue in which a PlayStation Plus dialog was mistakenly shown when selecting a specific PVP activityAdded countdown timers for weekly/special eventsFixed various issues with Director animationsFixed an issue in which the Player/Inventory screen would sometimes close during certain parts of the spaceflight sequenceAdded the post-game carnage report for the previous games during Matchmaking searchMenus GeneralFixed an issue in which cursor speed in 4:3 and PAL was not consistentRosterNetwork Connection Quality Indicators now added to the RosterNew icons added to the scoreboard and roster to indicate voice problems due to connection issues (NAT issues)Added support for direct fireteam joins from the roster on the Xbox OneInventoryUpdated Spinmetal, Relic Iron, and Helium Filaments icons to better represent in-game visualsFixed and updated several inventory iconsFixed and updated several talent tree iconsAudio Improved audio cues for sticking others and being stuck with certain GrenadesFixed an issue in which an audio cue would not play when completing a BountyFixed an issue in which "Guardian down!" referenced the wrong gender in French, Spanish, and PortugueseTechnical Added the ability for the Bungie DOC to send in-game alerts and messagesFixed stability issues across all platformsFixed an issue that would cause a rare crash during space flight into activitiesImproved patch installation processImplemented PS3-specific performance optimizationsFixed some issues causing beetle and lionfish Kicks to OrbitSource credit goes to EuroGamer
  13. Destiny Scheduled Downtime

    Destiny downtime is scheduled for this Thursday, November 13 as Bungie carries out maintenance work in preparation for future game updates. "This totally planned service outage will enable us to prepare for the arrival of a series of updates planned for the next few weeks," the studio said. "During this time, you'll be unable to play Destiny. We're sorry about the interruption, but it's for the greater good." The maintenance window is scheduled to begin around 8am PT/11am ET/4pm UK and last for approximately four hours "if all goes according to plan", Bungie added. Earlier this week, the studio provided an overview of a number of features set to be included in upcoming Destiny updates. These include stronger exotic weapons, new gear, and channels for talking to matchmade teammates. The first Destiny DLC expansion, titled The Dark Below, will launch on December 9. It will be followed by House of Wolves, which has yet to be detailed. Both add-ons are included in the Destiny Expansion Pass. To read more about The Dark Below Click Here Source
  14. Destiny Achievement Guide

    Destiny Achievement Guide Change of Heart 20G Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid. Upgrade grids are found on both your character and various weapons. Gaining experience will unlock new abilities for yourself, and/or an equipped weapon. The "decisions" for your character grid start at Level 7 when you unlock your second option for grenades. You may get a decision on a weapon earlier than that. Once you have a choice (where the options are above each other), simply switch from whatever option you've already selected to whatever is directly below it to unlock the achievement. Ship Rite 20G Rebuild a Jumpship. Story related and can not be missed. Complete the mission "Restoration" and return to the Tower to receive your ship. Bane of the Emperor 20G Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying. A precision shot is essentially a critical hit, and in this instance requires a killing blow by headshot.If successful the enemy's head will disappear as a wisp of smoke escapes from their body. Cabal enemies are found exclusively on Mars. This can be obtained during any story mission, or while doing a Patrol session. Probably best done with a Hunter using its sniper rifle, both for ease of the headshot itself and for keeping your distance so you won't get killed. Decryptologist 20G Decrypt 25 Engrams. Engrams are items that can be found or purchased, and subsequently decrypted by Master Rahool in the Tower to award a piece of loot and rep toward the Cryptarch faction. You should have no issue getting 25 through the main story via drops alone, but it will easily come while farming for the end game Raid achievements, so don't waste your glimmer purchasing any. Use of Weapons 20G Dismantle 50 pieces of armor or weapons. To dismantle an item, simply hold X over the desired item in your inventory screen. It will disappear, awarding you with some Glimmer and possibly materials for higher level gear if it was a rarer item with any upgrades unlocked. This tracks over multiple characters and will unlock after the 50th dismantle combined. The Life Exotic 20G Obtain and equip a piece of Exotic gear. Exotic gear is Yellow in color. An Exotic item is guaranteed from decrypting an Exotic Engram, and is also possible from a Legendary Engram. You can also get Exotic items from Raids and Exotic bounties, as well as from Xur, Agent of the Nine who will appear somewhere in the Tower on the weekends from 2am PST/5am EST/9am GMT on Friday through the same time of day on Sunday. Gear from him is purchased with Strange Coins, which are only guaranteed to be received from doing a Weekly Strike (only rewarded for the first time you complete it each week), but can also be dropped randomly or possibly decrypted from some class-specific Engrams. A New Steed 20G Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle. Story related and can not be missed. Obtained during "The Warmind" on Earth. Suited for War 30G Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear. For this achievement you will need to fill all eight item slots with at least Legendary (purple) gear, or any combination of that and Exotic (yellow) gear. You will need three weapons and five armor pieces. You can only equip one Exotic weapon and one piece of Exotic armor at a time, so the majority of your gear will be Legendary. Bane of the Kell 20G Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in 1 mission without dying. A precision shot is essentially a critical hit, and in this instance requires a killing blow by headshot. If successful the enemy's head will disappear as a wisp of smoke escapes from their body. Fallen enemies are found mainly on Earth. This can be obtained during any story mission, or while doing a Patrol session. Probably best done with a Hunter using its sniper rifle, both for ease of the headshot itself and for keeping your distance so you won't get killed. Lucky 7s 20G Attain a Grimoire score of 777. Grimoire score is basically a number that shows how much you've played Destiny. It tracks over all your characters (and is shared by them), and goes up based on everything in the game. Getting kills, completing missions, participating in PVP, etc. You can see your score in-game on your character's name plate or online here. This will unlock once you hit a score of 780 or more (there is no way to land on exactly 777, 780 is the closest) and there is no reason to go out of your way to do anything for this score. You will unlock it well before you finish the rest of the achievements. Bane of the Dead 20G Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in 1 mission without dying. A precision shot is essentially a critical hit, and in this instance requires a killing blow by headshot. If successful the enemy's head will disappear as a wisp of smoke escapes from their body. Hive enemies are found mainly on the Moon. This can be obtained during any story mission, or while doing a Patrol session. Probably best done with a Hunter using its sniper rifle, both for ease of the headshot itself and for keeping your distance so you won't get killed. Inspector 20G Inspect another player. The quickest way to inspect a player is to pause the game with the menu button and scroll over to the left to your friends list (Roster), select someone and then choose the "Inspect" option. Otherwise, you can inspect any player in the world by walking up to them and pressing in the RS, then the menu button, then selecting the "Inspect" option. Blink of an Eye 20G Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds. Using the Warlock or Titan special ability will be the easiest way to unlock this achievement. Find a group of weak enemies (such as a group of Thralls, or a group of Hive during the "Last Array" story mission), throw a grenade at them, and activate your special ability (when "Super Charged" press RB+LB at the same time) at the same time. If you didn't get five somehow, starting shooting at other enemies in the area right after to try and hit the magic number. Valorous 30G Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score. The Vanguard score is actually the marks you can earn from Strikes, Public Events, and material exchanges. You can only earn 100 marks per week, and can track your progress at the Legend online. You need to be at least Level 18 to start earning marks, though you will not receive marks as a reward from Strikes until Level 20. Here are all the ways to earn marks: Level 20 Strike - 2 MarksLevel 22 Strike - 3 MarksLevel 24 Strike - 6 MarksLevel 22 Heroic Strike - 3 MarksLevel 26 Heroic Strike - 6 MarksLevel 28 Heroic Strike - 9 MarksMaterial Exchange - 5 MarksPublic Event Gold Rating - 4 MarksDaily Heroic Mission - 5 MarksI would advise against the material exchange, simply because it takes forever to farm the materials and they are much better used for upgrading gear later on in the game. It is possible to max out your marks in four hours farming the various Public Events on Earth. You'll have to be quick and hit multiple events one after the other. See this post on Reddit for how. Vanguard score is reset every week on Tuesdays at 2am PST/5am EST/9am GMT, so if you're not very close on Monday night you may be better served working on something else if you don't think you'll make it. Notorious 30G Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score. Similar to the Vanguard marks, Crucible marks can not be earned until Level 18. However, these are much easier to acquire. You will receive 3 marks for every win in the Crucible and 2 marks for every loss. Simply play the PVP for a while and you'll max it out, win or lose. Crucible score is reset every week on Tuesdays at 2am PST/5am EST/9am GMT, so if you're not very close on Monday night you may be better served working on something else if you don't think you'll make it. Public Defender 20G Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events. Public Events occur at set times on the various worlds in the game. You can find the schedule here. If you are near the area where the event is to occur at the proper time, a blue waypoint will show up on your screen, the sky will darken, and your controller will rumble. If you're close enough to the event, a large message will show up on screen to confirm, "Joined Public Event." A Gold rating is earned so long as the missions is a success, by completing the requirements before time runs out or allowing the timer to run out without the objective being destroyed/overrun, depending on the event. Finders Keepers 20G Assist in capturing 50 capture points in Control. Control is the first PVP game type available in the Crucible. It is a capture game mode with two teams vying for three control points. You should get a guaranteed capture by running to the closest point at the beginning of every match, then focus your gameplay on offense alone. Go from point to point attacking and capturing. A good fireteam will help greatly for coordinated attacks. Relic Hunter 20G Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage. The Salvage playlist is basically King of the Kill. A control area will spawn randomly and require a ticker to reach 100 before it is captured. As soon as this happens, the capture is complete (you will see "Probe Deployed +100" on screen). The second phase (where the probe actually does its thing) has no bearing on the achievement. Hunter Killer 20G Kill 100 Hunters in PvP. See "Witch Hunt" for more information. Giant Slayer 20G Kill 100 Titans in PvP. See "Witch Hunt" for more information. Witch Hunt 20G Kill 100 Warlocks in PvP. Playing Control is your best bet for maximum kills. For some reason, even assists count toward a successful kill for the achievements, so shoot at everything you see even if it might mean your death. A teammate avenging you will still count. While going for these kills, gather the heavy weapon ammo and use your special ability to try and get "Excessive Force" and "Triple Play" out of the way. Also try to work on any Crucible bounties you might have, and earning marks to max your weekly count. Ask Questions Later 20G Earn a first strike kill in PvP. A first strike kill is awarded to the first person to get a kill in any Crucible match. Control is a fairly good game type for this, as you can rush straight to the enemy's spawn point and try to ambush them. The larger maps that allow vehicles are best for this tactic. Rumble is decent as well if you spawn close to an enemy. Stay motionless for a moment at the start and see if anyone is nearby and then go after them. Excessive Force 20G Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons. Heavy weapon ammo in the PVP matches will spawn after four minutes. You do not start matches with any ammo for your heavy weapons. Once it spawns, you'll have to successfully loot it, or kill someone who did and take it from them. The 25 kills required is cumulative across all your Crucible matches, so work on it while you go for 100 kills of each enemy type. Triple Play 30G Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PvP match. The description for this achievement is a little wonky. What it actually requires is that you achieve a Triple Kill (or higher) with at least one of each enemy type included. You can not simply kill a Titan, then a minute later kill a Hunter, then a minute later kill a Warlock without dying in between. They must die within a few second of each other to get the Triple Down medal. However, much like the 100 kills achievement, assists are counted in that equation so you could actually only get two of the kills while a teammate gets the third (so long as you hit that third person). Control or Salvage matches will likely be your best bet of unlocking this. While a group of enemies attempts to take over a ring, use a rocket launcher or your special ability to inflict massive AOE damage. Throw a grenade in just before for good measure, and come out of it firing on anyone still around. Raider 30G Complete a Raid. Raids are suggested for characters of Light Level 28. They can be started prior to this, but it is basically impossible. You will need an Exotic item to even reach this level, so raiding is obviously the last thing you'll be doing in the game. Work on all the other achievements and complete as many high level Strikes as you can to gear up. You'll also need a good group of teammates with you of similar level to succeed. Raids are designed for six players (as opposed to three like the rest of the game's content), and promote clan involvement. They also have less direction than Story and Strike missions, and will require figuring out some things on your own (or just check online for guides/video walkthroughs). Raid progress is saved to the fireteam leader, so you do not have to complete the entire raid in one sitting. However, the raid resets every Tuesday at the same time as the Vanguard and Crucible scores, so you only have one week to complete it. Raiding Party 30G Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members. To create or join a clan, you will need a bungie.net account - once signed up, you can start a clan or manage clan invites through here. Don't get confused because you can get a group invite before actually setting that group as your clan. Try to get a clan with at least six members so you can field a full fireteam. You only have to complete the raid on Normal for this specific achievement. Epic Raider 45G Complete a Raid on hard difficulty. Hard difficulty for every raid is locked until that specific raid is completed on Normal difficulty. There is no matchmaking for raids, so finding a good group of players you can communicate with is key. Flawless Raider 65G Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying. This achievement requires the completion of a raid without anyone dying at any point during the raid. This can be done on Normal difficulty, and it would be best if it you are over leveled and have already completed the raid before so everyone knows what to expect. The first clan to complete the game's first raid, Vault of Glass, died a combined 1600 times, and it took them over 11 hours to complete. However, they did not have all Lvl 28 players (two were only 26, in fact) so they were not exactly 100% prepared for this content. Since then, the raid has been completed by a two-man team in about an hour. I'm sure at some point down the line, the game's level cap will increase as well, making this first raid released MUCH easier (unless they decide to scale it for some reason). Vanguard Honor 20G Attain Vanguard Rank 3. Vanguard Rank 3 will require a total of 6,500 rep. The rep rewards change based on your level, so hitting a higher level will make it easier to max your rank. The rewards are as follows: Daily Heroic Story Mission: +150 (Level 20) up to +350 (Level 28)Weekly Heroic Strike: +150 (Level 22) up to +400 (Level 28)Vanguard Bounties: +50 up to +100Material Exchange: +25I would again advise against doing the material exchange since it takes so long for such a small reward, and the materials are much better used for upgrades. A Friend Indeed 20G Resurrect 5 fallen players. When anyone on your the same server as you dies, you have the ability to resurrect them by holding X near their ghost. You do not have to be on the same fireteam as the player, though you'll naturally be around your fireteam the most. Higher level Strikes and playing on Hard during story missions that are above your level will likely result in a number of deaths, so this should come early for you. Rising Vanguard 20G Complete a Strike. Strike missions require a full 3-player fireteam to attempt, and are unlocked at Level 8. The Crucible Strike matchmaking is unlocked at Level 16 if you'd like to couple this achievement with maxing out your Vanguard score. There are currently Strikes available on Earth (Level 8), the Moon (Level 12), Venus (Level 14), and Mars (Level 18). Strength of the Pack 20G Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members. See "Raiding Party" for info on starting/joining a clan. Once you have a clan with at least three members at Level 8, you can attempt the first Strike in the game on Earth. Obviously the higher your level, the easier this Strike will be. Strikes are different from story missions in that they are designed simply for the sake of killing stuff and getting loot, not for advancing any sort of plot. Flawless Striker 20G Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying. This will obviously be easiest done on a Normal difficulty Strike, as well as taking on a Strike that you are familiar with, while having some of the better gear in the game. As you'll be doing these often while gearing up for Raids, it should come along the way that you take one down without issue. Ghost Hunter 20G Discover 50 dead ghosts. There are 62 dead ghosts in the game, but only 50 are required for this achievement. The ghosts look exactly like the one you deploy all the time, but they will be deactivated. Our community has multiple excellent guides available, so check out this post for links to each of them and use whichever you like the best. When you find a dead ghost with one character, it will disappear from your game world for all your characters, so you can't double up on any of the ghosts in the game. It must be 50 unique ghosts, though you can grab them with any character you'd like. Dragon Slayer 20G Kill a champion of the Dark. Story related and can not be missed. Complete the mission "Restoration" to unlock this achievement. Hunter Mastery 30G Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass. See "Warlock Mastery" for more info. Titan Mastery 30G Fully upgrade a Titan Subclass. See "Warlock Mastery" for more info. Warlock Mastery 30G Fully upgrade a Warlock Subclass. Each character type has two sub-classes. The first is unlocked from the start, and the second unlocks at Level 15. You can unlock this at Level 20 without ever getting any gear with Light to continue raising your level, as you will continue to earn experience toward skills in the background. Likely you will be around level 23-25 if you continue to gear up as normal. The best way to level up is by completing bounties, clearing Strikes, and competing in Crucible matches. Once you have leveled a character to Level 15, the secondary sub-classes for each of your other classes will also unlock and be available from the start. That way you can choose which way you want to play with them from the beginning. Packing Heat 30G Fully upgrade an Exotic weapon. See "Fully Weaponized" for more info. Fully Weaponized 30G Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon. The process to fully upgrade an Exotic or Legendary weapon is the same. You will need plenty of items and a lot of experience earned while the item is equipped. The experience you earn while the weapon is equipped will unlock the actual upgrade nodes, which you will then need to apply items to for the bonuses to activate. Each node takes ~20k experience to unlock. You'll need the following items to then activate all of the nodes: 32 Weapon Parts: these are obtained by dismantling higher level items that have been upgraded. If you have a weapon with upgrade slots available, it would be wise to equip it just before turning in a bounty to unlock the nodes, then dismantle it to get a few weapon parts. Greens will usually give about 3-5 and more for blues when the item is fully upgraded. You should have plenty of these by the time you even get your first Legendary item.80 Upgrade Materials: the material required for each gun will be different, so be on the lookout while you play for any materials found on each of the worlds. You will need either Spinmetal (Earth), Helium Filaments (the Moon), Spirit Bloom (Venus), or Iron Ore (Mars).18 Ascendant Energy: these can be obtained from dismantling upgraded Legendary or Exotic weapons, getting a Gold rating on Public Events, Daily/Weekly missions, or decrypting Legendary Engrams.Once you have unlocked all the nodes and applied the necessary items to activate all the bonuses, the achievement will unlock. Bane of the Machines 20G Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in 1 mission without dying. A precision shot is essentially a critical hit, and in this instance requires a killing blow by shooting the weak area on the chest. If successful the enemy's chest will explode as a blue discharge escapes from their body. Vex enemies are found mainly on Venus. This can be obtained during any story mission, or while doing a Patrol session. Probably best done with a Hunter using its sniper rifle, both for ease of the precision shot itself and for keeping your distance so you won't get killed. Guide By: The Pants Party @ xboxachievements.com Source: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/destiny/guide/
  15. Update - Patch Notes

    SummaryThis update makes Destiny a more stable experience for all players. We’re also changing the player experience in the Raid to ensure that the activity provides an endgame challenge that meets project goals for the intended level of difficulty. GeneralFixed an issue in which multiple errors reported with Zebra error codesErrors previously reporting as Zebra will now display as their own separate codesFixed a rare issue related to being Kicked To Login repeatedlyFixed a rare issue that resulted in a Kick To Orbit reported with the Cockatoo error code ServersFixed an issue where some players would occasionally be erroneously kicked at the beginning of an activity due to a server error Increased protection against account corruption RaidFixed an issue where Atheon was not choosing random targets for teleport through the timestream during the final encounter on the Vault of GlassFixed an exploit where Atheon could be forced off his platform More updates are to follow as we continue to support Destiny. Future enhancements being worked on include Exotic Weapon tuning, new features for voice communication between matchmade teammates, and the ability to hold more Bounties in your pocket at any time. This post has been promoted to an article
  16. Need people to play with on Destiny PS4

    Hey I need people to play destiny with. Especially for raids. I have a level 23 Warlock, 26 titan, and a 27 hunter. Just send me a friend request on PS4 my psn is Mal_N_Wes. You'll either be playing with mal or wes haha. Mal usually plays on the hunter and I (Wes) play on the titan. The warlock we dont really touch. and if you want to farm for materials also that would be cool.
  17. Hot Fix - 09/25/2014

    Activities Missions Reduced drop rate of engrams following a hard wipe [fixed in] *Clarification: This effect only lasts for a short period of time immediately following a hard wipe Queen's Wrath Event Material rewards for dismantling Queen's Wrath gear will no longer provide ascendant materials, but missions will continue to drop Legendary items World Destinations The Hive of the holy “Treasure Cave” have realized the futility of their endless assault on Skywatch and have retired to lick their wounds and plan their next attack. Respawn timers for monster caves in Skywatch have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 6) Respawn timers for monster caves in Forgotten Shore have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10) Respawn timers for monster caves in Ember Caves have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10) Respawn timers for monster caves in the Shattered Coast have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10) Respawn timers for monster caves in the Barrens have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 20)
  18. What is Light

    Gather Light to level beyond 20. Why How? Your true adventure begins when you reach lvl 20. After this Rare and Legendary gear introduces a new character attribute. Called LIGHT. When you equip that gear, it will increase your Light. Your light will then increase the power of your Abilities. GATHER RARE AND LEGENDARY GEAR TO INCREASE YOUR LIGHT