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Found 25 results

  1. Anyone up for The Darkest Shore EE? Need to get the secret achievement that requires you to get 250 kills in 1 match with the pommel. Just message me "Invite?" on XBL (Xbox Live), here, or on Discord if interested. *Gamertag is same as username.
  2. Darkest Shore Achievement Hunting

    Anyone up for The Darkest Shore EE? Need to get the secret achievement that requires you to get 250 kills in 1 match with the pommel. Just message me "Invite?" on XBL (Xbox Live), here, or on Discord if interested. *Gamertag is same as username.
  3. Profile Awards Bug

    To All Staff, I hope I used the correct contact method regarding this concern. If not, I have left a message regarding this using the Contact Us feature if anyone hasn't already noticed. Sorry for the bother though, but it seems I have run into a bug/error code (see attached image), while trying to view the 2nd page on my profile awards tab (doesn't matter whether this is on mobile or not). So far I have tried 3 different browsers with no luck both on mobile and PC. Any help on this is appreciated and thanks for your time in advance. If it helps, here is further information. Equipment Used: iPhone 6 Plus and HP Pavilion 13 x360 OS: iOS, Windows 10 iOS Build: Latest Windows Build: Latest Browsers Used: Firefox, Edge (Microsoft Edge), Safari, Chrome (Google Chrome) Browser Builds: Latest iOS Browser App Builds: Latest Regards, BHL Warrior
  4. Anyone who knows how to beat survival on master difficulty on the new Star Wars: Battlefront survival missions (Ice Caves and Rebel Base)? Seem to be having a bit of trouble for once. If interested, here's how to contact me: PM me here Twitter: @BHLWarrior Discord: BHL Warrior Message/Invite XBL (Xbox Live) GT (gamertag): BHL Warrior Please note that if I'm not on, I will respond as soon as possible. Just send me a message with a suggested time and date and we will revise if possible and as necessary.
  5. I'm just wondering is there a only phone mod. If there is plz reply and thx for your time. if there isn't would someone work on one plz
  6. 2 New EMT

    On behalf of the Moderator Team, I would like to congratulate the following members on their promotion to the Event Management Team... Benjarrmin is a great guy who is fully committed to helping the EMT team grow. Puggle has done excellent work with the GFX and News team. We think these two guys will be valuable assets to the EMT team and are proud to give them the opportunity to make the rank of EMT even better. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  7. Profile Music Player Bug?

    Sorry to bother, but does anyone know how to get the profile music player to play a song from a YT (YouTube) URL?
  8. Attention boosters of Battlefield Hardline In order to make it easier to find someone to boost with on BHL, this post has been made. Since the shoutbox is not always your most reliable resource for finding boosters, please post here. I will add your username and an invite link to message you to the list below. Please include in your comment your CONSOLE and GAMERTAG Users: CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! Jones CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! Pit Stains CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! SunlitCanine785 CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! xblindmanxx CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! x DaN iZ SiiK z CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! Captn Tenerella CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! Users: Users: Users: iChedd GET OUT AND BOOST! Also, I ask everyone to request a join to the BHL Battlefield Platoon to help us earn more rewards! Click Here If you dont know how to boost BF Hardline, click the link below http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668869395-battlefield-hardline-easy-xp-and-cash/ made by Also check out this method: http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668869488-new-way-to-boost-hardline/ made by iChedd
  9. Hello PS3 users I'm wanting to start a PS3 BHL Gamebattles I'm wanting new and veteran BHL members involved in helping our community family grow! If you have any more questions message me on here or Skype!
  10. BHL Quiz #51

    On Behalf of the Event Management Team, we would like you all to take part in BHL's 51st Quiz contest. All answers can be found on Google. Take a good look around, some are a lot harder than others. The quiz will consist of 5 questions. The first person to send a PM of the CORRECT answers to BHL EMT will win a Signature and Award. This Weeks Theme: Call of Duty The Quiz 1. In Black Ops, Did Weaver lose his left or right eye? 2. What's the first name of the zombie map on World at War? 3. In Modern Warfare 2, What is Roach's full name? 4. What is the name of actor who does the voice over for World at War? 5. In COD 4, How many kills do you need for an Attack Helicopter? Please PM all submissions to BHL EMT Code of Conduct Keep all your answers to yourself. By telling people you may spoil your chances of winning Dont say answers or hint answers on the Shoutbox EMT will log all submissions of answers so if you feel you have won but we say someone submitted the answers fist please trust us We will only accept your answers once. Any other submissions will be dismissed
  11. BHL's official clan

    After a long time of playing league I have finally hit the big 30 mark and with that i bring along BHL official league of legends clan and with this clan I plan on expanding are PC community so if you would like to join are brand new clan just pm me or comment down below you summoner name!
  12. Fans of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer mode, should be careful after one of the game's developers said that they could face a ban if they continue to adopt a 'cheating' tactic. Dubbed as the 'reverse boost', it involves the player killing themselves in a match, usually by holding a grenade too long to blow themselves up. As a result, the matchmaking service then drops them into future rounds with lower level players. Then the hustle is on as they show off their real skills during the next round, making fools out of the 'lesser players'. The boss of Sledgehammer who made the game posted in a blog: "It's gotten so bad that one of the developers has become a 'victim' of the trick and has threatened those who use the trick for an unfair advantage with a ban from the online game." "Playing at home, I've been randomly matched with players doing this and it's incredibly frustrating to lose based largely on my team being down a contributing teammate. We've also had a lot of players bring up their same concern about playing in matches with these players." "No one wants to lose an objective based match by effectively being outnumbered while their teammate shoots grenades into their own forehead 100 times in the corner. It's not right, and it hurts you and your team's online experience... and we have increased our focus on reverse boost banning to combat the growing issue." "No one is trying to restrict the fun factor of playing Advanced Warfare with this policy, nor are we actively banning against particular styles of play, like trick shots. However, we have a low tolerance approach to people who ruin the experience for others through cheating, boosting, reverse boosting or being caught with toxic emblems in game." -Michael Condrey So be careful if using this tactic, because you may not re-spawn the next time you blow yourself up. Source: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-addresses-matchmakin/1100-6424723/
  13. THIS CLITCH IS PATCHED PLEASE DELETE THE THREAD ..Ps. why the heck can I not copy and paste on this site???
  14. I am glad to inform you that in a few days when i hit 30 i am going to be opening BHL's official clan for League of Legends. If your at all interested in joining the clan fell free to post you summoners name in the comments down below (You have to be level 30)
  15. As you all know Day Zero is coming quick and we are all excited for it!! I will be hosting a lobby on day zero. I will be getting the game as early as they will let me. The lobby will start soon as I'm home. My plan is to get a full lobby of BHL members for multi-player as soon as we can after the release. We will represent BHL and show what BHL is all about. List: of Members attending : xblindmanxx I hope to see you there !
  16. Hows it going guys, when I first joined the website I was curious as if there was a BHL competitive team and how I could possibly make it onto it? ANYWAYS, I was asking some people in the shoutbox and they told me Jones would be the man to ask. So I PMed Jones asking if there was a team and he told me that the team was offline, BUT I could make my own team for BHL for GB. Anyways, I went and I changed the name from the team I was on to BHL Gaming,,, The team has a nice record (18-7) There are currently 2 spots open for the main squad but will need subs too. Anyone who is a competitive player that would like to try out please add me on xbox: xD pandas THIS IS FOR CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS THIS IS ON XBOX 360 (at least for now) REQUIREMENTS: Some experience in the competitive scene, doesn't have to be much.. What I mean by experience can be; Clan VS Clan Gamebattles UMGs League Play ETC PLEASE KNOW CALLOUTS: If we are playing on the Map "Freight" and I say an enemy is Red 3 which is the warehouse third floor, I would like you to know what that would be to make it easier for the team to know where enemies are and for you not to be confused. Dedication: What I mean by dedication is having some time for team practice and to play in general. (Yes there will be practice days for the team!) During team practice days we will go over strategies, what to do in situations and possible positions to play. (Slayer or Objective player)
  17. Ghosts Class Setups

    Class Setups Reply with your favorite class setup for Call Of Duty: Ghosts! Mine is: AK-12 Silencer Red Dot Sight P226 Tactical Knife Semtex Concussion Perks: ​Ready Up Sleight Of Hand Quickdraw Dead Silence Strike Package: Support Sat Com Ballistic Vests Night Owl
  18. Cinematic MInecraft World

    (XBOX 360 EDITION) This is the cinematic world I am working on and I could use some help finishing it. After which I plan to make a cinematic video with music and effects then upload it to youtube. If interested in helping please inbox me. CLICK HERE FOR AN INVITE! This is how it was before! Think that's awesome? check this out! I plan on making one of the most elaborate biggest cities on minecraft.
  19. So hey guys me and my mate (t) have decided to start up our own minecraft server on pc, its on 24/7 yet I have decided to post this in here to get some of your views before I post it (generally release it) for everyone to see. The server will mostly be onunless we are. There are a few different things you can do on the server, currently there is a hunger games world and a build world...still to add more and we are testing some new plugins so if you could join and take a tour about and let me know what you think....obviously it isn't great yet as we have only been working on it for less than a week. So if you are an experienced pc minecraft player and have played in a lot of servers then we want you to let us know of improvements we can make. All feedback positive and negative is greatly appreciated. SERVER IP: ultimate.craft.nn.pe:25596 Also if you are gonna join please read the library as in there is most things you need to know...adding more everyday.
  20. Call of Duty Ghosts

    As some of you may know, the newest Call of Duty game to the series is going to be called, "Call of Duty: Ghosts". Some believe that this may be a branch off of the Call ofA Duty Modern Warfare 2 character Ghost. The theory is proven by the title of the game and the poster tease of the game which displays a section of the mask that Ghost wore during MW2. There has also been a leak that the release date of CoD: Ghosts will be November 5, 2013 on the Xbox360, Ps3, Pc, WiiU, and New-Gen consoles (Xbox720 & Ps4). Pre-Order Now Available . Click Here (Xbox360/Ps3/Pc) Pre-Order Bonuses :A 2-Sided CoD: Ghosts Poster A custom pre-order In-Game Camo to be used in BLACK OPS II How do I redeem the code? Click Here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is a video about the Leak: http://www.ign.com/v...title-confirmed A promotional poster provided to IGN has confirmed that the next title in the Call of Duty franchise is called Call of Duty: Ghosts and that it will be released on November 5, 2013. The poster comes just 24 hours after Activision began teasing the game on its official site and marks our first confirmation of the game's title and release date. (official article: http://www.ign.com/a...-date-confirmed ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are also rumors about the multiplayer gameplay of CoD: Ghosts. This includes: Dolphin Diving is replaced with sliding into cover like Medal of Honor and rolling when prone, and starting a match with dynamic loading screens like jumping from a helicopter or entering a building instead of the simple "5,4,3,2,1, the game begins." Also the technology & weapons are rumored to be related to current-day weaponry even though the game is taking place in future times. (official article: http://www.ign.com/w...objectid=163213 ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ See CoD: Ghosts live at the WorldWide Xbox Reveal on May 21, 2013!!! ONLY ON XBOX LIVE! Here is a Video from one of the sources Teaser Video ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MORE INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED, WHEN AS IT'S RECEIVED. This is not 100% liable information until it's officially proven by Activision. This information is from a trustful source.
  21. BF3 pc boosting bhl servers?

    Are there any pc BF3 BHL servers out there? Are they public or private? Really want to find a nemesis boosting server and have a match.
  22. BHL's CoC Clan Plan :)

    I've been doing some research on Clash of Clans and having a look around different Clash of Clans clans etc and majority of them are people just inviting randoms without purpose etc so their clan won't really go anywhere. However, as our clan requires members to be part of BHL aswell we have the upper hand of all knowing each other through the website,shout box and playing xbox/ps3 with one another. From looking at the Clash of Clans world leader board the team at the bottom of the permanently viewable leaderboard (200th place) has 20846 trophies (March 17th 2am GMT) which means if we get the full 50 members of our clan we only need to have 417 trophies each to appear on the viewable leaderboards. Once we get on the leader boards this will get BHLgaming more noticed and result in an influx of members to the website which may then result in us needing an overflow clan, which will also need a full 50 members with 417 trophies each to get on the viewable leaderboards also which again, will make us more noticeable and stand out even moreso and attract even members to our already great community. As i was saying earlier about the other Clash of Clans clan's, most of them are only on the leader boards due to this fact of only needing around 417 trophies per player to appear there which is easily obtainable by inviting anyone and everyone to their clan. The main point of this post is to try and get our main Clash of Clans clan to it's limit of 50 members so we can start work on appearing on the viewable leader board, which as of right now, only need's another 19 members for this to happen for us, so try and get your friends at work, school, college, family or whatever to join, even if they only play for an hour or so a day and help donate etc. If we achieve this main goal of obtaining 50 active members we can then start to focus on working our way up the leader boards to make people take our community seriously and a force to be reckoned with. As of now we have 10 members who are all above 1000 trophies which is great! So even if we just fill the last 19 spots with people just meeting the 200 trophy requirement would put us on the leader board's and get our name noticed! Moving on from the recruitment side of this post i have also been looking at the Clan Castle within the game. For those of you who don't yet play the game, this is a building which firstly allows you to create or join a clan. once you have joined/created a clan you can start to request/send troops to fellow members of the clan you are in. Now, for those of us that play the game, we all know giants are great for XP and levelling up and are also quite useful in raiding other bases if they are levelled up correctly. But XP isn't everything, as when someone raids a person's base and giants are all that the clan castle contains, they don't do very much to help defend the base etc which is what you need while your offline sleeping/working/school etc. So as with everything else, i looked into it and delved around at what troops are best for different situation etc. What i found was mainly down to common sense and common knowledge of the game itself, for example i found that if your online in the day along with your fellow clan members, you obviously send them the troops that will be useful for them attacking enemy bases etc such as Goblins/Warriors/Archers/Mages/Giants being the main selection, but when you receive Giants/Goblins when you are about to go offline, these don't do a great deal to protect you while your not playing. So for example you want troops such as Mages/Warriors/Archers or even dragons if you have your clan castle upgraded to allow you the space for it. I think the best thing for us to do is for in the day when we're online every time our troops finish being created or a building is finished being built we should send useful troops such as Mages/Giants/Archers/Warriors/Goblins, however, this is not just down to people having to guess what you may want/need, you should also maybe post a message just before post the 'Request Troops' message stating which troops you would prefer to have if possible. This may sound a bit rude or whatever but i don't know if it's just me but i am grateful for any troop i get sent but it is quite irritating when people send you a wall breaker which takes up 2 valuable spaces of your Clan Castle and are almost useless to have as a part of your Clan Castle due to the troops coming out in a random order increasing the chance of wall breakers coming out first and instantly dying from enemy towers, so if possible, try to refrain from sending people troops like that unless requested. As for defending, when you are going offline to sleep/work/meet friends etc, maybe we should let the rest of the clan know by saying 'going off for a while guys' or something on those lines. This could then be followed by posting up a request troops message which everyone in the clan should then think 'right, he's going offline now so i should send him some units which will defend his base as best as they can'. If this should happen then try sending high level/high damage units such as upgraded Mages/Archers/Warriors as this will give your fellow member the best chance of surviving an attack from a player, thus lessoning the chance of them losing trophies/resources therefore keeping BHL on the Clash of Clans leader boards and helping them continue gaining resources/continuing build time countdowns (as resources won't keep generating while the Gold Mine/Elixir Collector are destroyed likewise with buildings being built/upgraded). If we all work together in these few small ways (there are plenty more to come, i will update this post as often as possible) we can get BHL to much higher levels not only in Clash of Clans but into the gaming community as a whole and get us even more recognised as not just a boosting community anymore (like we were known for back in the day) but as a serious collection of gamer's who will strive to reach their goals while also making new friends and having fun along the way I hope you enjoyed this read and like i said, i will update this post regularly so remember to keep checking back Also, keep in mind, there's no i in team so lets work together and get the job done
  23. Pokemon 3D

    Pokemon 3D is a fan effort to recreate Pokemon in a 3D environment. It was built from scratch and is moddable so if you want to make all the Pokemon look like your friends so you can watch them battle it out to the death, you can. You can download it from here - http://pokemon3d.net/downloads/ Below is a video of some gameplay for you to see.
  24. Fifa Fan Skype room

    Hey everyone. I have decided to start a skype room for anyone who is into FIFA. In the skype room you can discuss: General Tactics Ultimate Team - arrange trades etc Manager mode Football/Soccer in general Any thing FIFA related If you want to be added to the skype chat reply to this topic or PM me on the site. My skype - bhlsox18 feel free to add me