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Found 11 results

  1. GTA 5 Online's Next Event

    As it often does, Rockstar Games is celebrating the launch of Grand Theft Auto V's newest GTA Online update with a week-long event. Now through March 24, Rockstar is offering up all manner of deals and specials related to the new GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics update that came out this week. First, Rockstar will offer double GTA$ and RP for partaking in certain playlists, missions, and modes. These will change on a daily basis and are listed below. March 18-20 - Sumo March 21 - All of the Contact Missions released with GTA Online: Lowriders March 22 - Keep The Pace March 23 - Relay March 24 - Offense Defense You can access these missions and modes on your own or find them through a special playlist that will be available from the GTA Online launch screen for the duration of the event. You will earn double GTA$ and RP however you access them. Also as part of this promotion, players can save on garage properties, ammo, and motorcycles. Additionally, discounts (75 percent off) on customization options for the Benny's autobody shop will be available. GTA Online Discounts Include: Dynasty 8 Properties are offering 25 percent off all Properties with a 10-car garage. Ammu-Nation is offering 50 percent off Rifle and Shotgun Ammo all this week. 25 percent off all Motorbikes Finally, Rockstar announced a Snapmatic contest for this weekend. Players who customize their lowriders can snap a picture using the in-game camera and tag it with #customclassics on Social Club to enter in the contest. Five players whose pictures "represent what the lowrider lifestyle is all about" will win $1 million in GTA$. More information about this contest and this week's events can be found here on Rockstar's site. The GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics update is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA Online. It adds new car customization options, more weapons (compact rifle and double barrel shotgun), and a new mode called Sumo that is basically sumo wrestling but with cars. Do you want the chance to win $1mil GTA online money ? Tell us your thoughts on this event playlist in the comments section below.
  2. Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9

    Version v1.2.0


    Wow this is just unbelievable! iOS 9 hasn’t even been out for a month and we already have a jailbreak for it. Not to mention the iPhone 6S has been out for less than 3 weeks and already can be jailbroken! So in this guide I’ll be showing you how to Jailbreak iOS 9 using the latest version of Pangu for the iOS 9 firmwares including iOS 9.0.2, 9.0.1, 9.0 on all devices listed below. In order to Jailbreak iOS 9, make sure you are updated on the latest 9.0.2 firmware! Supported devices:iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, mini 1, mini 2, mini 3) iPod touch 5 [*]Supported firmwares: iOS 9.0.2 iOS 9.0.1 iOS 9.0 There are however several things you will need to do before attempting this jailbreak. Sign out of iCloud and remove Find my iPhone from your device Remove any Touch ID or passcode on your device. Back up all of your data in iTunes using a local backup. Make sure you have administrator privileges on your Windows PC. If your device is loaded up with stuff, try to free up some data before attempting this Jailbreak iOS 8.4 method. Make sure your device is trusted by iTunes/your computer. Place your device into airplane mode. (OPTIONAL IF ERROR OCCURS) Make sure you have downloaded and installed iTunes 12.0.1 for older graphics card (Link Below) NOTEThis is windows only for now and works on Windows 8 or 10 Make sure latest iTunes 12.3 is installed and your device has been trusted! To DOWNLOAD Pangu 1.2.0 for Windows, SCROLL UP AND CLICK GREEN DOWNLOAD BUTTON ON THE RIGHT iTunes Driver Hasn’t Been Found ERROR Fix Download HERE: iTunes 64Bit Driver DL (OPTIONAL) DOWNLOAD iTUNES 12.0.1 HERE: iTunes 12.0.1 Downgrade Link How To: Jailbreak iOS 9 on Windows Step 1. Connect your device to your computer and make sure it has been trusted. Step 2. (Optional) Install the iTunes for older graphics cards, you can just run on top of iTunes, no need to uninstall old version. Step 3. Extract and right click Pangu 1.0.1 and select ‘Run as administrator’. Unplug and replug your device after loading is complete. Step 4. Click on the “Jailbreak” button to begin the jailbreak iOS 9 process. It will take a few minutes. Make sure to follow all on screen prompt instructions. Such as reenabling airplane mode, opening the Pangu app and enabling support for accessing photos. Step 5. You are done! Your device will restart and you will need to open Cydia and let it prepare filesystems. Once done, you are complete and have completed your Jailbreak iOS 9 process! Step 7. To complete the Jailbreak iOS 9 process make sure to install all updates in Cydia and search for “Cydia Substrate” and install it in order to download tweaks. How To Update & Jailbreak iOS 9 If on iOS 8.4 or lower 1. Update to iOS 9 using iTunes. Do NOT update from OTA settings on your iPhone. 2. Follow the procedure up above. 3. All Done! Enjoy! Credit: PhoneRebel
  3. The Events Management Team is proud to introduce a new weekly racing event, Trackday Tuesday! This event will take place on Tuesdays at 5pm EST/10pm GMT on Forza 5 for the Xbox One and GTA V for the Xbox 360. The very first Trackday Tuesday will be on February 18th, 2014. If you wish to participate, be on the shoutbox at the time of the event and click the banner to send the EMT a message asking for an invite. Just like Mid-Week Mayhem, members can participate for a chance to win a winner signature for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place provided by the EMT and compete for leaderboard points to win an exclusive prize at the end of the season! Keep an eye on the shoutbox for this banner: EMT are also adding a second slot to Throwback Thursday at 8pm EST/1am GMT Get Racing!
  4. Basic Rules: Contest will run from Monday October 21st until Sunday, the 27th of October. All entries must be submitted by 10pm GMT Friday the 25th of October. Please PM all submissions to any other member of EMT, To keep the contestants anonymous. (So there is no favoritism on voting. Votes are more based on the Art) One submission ONLY per entrant. Your first submission will be the one judged, any successive submissions will be disregarded as spam. You are NOT permitted to change the image submitted. That would count as a second submission. Also please provide some proof that you made the image (Some before and after screenshots). The image size can be No Larger than 400x200. This Week's theme will be: Halloween (No inappropriate Images please remember we are a 13+ site) **It can be anything to do with Halloween but it must be a signature. ** Entries EMT Submission 1. 2. 3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Signatures will be given out to the corresponding winners - Signatures are courtesy of EMT Eg. If your image is larger than 400 pixels wide, or 200 pixels high it will not be entered. Your entry can be smaller than the template, just not larger. Bottom line: If the image properties shows boundary sizes larger than 400x200, it is not acceptable material, and will be disqualified. Once disqualified you will not be permitted to enter another submission. As said prior, the first submission is FINAL. Make sure to check your dimensions and any other material before submitting the post with your signature. You may change your signature ONCE if needed, once you have entered. Please PM any member of EMT if you wish to do this explaining why. Also, using another signature, editing it, and submitting it as your own is plagiarism, and will be disqualified. If caught ripping someone elses work - You will be banned from all future Signature Contests.
  5. The object of the game is simple: *Last Man Standing NOTE: Must be able to play online on *MW3* **Classes will be made in advance by EMT in Black Ops only! Class Setup: Survivor Primary - Type 95 w/ Red Dot Sight Secondary - .44 Nagnum Akimbo Lethal - Claymore Tactical - None Perk 1 - Scavenger Perk 2 - Quickdraw Perk 3 - Stalker Bonus - Sleight of Hand, Dead Silence, Steady Aim Class Setup: Infected Primary - None Secondary - Empty USP.45 w/Tac Knife Lethal - Throwing Knife Tactical - Tac Insertion Perk 1 - Extreme Conditioning Perk 2 - Quickdraw Perk 3 - Dead Silence Game Setup Game Mode - Infected Map - Dome Time - 20min Score Limit - Last Survivor Wins Killcam - On Perks - On Hardcore mode - Off Radar - On Killstreaks - None Lives - 1 for survivor / Unlimited For Infected Health- Minimal Health Regeneration - None The Match Will Start at 5PM EST/10PM GMT/2PM PST on Monday the 21st of *October . Please Look For In the Shoutbox *Special Thanks to the GFX Team* Code of conduct: Clan Tags to be worn at all times Correct Classes must be used Rules set by EMT MUST be followed No arguing in game. No Trash Talking other players No Swearing If EMT ask you to back out then please comply Any trash talking etc in game, you'll receive ONE warning. If you are unresponsive you will be asked to leave and possibly be banned from future events. Remember guys this is a 13+ site, we all want to have fun so keep it clean. If you feel the need to swear, mute your microphone!
  6. On behalf of the Events Management Team we would like to say thanks to everyone that participated in the Two is Better Than One Evil Controllers event and made it such a success. Congratulations to ..... AnTic Fever He will be recieveing ... On behalf of the event management team, I'd once again like to thank you for your attendance at this event and hope to see you in the next one!
  7. On behalf of the Events Management Team we would like to say thanks to everyone that participated in today's event. But the event isn't over yet! The finale will take place tomorrow, July 13th ! Congratulations to all of those who will be playing in the Final Round! The Final will be played on Sunday July 13th 5pm eastern / 10pm gmt / 2pm pst / 7am AU (If postponed the Final will take place next Sunday at 5pm eastern / 10pm gmt / 2pm pst / 7am AU) The Finalists: FeintGFX - FeintGFX BHL Twist - BHL Twist AnTic Fever - AnTic Fever Jmt79 - Jmt79 CraneStyleNJ - CraneStyleNJ CLAUStrophoby - CLAUStrophoby On behalf of the event management team, I'd once again like to thank you for your attendance at this event!
  8. Make sure to fully read all the rules before signing up. Please know that just because you sign up that it does not guarantee you a spot in the contest. Here is a link to all legal info and event rules separate from the contest rules. Make sure that if you are picked you will be available on the day of the contest. The Prize for this Tournament: Evil Controllers Evil Controllers The Events Management Team: The Event Name: Going Ballistic This Is An 8 Person FFA Tournament. Top 2 players in each game advance from the first round The Top player advances from the second round; If we don't receive enough Sign ups, finals will be in earlier rounds BHL Clan's Tag Must Be Worn At All Times.(Classes will be pre-set for everyone) The rules: Primary: Ballista w/ Iron Sights/FMJ Secondary: None Lethal: None Tactical: None Perk 1: Flak Jacket Perk 2: Scavenger Perk 3: Dead Silence Game rules: Game Mode - Free-for-All Map - Hijacked Time - 10 Minutes Score Limit - 60 kills Killcam - Off Perks - On Hardcore mode - Off Health- Normal Radar - On Health regeneration - Normal Killstreaks - Off Lives - Unlimited 3rd Person - Off TIME SLOTS UK HOST 1pm eastern / 6pm gmt / 10am pst / 5am AU 2pm eastern / 7pm gmt / 11am pst / 6am AU 3pm eastern / 8pm gmt / 12pm pst / 7am AU 4pm eastern / 9pm gmt / 1pm pst / 8am AU US HOST 5pm eastern / 10pm gmt / 2pm pst / 9am AU 6pm eastern / 11pm gmt / 3pm pst / 10am AU 7pm eastern / 12pm gmt / 4pm pst / 11am AU 8pm eastern / 1am gmt / 5pm pst / 12pm AU *(RESERVE) If more than 8 people sign up for 1 time slot they will become a "Reserve". If one of the main 8 people do not show up be ready for an Invite. Reserves are not guaranteed to play in the tournament. First Come, First Serve. Sign Up Starts [July 15th]. And sign up ends [July 26th].Contest Begins Friday [July 26th]. Second round will be on [July 27th] (Saturday) with the Final Round on [July 28th] (Sunday) If you want to be part of this tournament reply to this post with the following: =*FRIDAY*= 1pm eastern / 6pm gmt/ 10am pst yesClinton - yesClinton BHL Twist - BHL Twist - - - - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - 2pm eastern / 7pm gmt/ 11am pst Jones288 - Jones288 SelfishAsain65 - SelfishAsian65 - xRiskyRagex - xRiskyRagex - - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - 3pm eastern / 8pm gmt/ 12pm pst Unique eG - Unique eG Xlacker - Xlacker BHL Daaaaaaaaan - BHL Daaaaaaaaan FeintGFX - FeintGFX - - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - 4pm eastern / 9pm gmt/ 1pm pst AnTic Fever - AnTic Fever BHL Shenanigans - BHL Shenanigans - - - - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - 5pm eastern / 10pm gmt/ 2pm pst RageTopia - RageTopia Cronic Reload - Cronic Reload LgXc ShOtZ - LgXc ShOtZ - - - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - 6pm eastern / 11pm gmt/ 3pm pst - Wickes2404 - Wickes2404 HQ Cracker - HQ Cracker Jared eh - Jared eh SNM Dubzyy - SNM Dubzyy - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - 7pm eastern / 12am gmt/ 4pm pst - x5UP3R 7URK3Yx - x5UP3R 7URK3Yx BHL x Martyn - BHL x Martyn Unshodsum4824 - Unshodsum4824 InfantJet - InfantJet - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - 8pm eastern / 1am gmt/ 5pm pst xxweirddudexx - xxweirddudexx CxDuBz - CxDuBz BHL haxor - BHL haxor BHLxMinK - BHLxMinK CLAUStrophoby - CLAUStrophoby - - - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - [RESERVE] - As in any BHL Tournament: Any form of cheating will result in a DQ (disqualification) and bar you from future Events. Event Managers, and MT have absolute power when it comes to cheating. If they said you cheated, there is no argument. Don't cheat and there won't be any problems. Play fair. Good luck.
  9. On behalf of the Events Management Team we would like to say thanks to everyone that participated in the EC event "The Scars of War" and made it such a success. Congratulations to ..... CraneStyleNJ He will be recieveing ... On behalf of the event management team, I'd once again like to thank you for your attendance at this event and hope to see you in the next one!
  10. Month of Black Ops

    BHL Gaming is Proud To Announce ... The ENTIRE month of October is going to be jam-packed with Black Ops themed events to get everyone pumped up and ready to go for Black Ops 2! Watch The BHL Month of Black Ops Trailer: (I am a link, so CLICK ME) Week 1 Events will include: - 1 Month long advertising competition - Xbox Give Away - Clip of the week - General Black Ops II GFX contest (SOTW) - Assault on the Summit (MWM) There are also a set of SPECIAL prizes in store for the winners Check the Tournaments and Events Forum For Details! Remember that with each event you can Earn Season Leaderboard Points on the BHL Leaderboard so check the Tournaments and Events Forum routinely to see which event is when ! With that being said - The secret behind THIS TEASER has been deciphered !! Remember to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/BHLxGaming
  11. Minecraft September

    BHL Gaming is Proud To Announce ... The ENTIRE month of September is jam-packed with Minecraft themed events. Watch The BHL Month of Minecraft Trailer: Week 1 Events will include: - Creation of The Month - Box o' Stuff Bonus Event - Creation of The Week: Pistons and Redstone! - Minecraft Creepers (SOTW) - Duel of Acrobats (MWM) There are also a set of SPECIAL prizes in store for the winners Check the Tournaments and Events Forum For Details! Remember that with each event you can Earn Season Leaderboard Points on the BHL Leaderboard so check the Tournaments and Events Forum routinely to see which event is when ! With that being said - The secret behind THIS TEASER has been revealed !! Remember to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/BHLxGaming