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  1. Tomorrow is graduation day! About done with BCT!

  2. Upgraded my PC

    Case: Corsair Graphite Series Black/White ATX 780T CPU: Intel i7 7700k Motherboard: ASUS -removed- STRIX Z270E Gaming Edition RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200Mhz GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080ti Founders Edition PSU: Corsair RM850 SSD: Samsung 850 250GB SSD HDD: WD Blue 2TB Monitor: Viotek 32" Curved 1440p 144hz Monitor Mouse: Corsair M65 PRO RGB Keyboard: Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB Cherry MX
  3. World of Tanks

    I'm starting to get into World of Tanks. I've heard some good things about it, so I decided to give it a try. It works out great because my Mac can handle it and I don't have my PC with me because of my current situation with the Army. Regardless, I plan to just keep this post updated with my journey with the game. Do you play the game? What's your stats? EDIT: My posts will be in-active for a good 5-6 weeks due to me still being in training. Once I get settled into AIT I'll be able to play more and update you all more.
  4. Heading back to base to finish up training. I’ll be offline for another 6 weeks or so. 


    See you soon, BHL! :salute:

    1. Calf


      Have a great time! I hear the weather is great!

  5. WWII, my thoughts 💭

    So I’ve finally downloaded the game onto my Xbox One. Aside from being a pain downloading a huge patch with only mobile hotspot, the game didn’t fully disappoint me. Campaign: I finished the campaign within two days of playing off and on. I selected for a hard difficult to challenge myself but not the ruin the experience. In all honesty, veteran would be easy enough and provide an easy amount of challenge that would be welcomed. In the past Call of Duty titles, I feel that veteran was tough and made me want to throw my console outside into the pool. However, this time was different. I wish the campaign was harder than what it was, because to me it didn’t be provide a challenge like I’d hoped. Aside from the difficulty seeming easy, the length of the campaign was short to me. Being that I finished it in two days in total of about 8 hours, that was short and a little letdown. Again, the other Call of Duty titles seemed to have a lengthy campaign, mich like Battlefield. However, the campaign had an excellent story and I felt that I was in the World War II setting. I had a good kick because being that I learned more military information, I could spot the little things like the metal meals they would get. The graphics in the game was done really really well. At time it felt as if they filmed the game in live action, even though it was animation. My my score for campaign: 8/10 could be longer and more difficult. Multiplayer: I have only played a few matches on my mobile hotspot, so until I play for a few days on real internet, I will leave this section blank. NAZI Zombies: i have ave only played a few rounds, until I play more I cannot give a proper review. I will update this as well. NOTE: Writing this on mobile, expect a shortened version than I had wanted and possible grammar and spelling errors.
  6. New PC Gamer

    Congratulations on the new PC. I’ll add you to steam, although I won’t be able to game for a good while. what pc did you get?
  7. Ideas For BHL

    Hey! Thanks for the reply. Makes me happy to see engagement on the forums. Anyways, in regards to Social Media, I believe that we could gather a few trusted people who would help boost our Twitter and Facebook feed. One thing that's always been good is posting gaming related news, much like we used to do. Game updates, different glitches in games, game techniques, and stuff like that from what I remember did really well on Social Media sites. I think we should look into that again. Also, to make something clear to avoid confusion. I'm really glad to be apart of BHL within these past years. I see myself sticking around, regardless of what happens. I don't think BHL will ever stop being a thing, just because we have a massive base, even though it might not seem like it at times. In regards to staff, I'm thankful for all they have done and are currently doing. I didn't mean to shoot any staff member down as disrespectful or that they aren't doing their job. Each and everyone does contribute to the website, I'm sure. However, when I am on it seems that there's only a few of them active at a time. The website's not dated, but needs a few forum nodes moved to an archive to not be bloating the website. I see this often with websites. Any node that tends to drop off they just stick in an archive that cannot be wrote to. That way if you need the old forum for whatever reason, it's still there. You could even make the archive forum un-readable to anyone that's not staff. My suggestion is to possible work with forum nodes to spruce it up and make it easier on the eye. Unsure how to word that properly. I'm curious to see if we can get the old banner system back. I feel that it really connected people together on here. Like having a "Play PUBG with me!" banner in the shoutbox would bring back some memories, along with boosting banners. ;)
  8. Ideas For BHL

    I'm a little late to the party, but I'd thought that I would reply to this topic to give my input. First off, the community of BHL has always been strong. I remember back when I joined I was so excited to join the community because I was apart of something huge. At the time, BHL was known for boosting in Modern Warfare 2 (when I joined) and it was great to have people to help me rank up. People knew us and a ton of people came to check us out or even stay. When I would play a game, I would send messages to my recent players after the fact. Apart from that, I had BHL plastered all over my bio and wore the BHL tag proud. The same might ring true today, but I feel that a huge group of us and the past members have moved on from boosting the game, or even gaming in general. It's hard to keep life sorted out while maintaining a hugely active gaming life. I for one have kids, and am now in the military. So my time to sit back and game is getting limited. However, I still like to find the time to kick back and enjoy games. It's frustrating sometimes to try and find people to game with though. Before I joined the Army, I was gaming more than usual because of the job I had. I tried looking for people to game with here on BHL and other places and found that it was harder to get a group of people together. There's a handful of people on the BHL Discord that played PUBG together. It seemed it was the same 4-6 people looking to get together. While it's not bad, it's sad to see that a community of 100,000 people dwindles to just under 10 or so. I think it'd be interesting to purge out the in-active people of the forums. Not people that are higher ranking, but all of the registered members that haven't logged in for a few years. It's just an idea that I tossed around for a while, even though it might not have an impact on site performance. I think BHL needs to find its ground again. Since the shift away from boosting (and unsure what really happened to stop a influx of players and members) we seen a dramatic drop of active members. The shoutbox is getting to be like Social Media where you would reply to someone and a few hours or days later you'd get a reply. A good site rework would do us great. Push some YouTube videos out, maybe get streamers to push our name, get active on Social Media, purge the old members and get ready for a possible influx of new, possibly do a node rework on the site to have a more modern board, push newer games to promote the website and who we are. Most importantly, we need to figure out who we are now. BHL Gaming, but what is our focus? That's my input. Hopefully there's a reply to this before I head off back to base for the next 6 weeks. When I arrive in AIT, eventually I'll get a new Xbox and ship my PC to me. So in between classes and training I'll play games and promote us more. Cheers to 2018! EDIT: To be clear, I'm really happy to be apart of BHL still. However, there's some changes that have been outlined before that should be added to make the site more active and modern. I believe that the current system isn't working. I also feel that we don't push the BHL name anymore, thus we have a really low active count on the site and in games. 1. Promote BHL Gaming How? Promote BHL Gaming on Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, creating YouTube content, and streaming to sites such as Twitch. Promoting popular games would help gather the attention of gamers as the popular search terms on Social Media (including YouTube and Twitch) are newer games such as Call of Duty: WWII. When in-game, send messages to players that you've played with to gather their attention and help spread awareness of BHL Gaming and show players who we are. 2. Update the forums board to something modern and slick How? This is a personal preference, but I feel that a newer and updated website is what BHL needs. The website is way more modern than what it was before, but coming up with new updated forum nodes and possible purging nodes that aren't used to promote a clean and organized forums board. There's a good chunk of nodes that we have that aren't being used and haven't been used for a really long time. Push popular games and make sure that they are at the top of the forums board. When people check out BHL Gaming, the site needs to leave a good impression. If they've came from Call of Duty: WWII, more than likely they would be looking for topics for that game. Same goes for any game out there. 3. Staff rework How? This can be touchy, and might be taken as a completely different way than intended. I believe that there's a good chunk of in-active staff members on the website or staff members that don't really do much to help promote the site or help the website grow and become more. It's a hard topic, but I think a good rework of staff members would benefit the website, as it could help take the website in the direct that it needs (along with the community). That's my basic ideas. Everything above the EDIT is just me expressing what I think BHL is and needs. The rest after is my ideas on what we should do to BHL in order to get it active and thriving like it was years ago.
  9. Got WWII for Christmas. However, I'll be heading back to base for the next 5 weeks before heading to AIT. I own a game that I cannot play and it's killing me gently. 

  10. PUBG (Playerunknown Battlegrounds)

    So let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed playing this game. I have many hours on record on Steam and some decent stats. In-fact, I was thinking about buying the game for the other consoles as well! However, it's now my action to stop playing the game and supporting the development of the game. Here's why. The game is pushing out updates to try and reach a final version of the game before the end of the year. That's great news! However, what's not great news is that along with these updates is a lack of update that is really important to the future of the game. This is the situation and overwhelming issue with the hackers and/or cheaters. It seems that every game that I join into now has at least one hacker with a aimbot, ESP, auto-fire, or speed hack. This is a major issue, and it has been reported many of times. The development team has pushed a recent update to try and solve this hacking issue, but still nothing has changed. Last night, for example, I was enjoying a game of squads with a few buddies and had our game cut short because of a hacker. Bluehole claims that they ban 6,000 hackers a day! However, it doesn't seem that is likely. Instead of worrying about fixing this major issue, they have decided to try and push out more updates to the game such as changes to the blue-zone, releasing a Xbox version, and much more. They are leaving out the PC community by ignoring the cheating that's taking over the game. They know that the cheating is coming from China in the majority. The main reason for this is pretty clear to me. When a hacker gets banned, he/she can buy the game in China for a fraction of the cost here in the states. This means that by having their account(s) banned, they are able to just buy the game for cheap and carry out their hacking ways. I am willing to bet that Bluehole isn't doing anything about the cheating solely for the fact that they are still generating money from the hackers buying fresh accounts. Of course, this is just speculation and has no ground to stand on. My vouch is to never touch this game until they fix this issue. I have un-installed the game from my Steam library and have thought about pursuing a refund if at all possible. I was going to buy a Xbox One S and pick up a copy of PUBG for it sometime in February when I'm in AIT for the Army. However, that has now changed and I'll be spending my money on other great titles such as Call of Duty: World War II. What's your thoughts on this? Do you notice cheaters and the problem it's creating? Would you support the company/game if they never corrected this issue on PC? Thanks, TGT
  11. Change topics

    Hey, My suggestion is to change a few node names. - Change "Xbox One" to "Xbox" or "Xbox Console's" - Add Xbox One under Xbox Console's category - Remove the Xbox 360 forum and add under Xbox Console's (Create a sub-forum for it) - Add Xbox One variants to Xbox One category - Add PlayStation or PlayStation Console's sub-forums (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Pro) This will help organization and repetitiveness. Thanks, TGT
  12. Who's Playing?

    It'll release 10 days before I head to BCT. Sadly will not be able to play until February sometime when I get to AIT in Georgia.
  13. Got my ship date set for Nov 13th all the way in South Carolina. 25U is what I locked in as.

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    2. TheGamingTray


      I hear BCT there is pretty dope and not as bad. Excited.

    3. Maximus


      Enjoy the start of your adventure. You will make friends for life.  Keep me updated on how your getting on. I will promote you to Angel of Death Rank :salute:

    4. TheGamingTray


      Sounds good! I'll keep people updated. I will probably ship back home around Christmas, so hopefully then I'll update. Then when I get to AIT I'll have my laptop so I'll keep updating there as well. :)

  14. Backgrounds

    Just a few Backgrounds that would be cool to have on the website (something for modern games) PUBG: Loading screen: PUBG: Battlefield 1: Overwatch: These where found on Google. I think these will help jazz up the site though :)
  15. My ban of Pokemon Go

    Eh, the game stopped being fun after the first week. I removed the app and probably will never download it again. The only way to play it was to bot it. Heh.
  16. Destiny 2 Fails

    These are great, lmao. Cannot wait for more clips!
  17. I head off to MEPS next week to take my physical/verification test. As on now, I'm apart of the US Army.

    1. Nuke


      What mos? Im a 13B. Hooah!

    2. TheGamingTray


      I haven't fully decided. Was going to do 11B and work my way up to Ranger school or something else. Maybe I'll get into satellite repair. 

    3. WeirdDude


      You're not in until you get through basic. Congrats though! :)

  18. Bug Report - September 2017

    Last one that I noticed: It's just a tad off-center.
  19. Bug Report - September 2017

    Chat room bugs: - Changing chat rooms to PC Gaming launches a Babble forums page. You cannot change back to the BHL Gaming chat room. https://gyazo.com/f94b3a396c05e8c101183ba73ee5a311 - Unsure if I'd call this a bug, but it'd be nice to remove with .css Forum bugs: - The GamerTag box extrudes into the text section. - Discord Bot isn't posting to the Discord - Out of date version for the bot compared to what version IP.B is currently. That's about it for now! Thanks, TheGamingTray
  20. Destiny 2 Launch live stream

    I’ll be watching! Cannot wait.
  21. Winning Screenshots

    Won a game in PUBG? Want to show it off to the BHL community? Shine with glory and gloat to the max and post it here!
  22. Having Played The Beta....

    I played the beta for a few hours, and honestly that was all that I could stand. It was refreshing to have different weapons that aren't futuristic, not have jetpacks, no high jumps, and other various crap that they decided to have the past few titles. However, I got really bored of the game within a few matches. I tried them all with Team Deathmath, Domination, Mosh Pit, and War. To be honest, War was my favorite game mode just because it reminded me of Battlefield's Rush. But that's the thing, Call of Duty appears to be trying to line up with Battlefield and the style it has. I'm not really digging it, but it's better than what they've done in the past. Personally I will not be pre-ordering it. I'll probably request it as a gift or something but I'm in no rush to get it. The mechanics of the game just seems off and a little boring. Maybe it's just still in Beta and has many changes to come that will change my mind, but until then I'll sit this one out.
  23. Bug Report - September 2017

    I'll check around for alternatives. I'm sure there's something out there.
  24. Xbox One X Available...Tomorrow! August 20th

    Looks good! Unsure if I'd ever go back to console gaming though. While Call of Duty titles are great on it due to the amount of players on the older titles compared to PC, I feel that a good quality PC is more satisfying to myself.
  25. Making A Change

    Hey all, Over the past few years, I've been involved with gaming communities and giving people the basics to boost their sites SEO and get them noticed. Yes, BHL was dedicated to boosting. Back in the day, that was the major thing. However, take a peek at today's gaming and you'll see some different styles. MLG is still going strong, along with just competitions in general. Apart from that, most gaming forums offer a lot more diverse aspects to their community. PC sections are huge to CS:GO and Minecraft, console games are huge on the latest games that are coming out or just recently came out. Take a look at our current forum structure. Most of it is inactive and haven't received a new post in a while. If it does, it's just because someone happened to login to BHL and notice a topic that interests them. Sad thing is, that topic might have been a few months ago or half a year ago. The site is growing inactive more and more. I believe it's because there is not a lot of people sparking new conversations and topics on the forums. Shoutbox messages doesn't get the site noticed. That doesn't boost us in SEO searches, so it doesn't help when people only post there. In my opinion, the entire forum structure needs to be changed and thought about for a good minute. If you load up five popular gaming forums, you'll notice a trend. 1. Forum structure is easy to understand, and is simplified 2. Forum nodes focus on the most active games or topics, the rest are categorized into sub categories, for they are inactive most the times. 3. Gaming news and reviews are huge for these forums, in fact, that's a huge reason why they are #1 - #5 and are active with millions of posts. 4. Gaming products are apart of that forum, due to their huge active base of people. People go there to learn more about it. 5. Most, if not all, of the gaming communities are highly active on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook. This is a HUGE way to advertise. I think for the most part, the site is outdated and boring to look at. The forum structure is cluttered, we have some childish effects on names (patron is one) and a strange rank structure. I'll always be apart of BHL, but I would love to see a change to a more modern gaming community. Thanks, TheGamingTray