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  1. PUBG (Playerunknown Battlegrounds)

    So let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed playing this game. I have many hours on record on Steam and some decent stats. In-fact, I was thinking about buying the game for the other consoles as well! However, it's now my action to stop playing the game and supporting the development of the game. Here's why. The game is pushing out updates to try and reach a final version of the game before the end of the year. That's great news! However, what's not great news is that along with these updates is a lack of update that is really important to the future of the game. This is the situation and overwhelming issue with the hackers and/or cheaters. It seems that every game that I join into now has at least one hacker with a aimbot, ESP, auto-fire, or speed hack. This is a major issue, and it has been reported many of times. The development team has pushed a recent update to try and solve this hacking issue, but still nothing has changed. Last night, for example, I was enjoying a game of squads with a few buddies and had our game cut short because of a hacker. Bluehole claims that they ban 6,000 hackers a day! However, it doesn't seem that is likely. Instead of worrying about fixing this major issue, they have decided to try and push out more updates to the game such as changes to the blue-zone, releasing a Xbox version, and much more. They are leaving out the PC community by ignoring the cheating that's taking over the game. They know that the cheating is coming from China in the majority. The main reason for this is pretty clear to me. When a hacker gets banned, he/she can buy the game in China for a fraction of the cost here in the states. This means that by having their account(s) banned, they are able to just buy the game for cheap and carry out their hacking ways. I am willing to bet that Bluehole isn't doing anything about the cheating solely for the fact that they are still generating money from the hackers buying fresh accounts. Of course, this is just speculation and has no ground to stand on. My vouch is to never touch this game until they fix this issue. I have un-installed the game from my Steam library and have thought about pursuing a refund if at all possible. I was going to buy a Xbox One S and pick up a copy of PUBG for it sometime in February when I'm in AIT for the Army. However, that has now changed and I'll be spending my money on other great titles such as Call of Duty: World War II. What's your thoughts on this? Do you notice cheaters and the problem it's creating? Would you support the company/game if they never corrected this issue on PC? Thanks, TGT
  2. Change topics

    Hey, My suggestion is to change a few node names. - Change "Xbox One" to "Xbox" or "Xbox Console's" - Add Xbox One under Xbox Console's category - Remove the Xbox 360 forum and add under Xbox Console's (Create a sub-forum for it) - Add Xbox One variants to Xbox One category - Add PlayStation or PlayStation Console's sub-forums (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Pro) This will help organization and repetitiveness. Thanks, TGT
  3. Who's Playing?

    It'll release 10 days before I head to BCT. Sadly will not be able to play until February sometime when I get to AIT in Georgia.
  4. Got my ship date set for Nov 13th all the way in South Carolina. 25U is what I locked in as.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheGamingTray


      I hear BCT there is pretty dope and not as bad. Excited.

    3. Maximus


      Enjoy the start of your adventure. You will make friends for life.  Keep me updated on how your getting on. I will promote you to Angel of Death Rank :salute:

    4. TheGamingTray


      Sounds good! I'll keep people updated. I will probably ship back home around Christmas, so hopefully then I'll update. Then when I get to AIT I'll have my laptop so I'll keep updating there as well. :)

  5. Backgrounds

    Just a few Backgrounds that would be cool to have on the website (something for modern games) PUBG: Loading screen: PUBG: Battlefield 1: Overwatch: These where found on Google. I think these will help jazz up the site though :)
  6. My ban of Pokemon Go

    Eh, the game stopped being fun after the first week. I removed the app and probably will never download it again. The only way to play it was to bot it. Heh.
  7. Destiny 2 Fails

    These are great, lmao. Cannot wait for more clips!
  8. I head off to MEPS next week to take my physical/verification test. As on now, I'm apart of the US Army.

    1. Nuke


      What mos? Im a 13B. Hooah!

    2. TheGamingTray


      I haven't fully decided. Was going to do 11B and work my way up to Ranger school or something else. Maybe I'll get into satellite repair. 

    3. WeirdDude


      You're not in until you get through basic. Congrats though! :)

  9. Bug Report - September 2017

    Last one that I noticed: It's just a tad off-center.
  10. Destiny 2 Launch live stream

    I’ll be watching! Cannot wait.
  11. Winning Screenshots

    Won a game in PUBG? Want to show it off to the BHL community? Shine with glory and gloat to the max and post it here!
  12. Having Played The Beta....

    I played the beta for a few hours, and honestly that was all that I could stand. It was refreshing to have different weapons that aren't futuristic, not have jetpacks, no high jumps, and other various crap that they decided to have the past few titles. However, I got really bored of the game within a few matches. I tried them all with Team Deathmath, Domination, Mosh Pit, and War. To be honest, War was my favorite game mode just because it reminded me of Battlefield's Rush. But that's the thing, Call of Duty appears to be trying to line up with Battlefield and the style it has. I'm not really digging it, but it's better than what they've done in the past. Personally I will not be pre-ordering it. I'll probably request it as a gift or something but I'm in no rush to get it. The mechanics of the game just seems off and a little boring. Maybe it's just still in Beta and has many changes to come that will change my mind, but until then I'll sit this one out.
  13. Bug Report - September 2017

    I'll check around for alternatives. I'm sure there's something out there.
  14. Bug Report - September 2017

    Chat room bugs: - Changing chat rooms to PC Gaming launches a Babble forums page. You cannot change back to the BHL Gaming chat room. https://gyazo.com/f94b3a396c05e8c101183ba73ee5a311 - Unsure if I'd call this a bug, but it'd be nice to remove with .css Forum bugs: - The GamerTag box extrudes into the text section. - Discord Bot isn't posting to the Discord - Out of date version for the bot compared to what version IP.B is currently. That's about it for now! Thanks, TheGamingTray
  15. Xbox One X Available...Tomorrow! August 20th

    Looks good! Unsure if I'd ever go back to console gaming though. While Call of Duty titles are great on it due to the amount of players on the older titles compared to PC, I feel that a good quality PC is more satisfying to myself.