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  1. World of Tanks

    I play WOT Blitz!! Love it!!
  2. Missing/Different Ranks

    Vet/Patron/other’s I can’t remember
  3. A New Event Manager!

    Congrats Marty
  4. Two New MT's

    Well done - both of you
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    Cannot wait to see this movie! I am not surprised at all with the numbers
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    Fantastic post.....still trying to get this game :/
  7. I honestly think the future is bleak, Destiny has pretty much run it's course, even with the occasional new update here or there. There's just not a whole lot of buzz around it's followers anymore, and the missions are tiring and tedious....just my two cents
  8. New to Boom

    There are many here that still play, myself included, you just need to find a good task force to join so you can run ops and such. There is a main clan BHLGAMING.COM, and others that members belong too. So I would take that next step to have more fun with the game
  9. WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Results

    Wow - I had no idea this thing was that big
  10. Signature of the Week #238: Resident Evil VOTING!

    Great work! Voted - good luck
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    Great post - love the show!
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    That's tight - a little pricey for me though