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  1. How to Earn Free iTunes Gift Cards

    it will take you 6 months to year just to get the points for a 10 dollar itune card if them codes work which they don't than everyone on this site would have a 10 dollar itune card 250 x10000 players just being honest that code is just to trick people to use that app just to tell your friend about it
  2. Clash of Clans award request

    Any way we can get a cool Unbreakable Award for having 5,000 + Defends on Clash of clans i have 5,100 Defends can we have someone make cool for so player can work hard on there bases maybe get them active again
  3. Do you have a xbox360

    I wanna give one luck player a copy Black ops 1 guess pm if you want this
  4. Naw it for a sotw prizes so anyone that plays xbox360 can have a copy black ops one maybe a captain dont have game its open for everyone can you do a poll see who would like to win it ill give you the code so you know it works i dont need it just wanna return BHL a big thanks for them great bf3 lobbies how about you choose something do it your way maybe that poll on who would like to win be good to see how many we would have let me know ill give you code let make someone a winner make BHLgaming best I i have game donated 8 copy to friends i got one code just wanna give it to BHL for a event prize
  5. i need EMT to message me i'll give you the code to give to the winner of the event .Than set up a Free4All Signature of the week anything everyone choice that way it will make it fun For everyone that enjoys sotw .hopefully more players will do some SOTW ,and the winner will get a copy of Black ops 1 for xbox360 just make sure they used the code asap cause there is a expire date on it
  6. Register Your Clash of clan Here

    Thanks Dope for moving it .i didn't see the Clash of Clans forum on here so i put it in off topic
  7. Register Your Clash of clan Here

    make sure in your clash of clan setting your gamecenter or google play is sign in on your phone
  8. Register Your Clash of clan Here

    Only 15% Real clash of clan players know about this not only can you Register your clan/name, But having a hard time taking a pix on your phone to get Achievement on this site well i just made it easy for you And the staff to see your picture's just wanted to make a post for BHLgaming too make things easy for new players that want to get achievements that can't take a good picture due to your screen being small no more worries click here -----) http://www.warclans.com/ Like to show off your base but always get a bad picture well you can now click on your name after you Register see your base in the left corner of your screen like this http://www.warclans.com/
  9. Nuketown is back !

    what you mean is back never was gone been there since 1st one its the number one playing map it will always be apart of black ops game
  10. Limited Edition Exoskeleton prepaid code

    you have xbox360 there still 2 codes that work copy paste it open xboxlive.com ones in green are good to go i check them one aday so i can cross it out
  11. Limited Edition Exoskeleton prepaid code

    2 working codes left
  12. Fallout 4 Information Mega Thread

    Nice post Game looks good
  13. Limited Edition Exoskeleton prepaid code

    nope still one more