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  1. To Those Who Know

    Glad to see you're doing ok Gooey!
  2. This no longer exists unfortunately. The post is over 4 years old.
  3. Missing/Different Ranks

    Your rank is set to patron buddy. Aod is different sparkles lol.
  4. Missing/Different Ranks

    Retired staff hasn't been a thing for over 2 years, same as Vet is no longer a staff rank. Your post count determines your rank. 1200+ posts =Specialist.
  5. I have a question I been a member for 6 years do I get something for it?

    1. Maximus


      Yes. You get a firm handshake and a signed photo of Beastly!!

    2. RxebeL


      omg!!!!! my dream finally coming true

  6. My ban of Pokemon Go

    I think everyone here got banned for the same thing. I did on 3 seperate accounts
  7. Destiny 2 just around the corner

    So hyped for the release of this game, loved the beta and the new features the game brings. Some people complained saying it was just like the first game, I don't know what they expected it to be like.... Forza maybe? Being from the UK it releases slightly earlier for us due to the time difference. Hopefully myself and my Hetero life partner Sox will be co-streaming the story play thru from 0:00GMT Wednesday morning on Mixer. All welcome to view and get involved. Max's Mixer Sox's Mixer
  8. What are your thoughts on the game? Are you going to buy it in November? Personally I really enjoyed the Beta. It was a refreshing change playing with real guns in real settings, without all the jetpacks, lasers and wall running foolishness of the last few COD titles. Don't get me wrong, for the last 3 or 4 months I liked playing Infinite Warfare, after Sox dragged me into games kicking and screaming. Like most FPS games, it became a lot more fun when gaming and messing about with friends. WW2 is really a throwback to World at War but with updated graphics, it's back to gritty realism, the sound and handling of the guns is good, the killstreaks look great and I enjoyed the "Play of the game" feature at the end of the match. The class settings are interesting, although I didn't really experiement with a lot of these, preferring to stick with Airborne which had a silencer perk for the SMG. I'm sure a lot of things in the Beta will be removed or nerfed before release, the shotgun with incendary rounds is way OP with crazy range, same as the shotgun that can snipe a single shot across the map after unlocking it's last perk. With only 4 maps to play and "Gibraltar" coming up more times than most, it did get a little tedious towards the end of the Beta. I pre-ordered months ago and look forward to playing this with you guys on release (obviously after doing all the daily grind in Destiny 2). BHL was built on Call of Duty. Looking at my friend stats on Infinite Warfare I can see the vast majority of you didn't even play it. I really hope WWII brings a lot of you back to the fold, we can find a way to boost the heck out of it and get BHL back to the top of the leaderboards!
  9. Guys follow my channel on mixer please:    https://mixer.com/Maximus_Plebius

  10. Missing/Different Ranks

    Added Elite Donator and switched you over to Vet.