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  1. 2 New Awards!!!!!

    great idea and love the GFX of the awards, props to the artist
  2. Topless or Top up... post your plates

    My Elegy RH8
  3. Need a new updated profile to match my new colour scheme. anyone interested in helping an aussie brother out?! haha

    1. Jones


      I might know a guy who knows a guy...will check in for you, see if he's up for it

    2. GiXXer11
  4. How to get the "Special" Car in GTA V

    Just too add you get a special car on each of your characters! Thats up to 3!!!!
  5. How to get the "Special" Car in GTA V

    yea looks really sick and its a got a stock spoiler on it but when you modify it with the GTR Wing it looks exactly the same!
  6. Ok Guys, So this is quite simple to do but im not too sure if everyone is aware of it, In order to get the "Special Car" in GTA V which is actually the Ellegy RH8 all you need to do is create a social club account and link your account to it!, Sounds simple right! It is! Once you have done that you can also apply to join the BHL Gaming Crew but that also gives you access to the Car! For me i had completed the game and basically went to my garage ( Playing as michael ) and when entering it asked me if i wanted to drive the "Special Car" i said Sure and Bam! There it was! As i said im not sure if this was known information but it wasn't to me so there is no doubt others as well. Below is a pic of the said stock Ellegy RH8
  7. The Stock Exchange Information

    Awesome job man! Great for guys that didnt leave Lesters missions till last
  8. BHL has its own Rockstar Social Club!

    Names are Social Club: Markzyy BHL : Markzyy
  9. New Honorary Veterans!

    Well deserved Congratz guys and thank you for all the hard work you have been doing to help the community Much love
  10. Xbox One Headsets

    man i will double headset if i have to im not giving up my Trittons until i have a new headset with both Excellent game sound so i can continue my Competitive gaming and also be able to talk, LUCKILY this falls right after the leagues have finished so hopefully if worse comes to worse i wont have to resort to TB's
  11. Show your support for Evil!

    Note my name is logged in on BHL on the web browser
  12. New Honorary Veterans!

    grats guys
  13. Today had to be one of the best mondays of my life :)

  14. Work tomorrow. Noo!!! :(

  15. so happy to see people like BHL Soxx[patron][/patron] and pr scope getting promotions they deserve