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  1. Rumor is Scots has a Wheel

    Does the wheel turn to the right as well?
  2. Rumor is Scots has a Wheel

    Best bang for your buck is to do the endurance races with good mod cars attached. I was doing the Sebring 300 race last not with three 100% Xp reward card attached and was lined up to get something like 720,000XP just from the mod cards. Then the game crashed when I was 2 hours and 15 minutes into it.
  3. Gameplay

    Is anyone actually good at forza?
  4. Car Culture achieve should be correct to "Complete a Race with every car from Ferrari"
  5. Forza 6 Demo

    You playing the full game? Forza has always been my main game and this one is quite nice compared to 5. Is essentially a dolled up version of forza 4 which is pretty nice. When it comes to comparing it to shooting games it's really unfair lol There's really only so much you can do to a simulation racing game until you drastically take away from the simulation. If anyone is playing the full game, have a go at my A class times around Bernese Alps
  6. Forza 6 Demo

    It's looking pretty promising. It's really what forza 5 should have been, so hopefully all goes smoothly.
  7. Forza 6 - Ferrari 250 GTO - Rio de Janeiro

    This track was awesome in Forza 1, looking forward to it
  8. I knew I heard my song when we were playing legit haha

  9. I <3 your music play list.

  10. 5+ ty for the dash settings :)

  11. is back in the saddle again

  12. is back in the saddle again

  13. Nine new BHL Captains!

    Congratulations guys! Well deserved