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  1. Thanks for posting You actually get a positive KD... boosted to master and have a 2.0
  2. Clash of clan Bot *

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    2. Maximus


      We didnt make the clash bot. we just hosted it. we got it off the internet like the rest of the people who use it.

    3. iBUGATTii


      ill see what i can do! I have some experience...NOT~


    4. alawe


      I am using raccoonbot now . It is O.K


  3. clash of clan not going to work anymore ?


  4. Anyone have a new updates of Clash of Clans GameBot?

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    2. Peter Salama

      Peter Salama

      where do you host it then?

    3. Maximus


      We dont host it anywhere. Its gone from bhl. You will have to find another source on the internet



      any reasos why they no longer support or provide the Clash of Clans bot?


  5. Pokemon Go Sniping BOT!

    A .rar is like a .zip file. You need 7-zip to unpackage it
  6. Pokemon Go Sniping BOT!

    thanks for posting, will try this out
  7. For those having issues, here's another way to do it using Nox player http://en.bignox.com/pokemongo
  8. MEmu utilizes features on your video card so if it's crashing you may be out of luck, or need a better video card MEMu Lollipop Requirements & Limitations 64-bit Windows is required. Hardware assistant virtualization is required. CPU SSE4 Instruction set support is required. Some of video codecs on YouTube is not supported. Camera is not supported. AMD CPU has issues.
  9. try going on google play and search for and reinstall Google Play Services and Google Play Games
  10. I am using it now, that happened to me the very first time but I fully restarted MEmu and it hasn't happened since
  11. Here is a little trick I came up with to spoof the GPS on your device to allow you to play Pokemon Go in any part of the world, without leaving the sofa! Here's me in Central Park: 1. Download and install Memu at http://www.memuplay.com/ If your computer isn't capable of running Memu, you will not be able to do this. 2. Download and install Memu Lollipop extension: http://www.memuplay.com/download.php?... 3. Open Multi-Memu and select 'Android 5.1.1' from the dropdown menu and click create 4. Click the green play button next to the newly created Memu 5. Log in to Google Play and whatnot, and download Pokemon Go from Google Play 6. Open Memu settings by clicking the cog wheel on the right side and go to the GPS tab to choose your location 7. Launch Pokemon Go and you will be in your selected location! 8. Enjoy the 24/7 lure parties!! WARNING: Do not jump around to locations that are far away, keep it as realistic as possible. The game can detect it and will ban you for a few hours, and possibly flag your account. Credit: BHLGaming.com
  12. No you do not need bluestacks premium, the free version works just fine