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  1. Christmas Video Time!

    Good luck guys and thank you for those that participate! If I'm not mistaken I think there is an award for it as well
  2. iBUGATTii - Newest BHL Benefactor

    Welcome to the club. Thank you for your generosity!
  3. A New Moderator!!!

  4. Battlefield 1: Every Weapon Confirmed So Far!

    finally something that isnt futuristic
  5. Three New Veterans!!

    congrats boys
  6. hd pvr rocket

    px 21

    lenovo amd a10

  7. New Awards!

  8. A Post For Wootie RIP

    Rest in Peace man Me and Wootie always joked around about having a boxing match sometime this year. Loved playing Destiny with this guy. You will be missed man.
  9. Sad news to hear about one of BHL's greatest members passing. Will miss you man.