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  1. 2 New Moderators

    Congrats guys
  2. Pokemon Go Sniping BOT!

    Yup all bots are down for the time being.
  3. A New Moderator!!!

    Very well deserved!! Congrats dude.
  4. [RESOLVED] Need help

    You should now be able to as you've made a post or 2?
  5. Sneek Peeks!

    Omg that looks and sounds so good!? How exciting!!
  6. Clash Royale BHL's Leaderboard

    Leaderboard updated :) tell me if you like the new addition to it!! Friendly battles are coming along fellas!! Don't forget to PM me anymore you'd like me to add.
  7. Clash Royale Official BHL Clan!

    BHL's Clan is currently recruiting so send a PM my way or reply here and I will accept it.
  8. Clash Royale Clan 1 Roster!

    BHL's clan is currently recruiting!! Send a PM my way or reply here and I will accept your request.
  9. You should re sell it you may make some money lol
  10. Time will tell I'm sure everyone will buy it no matter what the reviews or trailers look like.
  11. Hog rider!! Has to be my most used card just so good if the other person doesn't have the right defence for him, but also 2nd would be the musketeer.
  12. Clash Royale BHL's Leaderboard

    @thrillho No dude I stream my iPhone to my computer then record it.
  13. Legendary Card Princess In Action