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  1. New PC Gamer

    Steam: ImmortalMoose Battle.net: ImmortalMoos#1688 LoL: ImmortalMoose Epic: Immortal_Moose
  2. Anyone play WoW?

    1. Calf
    2. Pit Stains

      Pit Stains

      I would if it were Free to Play. I can't justify paying monthly... (even though I pay for xbox live...). I played for years.

    3. Calf


      Pit Check out ARK Survival Evolved if you haven't already, Have you switched to PC yet?
      Moose you still have ark on steam? :D 


  3. ARK: Survival Evolved BHL Dedicated Server

    Ok so I'm late to the party but I'm sold after the trial, will probably buy the full tomorrow. I still have no idea what I'm doing though lol.
  4. Two New MT's

    Congrats guys, well deserved.
  5. A Post For Wootie RIP

    RIP man.
  6. Smite

    Double everything weekend: http://www.smitegame.com/double-everything-weekend-feb-19-21/
  7. Smite

    The 2.21 patch comes Monday. It brings Amaterasu, the first Japanese pantheon god. https://www.smitegame.com/new-in-xbox-amaterasu-the-shining-light-2-21/
  8. Rocket League is Coming to Xbox One on February 17

    Yes, just yes.
  9. [January 2016] Member of the Month WINNER!

  10. Mug Shots

    I wonder if they have Crunch Berries in basic, if not god help us.
  11. Connection Issues

    It's been a long time but I believe I used this site http://portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/Xbox_One/
  12. Smite

    It's double favor, worshippers, and experience this week if you're in a party.
  13. What your most anticipated games of 2016?

    As far as games that have release dates: Dark Souls 3 Tom Clancy's The Division Far Cry Primal Without dates: Mass Effect: Andromeda Final Fantasy 15 Gears of War 4 Doom Destiny 2?
  14. ESO XB1 looking for people to play with

    I think I'm a level 6 on it.
  15. Smite

    If you are planning on getting it let me know because I get rewards for referrals Also, this: