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  2. is done with boosting 'till Black Ops

  3. is done with boosting 'till Black Ops

  4. sup [b][color=#ff0000]A_Turk_[/color]+[/b]

  5. just went to your profile to listen to the song and this starts playing wtf lol

  6. haha and we posed as BOST to make it seem like we we boosting with them haha great times

  7. whats song is that?

  8. could i be in the first generation please? i got certified in january 09

  9. haha i member you sure

  10. could you add me to your The Old Guys list?

  11. damn u been here that long congrats dude... y aren't u captain or above.

  12. uve been here for a year? lol how are you still elite, no offence