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  1. Clash of Clans Sneak Peak #1 - SHIELD CHANGES!

    Sounds like they are killing farming And sneek peak #2 just adds to it by doing the "village guard" where it acts like youre still online
  2. Your previous ranks

    i have 1219 posts, but only at the rank of 250 posts or so.
  3. New Event Managers!

  4. TH7 Account Giveaway!

    In my addiction to Clash of Clans I have amassed several accounts. and they have all become too much to manage. So I have decided to giveaway a decent TH7 account(Android). -Stats- 1. Name: whataberger 2. Level: 56 3. Maxed defenses except 1 wizard tower and two air defenses 4. All pink or purple walls. 5. Most troops are lvl 4 (Loons are upgrading to lvl 4) 6. Level 1 Barb King 7. 4 builders 8. Has Dark barracks (lvl 1) 9. 32 gems I will be giving this account away 1 week from today. -Rules- 1.Member of BHL 2. Current Clash of Clans account is TH5 or below 3. Pick a number between 1 & 50
  5. WELCOME TO CoC Clan 1

    Gotchya! Thanks for the post Scots!
  6. Clan Wars FAQ

    Great Read. thanks for the info Great Read. thanks for the info
  7. Trophy Pushers for a Higher Ranked Clan

    I'm always down for a push. You know's my info. Im already Crystal III...wouldnt mind going for Masters III and getting that 1k Gem bonus
  8. Outstanding TH7 Farming Base

    Using this now! Maxing all of my walls now. Over half are still pink, but it wont be too long now
  9. TH8 dumbos

  10. TH8 dumbos

    I've come across a few TH8 dummy's today lol
  11. Mug Shots

  12. BF4 on PS3

    I'm playing BF4 on PS3. add me if you'd like to squad up sometime. PSN: whataberger
  13. New Minecraft Server (Just Starting Off)

    Nice server. I'm having fun playing on it