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  1. Missing/Different Ranks

    Thanks :)
  2. Alright ya noob!! Call in sick to work and we can boost!

  3. Well, look who it is... Superdan 2k8



  4. Missing/Different Ranks

    Hey guys I should be vet. Cheers
  5. Call of Duty WW2: Capture the flag Boosting Tutorial

    I’m up for this if it’s still a thing!! Ps you’re a noob
  6. Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Boosting

    I assume the teamplay bonus would be best for this I'll have to try this out with someone
  7. 23 in the world for hotwire, ill catch you scots!

  8. New Way To Boost Hardline

    Sooooo trying this +1
  9. Battlefield Hardline Boosters

    x DaN iZ SiiK z Boost daily and seem to find good lobbies
  10. Battlefield stats

    Just for those of you new to the battlefield scene if your interested in getting detailed stats on your account you can do so here. http://bfhstats.com Very good website that goes into extreme details and if your like me some pretty embarrassing stats too
  11. Organised raid

    I will be streaming our run at the raid. Stay tuned
  12. Venus Pike farming

    Just thought id share this, takes about 30 minutes for the pikes to arrive. I can see Bungie patching this so the pikes don't spawn so I would do this before they do. Video posted below Here is the details from my go at the pike method. Edit 1 1 hour in. (takes 20 minutes to set up) 9 rare engrams 1 event 0 legendary engrams 6k glimmer Edit 2 2 hours in 15 rare engrams 2 events 1 lengendary engram 10k glimmer
  13. Endurance tiger strike lobby.

    As the name says I'll be doing an endurance of tiger strikes solid. Mainly for the lolz if anyone wants to join me or just watch I will be streaming on Twitch. Let's see what loot I don't get and what others do. My first target is 12 hours non stop then I'll see how my brain goes. Starting 9am GMT 8th of October
  14. Organised raid

    Raid on the Tuesday the 7th, 9pm GMT. Previous raid experience would be very useful level 27+. Team x DaN iZ SiiK z Sox II [img=http://i.imgur.com/7RheWGw.png] Max Jones (Promised a friend before I posted this that he can join if level 28) Sorry guys this lobby is full but if people do not turn up I will use you as back up.
  15. Resolved: New loot Cave - Can be done Solo!

    I seem to have loads of drops on this one, similar results to the guy in the video. no legendary engrams though, just tonnes of rares which got my cryptarch up quick