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  1. BHL Stream Team

    oh lol
  2. Man i miss the good old days :(

  3. BHL Stream Team

    i think most people have steam tbh lol Martlex is mine
  4. New PC Gamer

    i just added you welcome to the good side lol. My steam Id Is Martlex. uplay is Martle87, battle net and ea origin is Martle There was 2 Curtis45 so if i havent come up fel free 2 add me
  5. Upgraded my PC

    i got my first gaming pc about 6 months ago i play playerunknows battlegrounds i also have bf1 cod ww2 feel free to add me on steam Martlex
  6. Missing/Different Ranks

    also miss Elite Donator rank also
  7. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    Lmfao you noob.
  8. Looking for other gamers

    Gotta love my spelling mistakes lol.
  9. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    your setup wins not gonna lie but sorry my pc pisses over urs lol couldnt help my help :p
  10. Looking for other gamers

    you are a noob haha i told u to get it and u was like errr na dnt see the point playerunknow battlegrounds am talking about its one of the best games i have played. Feel free to add me Martlex is my steam username
  11. Missing/Different Ranks

    your inbox if full lol. i should be vet.
  12. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    still waiting lol
  13. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    ok mate
  14. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    Hi guys its been a long time since i have been on BHL i have invested some money into a gaming PC. A lot different to a console and controllers lol Going to take a lot of getting use to if anyone is up for some gaming i have battlegrounds and looking to get GTA5 meaning i would have bought it for every platform lol My steam Gamer tag is Martlex feel free to add me
  15. battlefield 1 players needed

    yh I understand I will be on cod but will still play bf1 so many good games out hard 2 play them all lol