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      Wrong rank?   07/29/2017

      Please contact an MT or post: http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668887625-missingdifferent-ranks   There was a 'major' software update, and caused BHL Patron, Patriot, Benefactor, Veteran, Elite, Angel of Death, and possibly more to be reset to the ranks based on forums post count.
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  1. Missing/Different Ranks

    also miss Elite Donator rank also
  2. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    Lmfao you noob.
  3. Looking for other gamers

    Gotta love my spelling mistakes lol.
  4. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    your setup wins not gonna lie but sorry my pc pisses over urs lol couldnt help my help :p
  5. Looking for other gamers

    you are a noob haha i told u to get it and u was like errr na dnt see the point playerunknow battlegrounds am talking about its one of the best games i have played. Feel free to add me Martlex is my steam username
  6. Missing/Different Ranks

    your inbox if full lol. i should be vet.
  7. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    still waiting lol
  8. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    ok mate
  9. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    Hi guys its been a long time since i have been on BHL i have invested some money into a gaming PC. A lot different to a console and controllers lol Going to take a lot of getting use to if anyone is up for some gaming i have battlegrounds and looking to get GTA5 meaning i would have bought it for every platform lol My steam Gamer tag is Martlex feel free to add me
  10. battlefield 1 players needed

    yh I understand I will be on cod but will still play bf1 so many good games out hard 2 play them all lol
  11. battlefield 1 players needed

    Alright girls and boys lol anyway am looking for some bf1 players to come play some conquest with me Rab Mackay and AideyH. If anyone's intested feel free to add me oOMartleOo on xbox.
  12. A Post For Wootie RIP

    Damn sad news he was a great guy. Rest in peace
  13. Add me on ps4 Martlex need some people 2 play black ops 3 with am all along

    1. GiXXer11


      Plan on playing Star Wars?

    2. C4T4LY5T o
  14. In Orlando having a great time :)

  15. New Advisor!!!

    About time congrats