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  1. There are other ways mate but this way you need less ppl per lobby and max xp per game. Just grab a cheap wireless controller if u can 😀
  2. Ideas For BHL

    Lets start a big push for this weekend? We should have inv banners back on the Shoutbox as soon as I get some made up 👍
  3. New Weapons and Supply Drops

    Geez thats an update and a half lol. Micro transactions added as well I guess
  4. Rapidzzz hows it it going man, you still playing xbox?

    1. lz Rapidz zl

      lz Rapidz zl

      Whats going on man.. nah, playing on PC. Might buy an xbox soon tho ;) 

    2. BHL Rab

      BHL Rab

      so many ppl moved to PC :( i was going to get a gaming PC but tbh the xbox one is adequate for my gaming

    3. oOMartleOo


      oi add me on pc u noob Martlex. f Rab hes a noob and likes his xbox lol 

  5. Hello everyone, it's been far too long since I logged in. Lets get back to boosting? Site looks fresh and clean great job guys.

    1. iBUGATTii


      Lets get it rolling then. Add me on Xbox Live Rx Scripts

    2. Xxfraomanxx


      Xxfraomanxx I'm always down to boost send invite eastern time

  6. Ideas For BHL

    Great post Nuke and hey guys its been while since I logged in. Your post is 100% true, I also joined the site around the same time you did and as you say I joined to boost Mw2 along with a lot of us. We can get our numbers up and active again but it will take a great effort from everyone on the recruiting front. In my experience the best and fastest way to recruit is from your recent players list but obviously If your boosting and get a randy who doesn't want to blow the crap out of everyone then so be it get them on board . I will start to send messages to my recent friends but we need to get some lobbies full of BHL to play legit with also as this gives a good impression on the clan.
  7. Awesome... Im having serious withdrawals just reading your post Mckay When we boosting then
  8. Where have you been, havnt talked to you in a while. Next time your online send me a party invite, ill get back onto BF4 just for you, so i can carry you in games like i always use to :)

    1. BHL Rab

      BHL Rab

      Im always online buddy my gamertag has changed to Yippee kiYay42O

  9. No more making fun of my 0.5 download, and 0.25 upload.. Im moving and getting googlefiber. Make fun of me now!!!! http://dannagle.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/googlefiberspeedtest.png

  10. 2 New Advisors!

    Congratz guys, do us proud
  11. Got my XB One today add me to squad up on Battlefield 4 guys... I also have Titanfall

  12. Battlefield 4 Emblems

    Awesome, I love it
  13. New To BHL Gaming YaY

    Welcome to BHL Gaming, If you have any questions feel free to Private message me or another staff member. Alternatively you can check out the following topic for all the info you need to know about how to find your way around the site. http://bhlgaming.com/forums/forum/683-i-signed-up-now-what-click-me/ Have fun.
  14. PS4 Party Chat to Support up to Eight Users

    This is great news, this is main reason I moved from ps3 to xbox360 in the first place so looks like I will be going back to ps4 sometime next year
  15. Grand theft auto 5 after patch

    I haven't got GTA 5 but nice find dude +1