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    Hiking,Working Out, Fishing,laying out on the beach,swimming,playing pool hang out with friends and also playing video game's :D the list can go on and on but if you want to find out more stuff I enjoy doing feel free to leave me message.

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  1. Missing/Different Ranks

    I'm missing a few awards too vet and a few others I can't remember XD
  2. I'm back for mw3 C:

  3. hope you are coming back for MW3

  4. hey man I was just curious what font you used for you avatar man

  5. Hey, I'm not sure what text was used my profile was made by NrG Superman

  6. I dont boost that much cause they ban :(

  7. hey man I was wondering what text did you use in your avatar?

  8. why would you do such bad thing like that :(

  9. Other than banning boosters i like it :0

  10. That's cool man how are you liking BO?

  11. I havnt been boosting that much man just a little bit here and there. I play hq alot :P

  12. So how boosting going :P

  13. that's good to here man :D