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  2. Making A Change

    @Mackay x 100% agree with the sentiment. I realised this a year or two back and raised the issue then, but there's realistically not much one can do. The issue is not and has never been the ranking system. Reviews were ridiculous to give out towards the end of the system and something needed to be done. I see the logic behind a post-based ranking system, but what it meant was people posting news topics - copied, might I add and yes it still bothers me - with no conversation happening beneath. You're right when you say it's not the site/staff's fault, or anyone's "fault" per se, it's just an advancement in the way people game now. People don't need to boost now, or they just enjoy the game too much to want to boost. There's a much more competitive aspect to online gaming now; look at Overwatch, COD or even Rocket League - people want to get better, not rank up as quickly as possible. Even Fifa is making much more of a competitive move. Furthermore, boosting became significantly more unreliable as each COD was released. In fact, it was more time consuming to set up a lobby than to just play the game naturally, so many people lost interest in that regard. As for clubs/communities, you're also correct in what you say. There's just not a need for a website devoted to boosting/gaming with one another because we have access to private discords with our friends and built-in systems such as the clubs that are arguably much more effective for finding people to game with. That being said, even if someone does come to us for a raid, for example - what's the likelihood they'll return? I can't say that I've intentionally played with someone more than once from an LFG site. It's a damn shame; there are people that I met on here 4-5 years ago that I still talk to today... unfortunately. Even when I was staff, I wanted to make things happen and wanted to see things improve, but there's just so little one can do about it. Yes, we can advertise more on social media and change the ranking system, but the harsh truth of the matter is that communities have become much more accessible since [email protected] was released. I don't need to log in to BHL because I have three different discord channels to talk to people in, or I have clubs/communities built into my console that allow me to find people to play with. Ultimately, while in the ideal world I would like to see BHL booming again, I just don't see it happening unless some drastic evolution is done - not that I'm too sure what the evolution would need to be, or whether it would be allowed to happen. Any who, nice to see everyone in the thread @DaRullo58 @MORTAL @DONALD TRUMP @Puggle @squirrels 36 , I trust you're all well. Not you Martyn.
  3. Skyrim Vendor Trick

    Skyrim: Special Edition is FINALLY out and that means there are new players and maybe some old players who don't know or simply forgot this incredibly helpful trick. As you will notice, the vendors have a limited gold supply, meaning you can't always sell your wooden bowls and paper rolls to the same vendor. This is incredibly frustrating, especially if you're going for the 100,000 gold achievement. However, with this method you can refresh the vendor's supply of gold: 1. Find the vendor. I would suggest Tonilia in the Thieves Guild as she has more coin than general store vendors, not to mention you can sell stolen goods to her. (Other fences are also good for this) 2. Sell your valuables (be wary of the vendor's gold balance as you could end up selling for a significantly less amount if the vendor doesn't have enough gold) 3. Save. I would recommend the quicksave feature, but it doesn't matter as long as you save. 4. Kill the vendor. Please note that for some vendors (much like Tonilia) you cannot 'kill' them, rather they will be in a 'downed' state - This still works. 5. Load the save you just made 6. Repeat until your valuables have been sold *You will need to save after each selling phase* _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can also do the same thing if you are looking to buy: When one is building their house, they will need plenty of Iron Ingots and Corundum Ingots (sigh). Unfortunately you have to buy Corundum Ingots from Blacksmiths and they aren't guaranteed to be in their inventories. Thankfully that's where this trick comes in: 1. Find a blacksmith. I suggest the Companion's Blacksmith, but the Blacksmith at the Whiterun gate is fine. 2. Check what they have for sale 3. Buy all you need 4. Save 5. Kill the vendor 6. Load 7. Repeat until you have all the Corundum Ingots you need *I would suggest getting the 100,000 gold achievement before you build the house* Happy Shouting People. Astro
  4. Saturday Night Strike!

    How does this work, do we do strikes for a set amount of time? I'm not sure what happens here
  5. Team of the Week - Week 51!

    With the major leagues being back in action, we can finally look forward to the new TOTW! Let's take a look at the TOTW: Of course, we have the reserves included for the first time in a long time. Orestis Karnezis: Man of the Match in a 2-0 Udinese win over Empoli was enough for the Greek to claim his first IF. Domenico Criscito: A goal was enough for a MOTM performance in a 3-0 Zenit win over Amkar Filipe Luis: We all know how defensively sound Atletico Madrid are. Filipe Luis picked up a MOTM rating as he carried Madrid through a 0-0 draw with Leganes Fernando Marcal: Two assists from LB is always impressive and was enough for Marcal to pick up an IF after Guingamp's 2-0 win over Nancy. Joao Moutinho: In what may be the biggest game in Ligue 1, Monaco beat PSG 3-1, with Moutinho picking up a goal and a MOTM performance. If only he was a CM. Ivan Rakitic: Scoring the winner in a 1-0 Barcelona win over Bilbao and a MOTM performance saw Rakitic pick up another IF Sami Khedira: Khedira scored the only goal in a big 1-0 Juventus win over Lazio. Finally receiving his first IF. Thomas Muller: Someone who doesn't need to worry about IFs, as they seem to come to him, Muller picked up THREE assists in a massive 6-0 Bayern win over Werder Bremen. Raheem Sterling: It's a shame the dynamic image had to include that atrocious hairstyle, but alas, Raheem the dream picked up two goals in a 3-1 Man City win over a mediocre West Ham. Robert Lewandowski: Another player that needn't worry about special cards, Lewandowski picks up his SIXTH after a hat-trick in that very same Bayern demolition of Werder Bremen. Alexis Sanchez: One of the best players in the world. Sanchez carried Arsenal to a 3-1 win over Watford, picking up a goal and two assists - one of which involved winning a penalty. Isaac Brizuela: Finally a Mexican! Two goals in Guadalajara's 3-0 win over America saw Brizuela pick up a much needed IF. Daniel Ayala: Quite an odd IF, seeing as Ayala has hardly been stellar. Regardless, a decent performance in a weak 0-0 draw against West Brom was enough for an IF. Arkadiusz Milik: In the absence of Higuain, Napoli needed another goal machine. With Milik's debut form, I think they found one. A brace in a 4-2 win over AC Milan sees Milik bag another IF Moussa Marega: Two goals and a MOTM performance sees Marega pick up his first IF after a 5-3 Guimaraes win over Pacos de Ferreira. Not a bad card. Alas, that is all for this week. Thankfully, I managed to sell my 90 Sanchez before the 91 was announced. Fifa 17 player ratings are flying out and a post will be made with the top 50 when they are all announced. Until then, Have a Nice Day! @EASPORTSFIFA Astro
  6. Team of the Week - Week 50!

    50 weeks in and what a way to celebrate it! Thankfully, the majority of major leagues are back in action (the Bundesliga restarts this Friday) so we will be seeing some recognisable players Here we go: Aleksandr Belenov: Belenov has made a strong start to the season, cementing this with a MOTM performance in an important 2-1 Anzhi win over Rubin Kazan Darijo Srna: If only he was a midfielder. Stunning performance in the qualifying game against Istanbul, which Shakhtar won 2-1. Curtis Davies: Hull have made a surprisingly strong start to the season, including a win over Leicester. The following week, Hull beat Swansea 2-0, where Davies was MOTM with an assist and a 9 rating Romain Danze: In a big 2-0 Rennes win over Nancy Danze picked up an assist for the second of the two goals. Unfortunately, his lack of pace makes him useless. Ogenyi Onazi: A perfect 10 rating meant Onazi was a certainty. Onazi scored both goals in a 2-0 Trabzonspor win over Kasimpasa Valter Birsa: In a surprise 2-0 result, Chievo triumphed over Inter Milan. Birsa scored both goals, earning a MOTM in the process. Cristhian Stuani: Firstly, what an obnoxious first name. Secondly, in what seems to be his first league game since January, Stuani scored both Middlesbrough goals to give them a 2-1 win over Sunderland. Gareth Bale: Like I said, the La Liga has started again, Bale taking no time at all to carry on his form from Euros with two goals against Sociedad giving Madrid a 3-0 win. Angel Di Maria: With Ibra gone, one would expect the goals in Ligue 1 to slow down: WRONG. Di Maria claimed two assists and a 10 rating to help PSG to a 3-0 win over Metz Lionel Messi: Genuinely don't like this man. Alas, the Aaron Ramsey wannabe scored two and picked up an assist to help Barcelona to a 6-2 win over Betis. Still not as good as Ronaldo. Carlos Bacca: The first hat-trick of the week. AC Milan picked up a big 3-2 win over Torino, in which Bacca scored all three. Alas, that is all worthy news from the TOTW. With Fifa 17 news flying out, attention will be away from the TOTW. See you next week. Have a Nice Day @EASPORTSFIFA Astro
  7. Team of the Week - Week 49!

    The Premier League is back! This has major influence over life and Fifa alike. Thankfully, the TOTW will now include good players, especially considering Ligue 1 has started again too. Let's get to it: Nahuel Guzman: Numerous saves in a 0-0 Tigres draw with Toluca, easily MOTM. Eric Bailly: Amazing. Man United's first game of the season saw them pick up a 3-1 victory over Bournemouth, in which Bailly was the stand-out defender. Despite conceding a goal, Bailly picked up a 7.3 match rating, with a 95% pass success, 3 tackles and 7 clearances. Steven Caulker: Against one of his former clubs, Caulker put in a MOTM performance in QPR's 2-0 win over Cardiff. He scored one of the two and claimed a 9 rating! Ryad Boudebouz: The Algerian Brotherhood gets even stronger! Ryad scored the winner in a 1-0 Montpellier win over Angers, with a MOTM performance from an 8.7 rating Bernardo Silva: Infinitely better at CAM - hence why his RM TOTS is redundant - Silva was involved in Monaco's 2-2 draw with Guingamp, where he scored a late equaliser, claiming MOTM with an 8.5 rating. Nicolas Lodeiro: Recently transferred, Lodeiro picked up a goal and an assist in a 2-1 Seattle win over Real Salt Lake, also picking up MOTM. Kaka: The Brazilian legend played a significant part of a 2-2 Orlando draw with Chicago. A goal and an assist saw Kaka pick up MOTM with a 9.3 rating Coutinho: He did something against some team that we really don't need to remember. Alexandre Lacazette: With Ligue 1 starting again, Lacazette needs to fill the goal void left by Zlatan. He wasted no time, with a hat-trick for Lyon in a 3-0 win over Nancy. Robert Snodgrass: Amazingly, Hull City beat Leicester 2-1. Snodgrass scored the winner and put in a MOTM performance. A return to reality for Leicester? Rudy Gestede: The Frenchman scored more goals in one game than Villa had scored throughout the whole of the EPL season, probably. He scored two and assisted another in a 3-0 win over Rotherham, claiming a PERFECT 10 rating! Alas, that is all for this week. Thankfully the EPL is back, so we have more interesting players to talk about. With La Liga and the Bundesliga starting again in the coming weeks, we will see much better TOTWs. Until then, Have a Nice Day! @EASPORTSFIFA Astro
  8. Team of the Week - Week 48!

    A week with very little happening in Fifa, but we have many happenings in real life. Pogba moving to United, killing his career at the same time and the start to a number of leagues' seasons for the year - the Premier League starting this weekend. As usual, the gold players and the interesting silvers will be discussed. Nedum Onuoha: A comfortable 3-0 QPR win saw Onuoha bag a goal and an assist. Unfortunately, he played RB, so what would have been an OP CB is now a shocking RB. Ismaily: Shakhtar are winning games, water is wet and grass is green. Ismaily scored the only goal in a pretty tame 1-0 Skakhtar win over Oleksandriya Denis Odoi: In Newcastle's first game in the Championship, Odoi was a significant portion of the Toon's failure to win, after Fulham picked up a 1-0 win, where Odoi picked up MOTM after a 7.9 performance. Clint Dempsey: The American Dream himself already has a plethora of special cards this year, with both the Copa America and general god-like performances - putting him at 6 special cards! Of course, he already has a TOTS, so just go and get that. Clint scored a hat-trick in Sounders' 3-1 win over Orlando. Javier Morales: Two goals and an assist in a 3-1 Real Salt Lake win over Chicago was enough for Morales to pick up an IF. Eljero Elia: The FUT legend, despite losing his 5* skills, is still very playable. This was boosted this week after a hat-trick in a 5-0 destruction of Groningen Teemu Pukki: This guy was once one of the most OP silvers around. Having now lost most of that hype, he still looks rather usable, boosted after another hat-trick in a 3-3 draw. Rogelio Funes Mori: ANOTHER Hat-Trick. This time in a 3-0 Monterrey win. Rogelio already has a ridiculously cheap TOTS card, so this is pretty pointless. Sebatian Giovinco: Amazingly, this is Gio's first IF card of the year. Rewarded after a hat-trick for Toronto in a 4-1 win over New England Christian Gytkjær: Another hat-trick... In Rosenborg's 4-3 win, Christian scored three of the four, giving him his second IF of the year and a nice gold upgrade. Alas, that is all. Thankfully, the Premier League starts this weekend, so the Team of the Week should be getting better form here. We shall see next week. Until then, Have a Nice Day! @EASPORTSFIFA Astro
  9. Team of the Week - Week 47

    We took a little break last week because I frankly have more dignity than trying to explain the successes of 15 Koreans. Thankfully, a number of leagues have started back up again, including the Russian League and the Ukrainian League. thus we will be seeing better Team of the Week selections. Here's this week: Alexandr Belenov: In a 0-0 draw between CSKA and Anzhi Makhachkala (yep), Belenov made five massive saves, picking up an 8.5 and MOTM. Yeom Ki Hun: Claiming three assists is just as good as a hat-trick for a midfielder, so it s no surprise Hun is included after doing just that in Suwon's 5-3 win over Jeju Flavio Paixão: A brace and an assist in a 3-1 Gdansk win over Wisla sees Flavio pick up his second IF Quincy Promes: Finally some actual quality. Although Promes has a TOTS already, a second IF after scoring twice and bagging an assist in a 4-0 Spartak win Frank Lampard: History in the making here; Frank was the first player EVER to score a hat-trick for NYC FC, making him the oldest and easiest pick. Jose Izquierdo: An annoying name to both say and spell, but what a card! Finally Colombia have a good LW. Jose scored the winner in a 2-0 Brugge win over Mechelen Eduardo: The Arsenal LEGEND - the one that broke his leg - scored one in Shakhtar's second 4-1 win of the season, this time over Odessa. Kevin Molino: After a strong run of performances, Molino rounds off a great month with a brace and an assist in a 3-1 Orlando win over New England Václav Kadlec: An insane silver IF here, despite him playing for Midtjylland now. A brace in a 3-0 Midtjylland win was enough to see him included Alas, that is all there is to talk about. With the Premier League starting again next week, plus other leagues starting this weekend, we should be seeing better TOTWs in future weeks. Until then, Have a Nice Day! @EASPORTSFIFA Astro
  10. [August 17] Skeet Shooting

    Black Ops I Setup: Time Limit - Unlimited Classes - Custom Hardcore Mode Killstreaks - None Perks - None Map - Firing Range Class Setup: 'Thrower' 'Shooter' Rules: The hosting EMT will be the one who throws the Target (A C4 in this scenario). Participants will have two shots per round - one per Target. They will receive a point based on the number of targets they hit. There will be three sets of rounds, where everyone has six targets in total. The 'Thrower' will stand at the top of the tower on Firing Range and will throw the Target down the hill. 'Shooters' are to stand at the top of the hill. Medals will be given to the Top 3 performers. *NO KILLING* The First Event Will Take Place at 10pm BST/5pm EST The Second Event Will Take Place at 2am BST/ 9pm EST On Wednesday the 17th of August. Don't forget you can earn these awards: Participant - - Participate in an Olympic Event Represent! - - Participate in 5 Olympic Events I Came to Partay! - - Participate in 10 Summer Events Gold Medalist - - Receive a Gold Medal Medalist - - Receive a medal Bringin' The Heat - - Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a Summer Event Incoming Knighthood - - Receive more than 1 gold medal. Of course, the Top 3 will also receive the corresponding medal: *Special Thanks to the GFX Team* Code of conduct: Rules set by EMT MUST be followed Clan Tags to be worn at all times No arguing in game. No Trash Talking other players No Swearing If EMT ask you to back out then please comply Any trash talking etc in game, you'll receive ONE warning. If you are unresponsive you will be asked to leave and possibly be banned from future events. Remember guys this is a 13+ site, we all want to have fun so keep it clean. If you feel the need to swear, mute your microphone! Any Queries or questions then please feel free to contact the EVENT MANAGEMENT TEAM

    One week ago I made a post revealing the categories for the FUTTIES, a Fifa parody of the Grammy award ceremony. Now is the fateful time when the winners are revealed: As you can see, the cards look incredible, purely based on design. It seems EA have decided to take their highest rated non-TOTS cards and increase the rating by two or more in some cases. Not many unexpected results here; Calhanoglu was a deserving winner, although Hernanes would have been better; Mandzukic won in what was possibly the worst category - thankfully, I purchased a Mandzukic for 26k, now he will be worth double. These cards will be in packs for a week, of course, the nominee cards will be automatically upgraded. This is not all, though: EA have announced a special tournament to run alongside the FUTTIES: You have 10 Attempts: First Win = Konoplyanka; for being the Most Traded item in FUT Second Win = Aubameyang (That Card Though); for scoring the Most Goals in FUT Third Win = Reus; for winning the FIFA 17 Cover Vote All of the above will be untradeable rewards. The tournament will run for a week also. Finally EA seem to be providing us with what we want: great tournaments with even better rewards. Alas, that is essentially all there is for Fifa 16, as eyes will slowly start to look towards Fifa 17. We will still be getting the Team of the Week every week (yay), but until the major leagues start again in a couple of weeks, there's not much to be excited about. Have fun playing the tournament, Have a Nice Day! Astro
  12. Team of the Season - MLS!

    Finally, the last Team of the Season of Fifa 16 is released; the MLS Team of the Season. With the MLS All-Star game taking place this Friday, with the star-studded line-up facing off against the MLS All-Stars (Kappa). Of course, Arsenal will be facing off against the team, where the line-up was voted on by fans. (The line-up can not be exactly replicated in Fifa, as some of the players are not in the game) The rest of the players do make up the MLS Team of the Season. Let's take a look: An incredible line-up of players here. The list of defenders is incredible, specifically Farrell and Besler. The gold defenders are also decent and will be pretty cheap. In midfield, legends like Kaka and Pirlo, who have iMOTM Hero cards that are better. However, players like Jones, Nagbe and Piatti are great additions to the league. Further up the field, plenty of forwards to talk about. David Villa already has a better iMOTM Hero, but legends like Dempsey and Drogba are in the line-up with solid cards; Dempsey in particular. Smaller players up top are Dos Santos, an incredible Mexican, and Giovinco - easily one of the better Italian forwards. The players will be in packs from 6pm today until 6pm next Tuesday. As a result, the players are likely to be pretty cheap, especially as the league isn't too popular. Regardless, my personal picks are Dempsey; just look at the card stats; Dos Santos; an incredible striker anyway, but the new stats are even better; Jones; will be roughly 30k and is incredibly well rounded. Alas, that is the end of the Team of the Season for Fifa 16. On Friday we will be hearing who the winners of the FUTTIES votes are, Until then, Have a Nice Day! Astro
  13. Destiny Game Setup: Game Type - Control Map - Random Rules: SOLAR Sub-classes ONLY The First Event Will Take Place at 10pm BST/5pm EST The Second Event Will Take Place at 2am BST/ 9pm EST On Friday the 5th of August. Don't forget you can earn these awards: Participant - - Participate in an Olympic Event Represent! - - Participate in 5 Olympic Events I Came to Partay! - - Participate in 10 Summer Events Gold Medalist - - Receive a Gold Medal Medalist - - Receive a medal Bringin' The Heat - - Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a Summer Event Incoming Knighthood - - Receive more than 1 gold medal. Of course, the Top 3 will also receive the corresponding medal: *Special Thanks to the GFX Team* Code of conduct: Rules set by EMT MUST be followed Clan Tags to be worn at all times No arguing in game. No Trash Talking other players No Swearing If EMT ask you to back out then please comply Any trash talking etc in game, you'll receive ONE warning. If you are unresponsive you will be asked to leave and possibly be banned from future events. Remember guys this is a 13+ site, we all want to have fun so keep it clean. If you feel the need to swear, mute your microphone! Any Queries or questions then please feel free to contact the MODERATION TEAM

    Finally, we have some information on the FUTTIES from EA. Now, if you don't know what these are, they were introduced in Fifa 15 towards the end of the year, given out to those that won various votes. This year is no different; there are 11 categories: and the nominees Voting starts today, until the 27th July; the winners being announced on July 29th. The difference this year is that ALL nominees receive pink items - exactly the same as their standard gold card, just pink. When the winners are announced, the winners' cards will be automatically upgraded with a gold trim and improved stats. Unfortunately, I doubt the cards will exceed the stats of the Team of the Seasons, so Ozil is worthless to me. To cast you votes, follow this link: LINK OTHER INFORMATION: via Twitter: It's an exciting time for Fifa! Make sure to get your votes in! With them being in packs for this week, there wont be a week of FUTTIES winners in packs, so we COULD be seeing the MLS TOTS in the following week. Until then, Have a Nice Day! Astro
  15. Team of the Week - Week 45!

    Slightly later than usual, blame EA for that one, we have yet another Team of the Week to talk about, although with the run of TOTWs we've seen, it's more like Team of the Weak! Despite this, we have seen the return of the Mexican League, along with the Polish League, so there should be better players to talk about. Agustin Marchesin: Incredible in keeping a 0-0 draw for Santos against Tigres. Jermaine Taylor: Vital in a 3-1 Portland win over Seattle, bagging an assist and an 8.8 rating Maciej Dabrowski: Scored one in a 4-0 hammering provided by Zaglebie Lubin Adam Eriksson: Provided an assist in a big Helsingborg win over Sundsvall Miroslav Covilo: Scored two goals from a CDM position in a 5-1 demolition provided by Cracovia Ricardo Lopes: Scored one of two goals in a 2-1 Jeonbuk win over Jeju United, claiming a 7.5 Frank Lampard: The 38 year old has-been/never was, scored in a 3-1 New York victory over Montreal, picking up a 7.7 Diego Valeri: Portland were victorious over Seattle, as previously mentioned. Valeri scored two of these goals, also picking up Man of the Match. Dayro Moreno: If anyone remembers this guy's rise to fame in Fifa 14, you will also be shocked by his fall from grace. Regardless, Moreno bagged both goals in Tijuana's 2-0 win over Monarcas Fabian Castillo: Finally receiving an IF, Castillo provided Dallas with two assists, one of which was a sensational Rabona cross, helping Dallas to a 3-1 win over Chicago Hirving Lozano: I'm excited! An amazing looking card for the young Mexican, now his second IF of the year, given after a brace and an assist in a 5-1 Pachuca victory. In a week with a lot to talk about, the bench will be ignored, but realistically, look at the players on the bench... if I've only heard of one of them, you are in the same boat. Regardless, a few decent cards in this TOTW, especially nice MLS cards as we build towards the MLS All-Star game. My personal picks would be: Lozano; he's a Mexican...; Castillo; the best LW in the MLS, I'd pick him up before the All-Star game takes place and Valeri; he'll be cheap and a reliable enough CAM in the MLS if you can't afford the likes of iMOTM Kaka etc Thanks for reading, hopefully we will be hearing about either the FUTties, or the MLS TOTS before the next TOTW Until then, Have a Nice Day! Astro