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  1. ESO XB1 looking for people to play with

    i do too i gotta redownload it tho
  2. Win $50 just for guessing (FO4 Giveaway)

    15 hours 22 minutes
  3. Add rooffiez 100000 xp

    im confused what about 100,000 xp? lol
  4. Best Xbox One games?

    GTA 5, Fallout 4, if your up for a challenge a game i just got today Dark souls 2 scholar of sins, gears of war ultimate edition.
  5. [December 2015] Evil Controller Leaderboard

    Hmm more events!!! I like ^_^
  6. [BO3 Week] Black Ops III Week Leaderboard WINNER!

    not a try hard lol pfft you beat me ? nah lol
  7. New Fallout 4 Awards!

    should make a award based on settlements
  8. Hazmat suit bro!

    This will help alot whenever you have to/decide to goto the glowing sea.
  9. Unlimited Resource exploit

    Haven't tried it yet myself so let me know how this helps you guys and your settlements
  10. Gain Automatic Cryptokeys!

    Hmmmm. Never thought about this. Great find.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFBvunP4bps Very Funny and Interesting video. Be careful as you explore the Commonwealth.
  12. Unlimited You're Special points glitch

    well that sucks cause I was like no more need for me trying to buy ammo just duplicate to the highest amount
  13. Unlimited You're Special points glitch

    Great Find. Wait so couldn't you duplicate almost anything with this exact same method?