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  1. Before the new ranking system I used to be a hardcore donator and now I am a prestige donator. I know this new ranking system is based on posts now and I only have 60 posts, but if I was deranked to the equivalent rank of the new ranking system shouldn't I be a dedicated donator then instead of prestige? I hope I can continue to stay as a Hardcore Donator if not I totally understand. Ive been a member for five years now and although I never really posted much I was really involved in hosting games and joining games hosted by bel captains which is how I made it to hardcore without much posts.
  2. WINNERS - BHL Jersey Giveaway!

    Congrats guys! I was hoping to be one of the winners though LOL
  3. New Management Team Member

    Congrats JT you deserve it!
  4. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

  5. Best Xbox 360 Headset

    I would say the new Astros A50's are the best!
  6. 2nd Prestige in BO2!

  7. New Captains!!

    Congrats guys
  8. Thanks for joining us Josh :)

  9. Good to see you back

  10. WoW dood you are awsome thanks for the lobby

  11. How did u get zombie certified and i didn't ??