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  1. When I’m a Pedestrian I Hate cars.. When I’m Driving I Hate Pedestrians…

    1. GiXXer11


      When I am driving I think pedestrians in terms of points.. old lady =10, Teens =30, 20yrs old drunk= 100.. I don't walk much anymore!

    2. Sox ll
    3. Marty


      The one thing I cant stand from drivers is the ones that dont indicate....and thats when I am walking or in a car...

  2. I will be playing Battlefront

    I'm Level: 44 of 50. Its just a fun game to play!
  3. I will be playing Battlefront

    Update: So, I have been playing SW Battlefront since the day it came out and I love it. But if you are going to buy it this is what you need to know. There is no campaign– Like most games you would assume there is a playable story mode, but in SWB there is not. Instead, you get a numbers of missions you can complete in single player or Co-op. Each mission has a number of objectives; finishing the mission is just one objective, but can you finish the mission in less than 5 minutes or can you get 25+ kills completing the mission. Must have an EA Account for multiplayer, however you can sign-up in game. The real heart of the game is its multiplayer! You have two Team Death match type modes with 20 or 40 players. The more players the larger the map. If you have played first person shooters you will feel right at home. SWB is not just a typical FSP. It’s a little mix of call of duty, Battlefield, Halo, and a few other games. In some multiplayer modes, you can jump into X-wings or Tie fighters and fight from the air. It break-up your typical run & gun. One game mode that I do like is Fighter Squadron where you take to the skies and dogfight in classic Star Wars vehicles. Raking-up is straight forward and completing in-game challenges lets you rank up faster. So if you’re a fan of Star Wars and need a break from just another repackaged call of duty – SWB is worth buying. Just my take.
  4. For the first time ever I made the decision skip buying a call of duty game (Black Ops 3) – it’s just become the same game repackaged over and over again! But I will admit that I’m excited about Battlefront. So let me know if you are playing and feel free to message me online for a game! Regards, LP
  5. Clan Wars!

    Clan Wars! Every individual win helps us! Each person’s win counts as 1 win. Play with a team of 6 in one game you can rack-up 6 wins per game! Frist Clan to get all the wins in a section wins the section. KC (48 wins to win the section) DOM (We have 10 wins, need 48 wins to win the section) - Envy has 15 iwins, we have 14 wins TDM (We have 9 wins, need 94 wins to win the section) - about to lose BHL has 11 wins / Envy has 81 and only needs 94 S&D (We have 8 wins, need 36 wins to win the section) Uplink (We have 2 wins, need 36 wins to win the section) Capture the flag (We have 7 wins, need 36 wins to win the section) HC DOM (We have 0 wins, need 36 wins to win the section)
  6. BHL Jersey Award

    Love it... Send us a photo!
  7. BHL Gaming logo’ed Evil Controller

    You need to pick the right side add what you want, than pick the left side and add what you want
  8. BHL Gaming logo’ed Evil Controller Did you know that you can add the BHL Logo to your Evil Controller ? 1. Go to the Controller Creator: http://www.evilcontrollers.com/controller-creator.html 2. Pick your Shell 3. Select Evil ID and the side you want it on 4. Select Graphic (including the BHL Logo ) and even add your gamertag Order now at www.evilcontrollers.com!
  9. BHL Gaming PRO clan review is live!

    Very professional review! Thank you for the kind words.
  10. New Captains!

    Congrats ... now make us proud
  11. New Event Managers!

  12. BHL Platoon System!

    People sign-up on BHL to meet other people to game with; and people stay on BHL because of all the great friendships they have with other members. One of the main goals of the Platoon System is to help new members get to know BHL Gaming! The Platoon System gives new members an instant group of people to game with and helps keep new member connected with other BHL members. The Platoon System will also help current members who are interested in becoming staff members! As each Platoon grows, so does BHL, and so does the opportunities you have as a member. See a newer member or green guy on the site: invite them to a game and add them to your friends list!
  13. I was Addicted to the Hokey Pokey, But I Turned Myself Around.

    1. Marty
    2. Gooey Browniez

      Gooey Browniez

      damn man...thought i was the only one

    3. Bandit


      That's what it's all about...

  14. Xbox 360: World of Tanks

    World of Tanks comes to Xbox 360 with the custom built version of the global online multiplayer phenomenon dedi-cated to tank warfare in the mid-20th century. Command some of history’s most powerful tanks and experience intense combat where the excitement of battle is enhanced by working together with your tank pla-toon to win the fight. A free download on Xbox Live, providing unlimited gameplay for Xbox Live Gold members and a 7-day trial for Xbox Live account holders. Click here to view the article