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  1. If you're on PC and want to play BO4 - Gotcha#11158

  2. Ideas For BHL

    I agree. Back in the day I also use to advertise by messaging recent players (On 360). When we were in our prime it was done a lot by posting on forums and making YouTube videos. Since boosting seems promising and hopefully no punishments are handed out, I see us getting some good numbers.
  3. I believe the last time I boosted was Black Ops 1 lol. KEK
  4. COD WW2 Update Notes 10/11/2017

    Haven't played zombies yet. Wish they added more maps from the beginning.
  5. What made you come here in the first place? I first came here in 2009 to boost WaW. Wasn't much of a site guy at the time, just wanted to rank up fast. Was not until MW2/BO1 where i got more active on the forums. What would you add to the site to make it better? The site overall is fine. I am use to the layout of these forums (Been here for 9 years). There is really nothing I can think of to make the site "Better" It is perfectly fine the way it is. Besides my SB being messed up at the moment ;). How would you improve activity on the forums and shoutbox? First off is just get people posting on the forums; ask questions, try and gather people up for upcoming games, discuss DLC, glitches, tips and tricks etc. Normally if you want activity to go up, post on the shoutbox whenever you get on the site. Having some activity on the SB when people are on makes it a lot better for newcomers instead of having hour long gaps between SB posts. Are the staff members doing enough to keep your attention on BHL? Yes I believe the staff members are doing an excellent job. If anything, what would you remove from the site or change to improve it? I am use to how things are. The one thing I would propose changing is how the games out laid out on the forums. For example, Instead of having separate forums for Destiny 1 and 2. We could just merge the 2 into one forum and then have sub forums going to each game. Same with BF1 and CoD. There may be a reason why it was made like this but this is just my opinion. I also agree that the ranks could use a brush up. I like that you can achieve a rank via forum post, because it brings up activity. But I would like to see more of a incentive to achieving these ranks. I honestly do not know at the moment how this can be done, I am just throwing the idea out there. Other than that I cannot think of anything that needs changing. Have you any interest in becoming a staff member to help us change things? and if so what ideas or skills can you bring to the table? I have been staff a few times in the past. I would honestly like to take another shot at it. All my ideas are listed above.
  6. Who's Playing?

    I do not know whether to get it for PC or Xbox, PC obviously runs better but Xbox has the better population.
  7. Xbox One X Available...Tomorrow! August 20th

    The console would be worth it if Destiny 2 would not be capped at 30FPS.
  8. 2 New Moderators

    Congrats guys! :D
  9. .. This is what it's come to [VIDEO]

    Call of Duty 4 i believe will be the reason people buy this, BO3 looks better than this; i'd rather play Ghosts than this crap. Hopefully the next CoD is not futuristic. Until then i will be on BF1 and BF4!
  10. battlefield 1 boosting XBOX 1

    I really don't see the benefit of boosting this game, you just get guns that aren't hard to unlock.
  11. Yeah, you can't even save game mod anymore; if that doesn't show it I don't know what does.
  12. Nvidia GTX 1080 & 1070

    Just because the Titan X has higher numbers doesn't mean it is better, the 1080 is a completely different architecture than the Titan X.