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  1. Pokemon Mega

    I do not; but just gave it a go. Man, that brings be back to the handheld Nintendo days.
  2. Bug Report - September 2017

    Room bug fixed. Copyright notice removed.
  3. Bug Report - September 2017

    <--- xbox avatar instead of old gamercard
  4. Bug Report - September 2017

    Starting to fix these. Thanks for documenting them. If you can find a better xbox gamercard, that would be great. That one is from YEARS ago. If there's a PSN, twitch, youtube, steam, and other similar cards that could be displayed, let me know. Should be basic html format: <iframe src="http://gamercard.xbox.com/{_______}.card" scrolling="no" frameBorder="2" height="126" width="175"></iframe> Or: <img src="http://steam.com/profile/{_______}.gif" height="42" width="42">
  5. Destiny 2 Launch live stream

    Never mind, I see it. I have to heart you
  6. Destiny 2 Launch live stream

    I'm a complete noob on Mixer. I'm not seeing "follow" anywhere
  7. Xbox One X Available...Tomorrow! August 20th

    I'm gonna go to Taco Bell and try to win 1.
  8. Missing/Different Ranks

    There was a 'major' software update, and caused BHL Patron, Patriot, Benefactor, Veterans, Elite, Angel of Death, and possibly more to be reset to the ranks based on forums post count.
  9. Found a way to Boost on ESO. Add me on xbox if you're interested. (Dolmen runs)

  10. 2 New Moderators

  11. ESO Morrowind

    Highly considering getting the game now. I had high hope for ESO original but it was kinda a let down. But with the expansion and the time they'd had to iron things you, I'm willing to give it a try. I need opinion on XBOX vs PC version. I really like xbox gaming because it just feels a lot easier, bigger screen, casual couch gaming; versus pc, less commitment and competitive (typically). But I don't want to miss out on the additional details and addons PC will give me.
  12. Anyone recommend ESO Morrowind? Loved the single player version.

  13. Mug Shots

    No post is to old to resurrect....
  14. **Post your set ups!**

  15. Mug Shots