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  1. Found a way to Boost on ESO. Add me on xbox if you're interested. (Dolmen runs)

  2. Highly considering getting the game now. I had high hope for ESO original but it was kinda a let down. But with the expansion and the time they'd had to iron things you, I'm willing to give it a try. I need opinion on XBOX vs PC version. I really like xbox gaming because it just feels a lot easier, bigger screen, casual couch gaming; versus pc, less commitment and competitive (typically). But I don't want to miss out on the additional details and addons PC will give me.
  3. Anyone recommend ESO Morrowind? Loved the single player version.

  4. No post is to old to resurrect....
  5. bumpity
  6. bump
  7. About to get into the game Mirage. check it out on steam and add me "pitstains" http://store.steampowered.com/app/368420/Mirage_Arcane_Warfare/ - Game is a blast to play, but has a huge learning curve

  8. Very interesting bit about using Battle.net. I don't think of Destiny being a Blizzard title, but being in Battle.net will almost merge the company's (Activation/Blizzard) reputations and IP. I guess that's the goal.
  9. Try joining this server: https://discord.gg/UxJKkTg I don't want to blow up the current discord server until it's tested. But it looks like I can mark the Bot to be public, so we could simply add the bot without integration usernames/etc.
  10. Yup, that's what I found too. I'll give it a go.
  11. So I've checked out the Farming War Alliance group, and it's legit. This should be right up our alley. There's a huge group of clans (400+) that all have similar war weights and they all search for a war at the same time, and with about 80% likelihood that are paired up with another boosting clan; and they trade wins with super easy base layouts. The only hard part is that we need 40 active people. Right now we only have like 10 active players. We can recruit from outside to get up to 40. Just curious to see how many of us still play CoC...? Is this a possibility for us?
  12. What's keeping you busy these days? I know a ton of people still come to the site, but quickly bounce off with a lack of anything to say or do. Boosting is pretty much dead. Gaming platforms are becoming fragmented. People are simply growing up and have less time for video games. Myself, I'm now busy with my new baby girl, and fixing/maintaining my house. Daytime busy with my 9-5 job. Also doing a lot of weekend travels to visit family. Any time I devote to games is like 9pm-11pm Pacific time on weekdays; and it's now Battlefield 1. I'm hoping that we can get 100-200 people on the new XBOX Club system just released. That will make it much easier to party up with ya'll when I do get on. So... what's new with you? What are you up to? Any ideas for the community?
  13. Only boosting I know of right now is spawn killing boats on the empire. Haven't been able to try it yet though. I'm sure if we could get 12-20 people into a server we could find a way.
  14. Sneak Peak #3: Still coming. There's no date on when the update will go live. Sneak Peak #2: Manage all troops in one place, while creating and saving your favorite army combos! More info: https://clashofclans.com/blog/news/quick-train … I like this part. I've said in the past they've needed to do something like this with the troop training! Sneak Peak #1: October Update: new levels, balancing and more! Read the news here: http://supr.cl/October16Balancing … I'm concerned about all the new defensive upgrades. It's already hard to get 2 star at TH11, this will make 3 basically impossible.